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Blaine was itching to get out of the hospital. It was bleak, and depressing. He watched as people would walk past his room, some visiting, others there to be treated themselves.

He saw nurses running and doctors giving orders.

Kurt came by every day after school, bringing him work from school and gossip.

All in all, Kurt was great. Really, he was.

He kept Blaine company, and Blaine did appreciate it.

"...and anyway, so I told them, that no I don't think you're fit enough to be prancing around a stage any time soon. Of course they were disappointed, but I am sure we will somehow manage to find a replacement. Maybe I could take your place and then we could..."

Kurt kept talking. Blaine had never noticed before, but Kurt talked a lot.

However Blaine couldn't quite keep up with him, not today anyway. It had been 3 days since he woke up.3 days since Dave had been here, and Blaine had missed him, because hello? Coma. 3 days since he and Kurt had been 'together', which, apparently they were now.

Kurt had come in the next day, carrying a flower bouquet, something exotic, which Blaine simply had no idea how hard it was to come by, and Kurt had flitted over to Blaine, given him a kiss on the cheek and with a quick 'Hello boyfriend', he had ran out again, demanding that the nurses find him a vase immediately.

He could still sense that Kurt was talking to him, but his heart just wasn't in it.

He tried to focus, was Kurt talking about flowers again? He honestly couldn't say.

So he drifted out again, his thoughts taking over.

He pretty much hated himself right now, why couldn't he get Dave out of his mind? He should be angry because let's face it, Dave had pushed him away, and he had ran off and because of Dave had done, gotten into a car crash, that now left him here in the hospital with a broken arm, some bruises and several cuts on his face that resulted from him smashing through the glass. He was lucky of course, he could have been dead.

He groaned inwardly. He kind of wished he was dead.

The whole self pitying thing wasn't the only reason he hated himself. Fact was that he was pretty much stringing Kurt along, and he was so aware of it.

Kurt was a great boyfriend, he was carrying and he looked after him. He never made any demands, he would give Blaine anything he asked for.

But there was no fire. None what so ever. When Kurt leaned in to kiss him he kissed back, and it was like kissing a relative.


Kurt was looking at him with a funny look in the eye. Oh god. He had asked him a question and he hadn't paid attention. He should have focused more, he knew it.

"I...sorry. Could you repeat that please?"

Kurt gave a short laugh and rolled his eyes.

"I asked you if you already knew what you wanted to wear to prom? I talked to Principle Figgins and he gave me the OK that we could attend the prom, even though we don't go to McKinley. If I am perfectly honest, I think he was scared that I would throw a huge fit if he didn't say yes. He still feels bad about the fact that I transferred schools."

Prom? God he really didn't want to go to any prom. That was one of the upsides on attending an all boys school. He wouldn't have to bother with these things.

But Kurt was looking at him in that way, and yes it was sweet, and he couldn't say no...unless.

"Wait Kurt, when is prom? Will I even be out of hospital?"

"Of course! Who do you take me for. I made sure everything will go according to plan", Kurt smirked at this.

Blaine nodded simply at this. Ok great, so he was going to prom. With Kurt. He was going to prom...with Kurt...at his old school...he...

Holy... maybe Dave was going to be there.

All of a sudden his heart started to accelerate, and there was a loud beeping sound coming from his right side. Damn heart monitor.

Kurt looked at the monitor and then back at Blaine, an amused look on his face.

"I take that as a yes, you're going?", he smiled at Blaine.

"Yeah. I'd love to. I can hardly wait."

And Blaine meant that. He really could hardly wait.

Had he mentioned how great Kurt was? Really.

It didn't take much longer and Blaine was released from hospital. He fell back into his routine quickly. He took up warblers practice again, but he had to sit out singing lead, or going to the next competition. There was no way he would be fit enough to 'prance' around the stage, as Kurt so delicately put it.

He caught up on all the work he missed, thanks to Kurt once again, who had kept him up to date even while he was in the hospital.

He and Kurt were officially together. The rumors were going around the school ages before Blaine even had a chance to get back and stop them from happening.

Blaine could hardly catch a moment without Kurt there, Dalton being Dalton was more than accepting of course, but still, did Kurt really have to wait outside every single one of Blaine's classes to walk him to the next, asking him questions on which color tie they should wear, whether they should match or if that was too cutesy.

Some people just didn't care about these kind of things, and usually it was the guy in the relationship.

Either way, Blaine didn't argue, or complain, he just kept smiling and telling Kurt that everything he said was great.

He couldn't avoid going tux shopping however, and so they found themselves in this little shop in Westerville. Blaine just kind of stood there, riffling through a few things, not really interested in the way all these tuxes were different. They all looked the same to him.

