Hi, so here is chapter 1 of Foolish. I don't know how long the whole story is going to be. It depends if anyone even cares.

He could still remember what it felt like to be that close to him, to have his face, his lips just mere inches away from his own. He had memorized the slight smell of something tangy and lemony.

He could feel his heart speeding up and racing every time he thought about it.

The way he pushed him against the metal fence. It was forceful and scary, but exciting at the same time.

Blaine knew he should have been scared, shouldn't have had these thoughts.

But he wondered what it was like to have those lips on his.

These thoughts came as quickly as they went. He pushed them away.

Dave Karofsky was not good news, he knew that. He knew what Kurt had been put through in the last few months, and he knew that Dave wasn't going to change anytime soon.

Yet there were those stolen moments when he was by himself that he fantasized about the jock from McKinley High.

Blaine felt bad when it happened. There were so many things wrong with this. Not only had Karofsky forced himself on Kurt and threatened his life, he was also so far in the closest that it was impossible for anyone to entice him to come out.

It wasn't as if he could talk to anyone about this crush he had either, if you could even call it a crush or just a glimpse of insanity.

Kurt was out for the obvious reasons, not only had he been victimized by the guy for most of his high school life, Kurt also had a crush on Blaine.

Blaine sighed once again when he thought about the crush. He couldn't deny that Kurt was beautiful. There was no going around that, he looked like an angle come down from heaven, but Blaine could not get himself to return the feelings. He needed passion, and every time he was with Kurt he had an amazing time. As friends.

The warbler got up from his seat in the library and closed his books. It was no use, he couldn't concentrate one bit. He still wasn't sure what he was going to do, but he knew that if he didn't do something sooner or later he would definitely go insane.

The rest of the week went by in a blur, everyone was very anxious about sectionals coming up and there was no time to waste. Rehearsals took up every second that the Warblers didn't spend in class.

Sectionals were going to be on the coming saturday, and everything had to be perfect.

Blaine sat next to Kurt on the way there and looked at him thoughtfully.

"How are you feeling?"

"I'm ok, a bit nervous, but that's normal right?"

"Completely. How about seeing the other glee clubs?"

Kurt smiled slightly at this before turning to him.

"They are going to be tough competition, I hope you are aware of that"

Blaine just smiled and nodded at this. He had the feeling that there was a part of Kurt that still thought of himself as being part of the other club. He couldn't really hold it against him, coming to Dalton was not something he did because he wanted to transfer, it was something he really had no choice in.

Kurt hadn't felt save at McKinley anymore after the death threats and Karofsky coming back to school. Once again Blaines heart began racing when he thought about him. Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. This was turning into pure idiocy.

In order to distract himself Blaine started doing some breathing exercises that would help him relax and focus his mind on the competition.

In, one, two, three.

Out, one, two, three.

In, one, two, three.

Out, one, two three.

Once they arrived at the building were Sectionals were held the Warblers quickly went to their dressing room and started doing warm ups and harmonizing techniques for their voices.

There was a ten minute break between each of the performances, so that the competing Glee clubs would be able to see the others performances. Kurt sat on the edge of his seat eagerly anticipating New Directions. Blaine couldn't help but chuckle at the pride in Kurt's eyes when they finished their performance.

Blaine nudged Kurt lightly, prodding him to get backstage.

He took center stage and started singing, the others perfectly humming and buzzing in the background. Blaine wouldn't have said that he was arrogant, but he did love the limelight. It was one of the few things he indulged in. One of the few things he actually knew he was good at.

The song ended and the audience applauded loudly. Blaine looked up, his heart caught in his throat. Right at the back was Dave, his sight set on Kurt, who had yet to notice him.

Blaine watched him as he slowly turned around and walked out of the double doors towards the car park.

The others started to slowly get off stage but Blaine pushed past him, excusing himself saying he had to quickly check on something.

He was getting puzzled looks, but in that moment he didn't even care.

He quickly made his way towards the exit and spotted Dave.

His mind was fogged up and he couldn't think clearly anymore, he only knew he needed to see him, get near him.

His steps sped up until he was directly behind the Jock...

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