But Kurt was running from one end to the other in the shop, pulling out various jacket, pants and shirts, some ties and some bow ties.

He kept running back up to Blaine, holding things out in front of him, holding ties up to his face and making little grunting noises, as if he was displeased with every single one of them.

Blaine turned to Kurt and smiled.

"Would you please relax? We still got a whole week until we actually have to show up"

Kurt frowned, "Yeah, we should have started way earlier to go tux shopping"

Blaine laughed lightly and rolled his eyes.

"You're being ridiculous".

Kurt picked out another bow tie, and walked over to Blaine, holding it up to his face, and all of a sudden a smile spread out over his face.

"That's the one", he said eagerly "I've found it!"

He turned Blaine around so he was facing the mirror, Kurt standing behind him, holding it out in front of his neck.

"It matches your eyes", he whispered, smiling at the Blaine reflection in front of them.

Blaine gave him a small smile back 'It's perfect'.

Kurt shook his head.

"No. You're perfect. I...uhm...", he started muttering.

"What is it Kurt?"

"I just...I want this to be perfect. I want prom to be just right"

"It will be...don't worry"

"I want us to be together", Kurt said quietly, almost so quiet that Blaine didn't hear him.

Blaine looked back at Kurt confused. They were together. Not that either of them ever asked the other one out, but they had been together, ever since the hospital.

Blaine still wasn't sure how he felt about it, the way he saw it, he almost died.

When he woke up Kurt was there for him, and Blaine knew that Kurt would always be there for him, because Kurt was reliable.

Kurt loved him, he knew that, and he wish he could say that he loved Kurt too, but he knew he didn't. Maybe someday he would. He really hoped he could. Kurt was good for him.

He turned around, so he could talk to the real Kurt, not mirror Kurt.

"We are together Kurt", he stated.

"I meant...", he broke off and gave a nervous laugh "God this sounds so stupid. I don't even know why I'm so nervous about this. I want us to be together together. As in, I want to do every little cliche thing that couples are meant to do at prom, you know?"

He wondered whether Kurt was nervous about going to the prom because they would be the only two guys going as a couple, or whether he wasn't sure if they would dance together, or hold hands, or do any of these things. He was about to open his mouth and reassure him that everything would be ok, when Kurt started again.

"So, I already booked one"

"Booked one? Booked what?", Blaine asked confused.

"A room"

"Why did you book a ro-". Oh. Right. Finally Blaine understood what Kurt had meant. For some reason Blaine started blushing furiously and no longer could look into Kurt's eyes.

He gave a slight nod, signaling he understood, and turned back towards the mirror.

"I'm going to take this. And this tux", he said and lifted one up, and walked towards the cash register to pay for them.

Within the next week Kurt could tell that Blaine was avoiding him and it irked him. He had been acting weird ever since they had gotten their tuxedos and he didn't quite understand.

He would have gone and questioned him about it, but there was too much to do, and so much to prepare for.

He had double checked that the hotel room was booked, he had gotten Puck to organize him some champagne, he had also gotten condoms and other various things they would need. He had read up on everything. He had watched certain movies, watching intently, writing down what they were doing.

Kurt was sure that everything would be perfect.

Perfection had sort of become his mantra. It had used to be 'Courage', because it was what Blaine had told him to have. But Kurt had stopped being scared a long time ago. To be more specific ever since he had seen Dave at the hospital.

He had followed him up to Blaine's room, and saw Dave standing there awkwardly.

He had cleared his throat and given Dave a once over.

"What are you doing here, seriously. He doesn't need you here. He doesn't want you here", he remarked snarky.

Dave turned around and scoffed, "That so, fancy? Why'd he come and see me then? Trouble in paradise?"

Kurt blinked. He hadn't understood at first. Hadn't want to believe what this neanderthal was saying. Dave must have noticed that he had thrown Kurt off his game, and he had used every second of it.

"Thing is, Hummel. Your boyfriend here came to see me. Pretty much threw himself at me. I guess you just weren't what he was looking for".

Dave smirked. It had felt good to chuck these words at Kurt, see his face fall a little, saw him be unsure of himself. It was just the way Dave had felt when Kurt had thrown all these hurtful words at Dave.

It took less than a minute for Kurt to recompose himself, straighten himself and walk towards Dave.

He sneered at him "Oh so you think that's it? You've won? Let's get real here for a second Karofsky. Guys like you don't win. You've reached your peek here, at high school. You were the school bully and it got you nowhere. You will go to some community college, drop out half way through, and then get some second rate job. You will stay behind here in Lima and just be some Lima loser. Meanwhile guys like Blaine and I, we will get out of here. We will go someplace like New York or California. We will make it out there big time, no matter what we do. So yeah, maybe for a split second Blaine made the mistake of looking at you, but do you really think this is going to work out for you? He will wake up from this, and I will be the one sitting next to him. And he will choose me. Because no one would ever choose you. Me and Blaine are going to have it all. And you will have nothing. And that's how the story goes"

And with every word, with every stab, Dave backed off a bit more.

There used to be a time when he would have punched Kurt for everything he had just said, the last time he had kissed him. This time he walked away.

Because Kurt was right, in Dave's mind, everything that was just said, was probably what really was going to happen. The realization stung.

He swallowed hard, and kept moving backwards, almost running into the table behind him. With that he turned around and fled, once again. Just like last time. He collided with someone outside the door and looked up at a man and a woman. They looked at him curiously and he rushed past them, turning around only once, to see them walk into Blaine's room.

Dave had decided that he wouldn't go back. Kurt was right. Guys like Blaine and Kurt belonged together. Guys like him, Lima losers, belonged back in the closet, forever.

Prom arrived. Kurt had gone back home to Lima, and ordered Blaine to pick him up at his house, so it would be like a proper prom date.

Blaine didn't understand why they couldn't just have both left at the same time from Dalton. It didn't matter, what Kurt wanted, Kurt got.

Blaine had hired a vintage car, and a driver to take them to prom, they would order another car service the next morning to take them back to Dalton.

Blaine wasn't sure about how this night would go, he wasn't sure whether he was ready to do ...that with Kurt. Maybe they wouldn't have to go all the way.

He arrived at Kurt's house and walked up towards the door and rang the bell. He waited patiently as a woman opened the door, smiling warmly at him.

"Hello dear, come on in. Kurt's still getting ready." She ushered him in and showed him into the living room, where Kurt's father was sitting. He looked at Blaine and stood up, walking towards him.

"Hello son", he said.


"I just wanted to make sure that you understand that I want my Kurt home in one piece tomorrow morning. No shenanigans."

Blaine nodded and smiled at him "Of course".

In that moment Kurt walked into the room, he looked stunning of course, he grinned at Blaine and walked over to him, taking him by the arm and waving at his dad and Carol.

"Bye, I see you guys tomorrow morning", and with that he pulled him out of the door and towards the car.

The driver got out and held the door open for them. Kurt giggled and slipped into the back seat with ease.

The drive was short, they arrived at the hotel and walked in. The room had been beautifully decorated, on one side there was a small buffet, with various things on it. In the middle of it all were two chocolate fountains, one containing white chocolate and the other milk chocolate.

In front of them was a stage, on which a band was already playing.

In the middle was the dance floor, and all around them was a cluster of tables.

Kurt still had Blaine's arm in a death grip and pulled him towards a group of people, squealing. He finally let go of Blaine and hugged his friends, the girls squealing just as much as he did.

Blaine got Finn's eye, both of them looking obviously uncomfortable. They shared a moment of understanding. Finn smiled at him slightly and gave a slight shrug as if to say 'What can you do'.

Kurt turned around to look at Blaine, and took his hand "C'mon let's dance", he said.

The girls around him clapped excitedly, all taking their various boyfriends by the hand and dragging them onto the dance floor.

Blaine followed Kurt and they started dancing. A minute in, the music changed, playing a much slower song.

He bit the inside of his cheek and looked at Kurt unsure. Kurt however just smiled back at him, the same confident smile he always smiled and pulled him closer, wrapping his arms around him.

Blaine copied him, and look at all the people dancing around them. He let his gaze drift for a while, until he spotted someone standing in a group of people.


Blaine's eyes widened. He hadn't seen him since the accident in the locker room.

Their eyes locked across the dance floor and Blaine tried smiling at him, failing miserably.

Dave stood there silently, pretending to listen to some story one of his friends was telling, all of the guys planning on which chick they would nail that night.

He tilted his head slightly, watching Kurt and Blaine dance. He sighed deeply.

Guess Kurt had been right, they did belong together after all.

Dave had that moment of glimmering hope, that maybe it wouldn't be true. But there it was, right in front of his eyes.

They looked good together, of course they did. It was the way all good fairytales ended.

Prince Charming got together with the Princess. And they lived happily ever after.

Dave looked at his friends "I'm gonna go and try score. If I'm not back in 5, I've gotten lucky".

They all laughed and slapped him on the back, some wolf whistled. He turned around and walked away from the crowd, and down a deserted corridor, looking for an exit. He just needed some air.

Blaine had watched all of this from afar, and all of a sudden he untangled himself from Kurt, who gave him a questioning look.

"I'll be right back. I just need to use the restroom. Dance with your friends for a bit?", he smiled at him charmingly, and left the dance floor.

Following Dave.

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