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Chapter One:

James paced his and Kendall's room, contemplating many, many things. He had never thought so hard in his life, and it kind of hurt his head. Oh…you might be wondering what he was thinking about…well, he was thinking about his sexuality.

Sure, he was a player, he flirted with any living and unloving thing, but he was starting to like his best friend…who was a guy. And to top it all off, it was Kendall Knight. The guy who had saved his life two times. The guy who was slowly tearing apart his heart and soul.

James sat down on his bed, falling back against the comforter and recalling those memories. The first one was when he was five, crossing the street at the wrong time.

12 years ago…

Little Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan where walking to Logan's house after preschool with Mrs. and Mr. Mitchell. The other three boys were sleeping over and were having a party for Logan's sixth birthday. (He was the oldest)

But on the way to their house, they had to cross a road. It was a very busy road, and the Mitchell's were very strict about crossing it. The boys had to wait for the walking light to come on, check both ways, and then cross the street. But James wasn't paying attention to when the light came on. So when he snapped out of his day dream (of having that news truck be videotaping him), Carlos and Logan were screaming at him to come across. Mr. Mitchell was yelling at him to stay where he was, since the light wasn't on, but he paid no attention to him as he looked both ways.

No cars were coming from both directions, so James stepped off the sidewalk and started walking towards the group. Carlos and Logan were smiling, waving at him to move faster, while Mrs. Mitchell and Mr. Mitchell were positively freaking out. Kendall on the other hand had his bushy eyebrows furrowed in concentration as he watched the pretty boy cross the road. Then, out of nowhere, came a loud honk and a screech of wheels and brakes clashing. If Kendall hadn't reacted so fast, James would be dead.

Kendall had saw the truck coming; he had saw how fast it was going; and the only thing that mattered to him was saving James' ass. So, he had run into the road and shoved the pretty boy in the opposite direction, causing the two to just barely be missed by the truck. Kendall had saved James' life for the first time in their friendship.

Back to present…

James smiled at the memory, and remembered how a year later Kendall's dad died. He had been the only boy there to comfort him; Logan being gone on a family trip and Carlos visiting his Grandparents. He had saved Kendall then…saved the blonde boy from going into depression. Kendall had been so close to slipping into that barren wasteland, but James had continuously cracked jokes, sung, and played with Kendall; had done anything to keep the blonde's mind away from the death of his father. And it had worked. Kendall got over the death (well…not exactly OVER it…but didn't start crying every time his dad is mentioned…).

But, when James turned twelve, five years ago, his dad had given him the worst surprise of his life and Kendall had saved him from it.

Five years ago…

It was James' birthday, and he was having a great time with his mom before his dad came home. You see, James' mom was caring, loving, and had used to be a famous singer…but retired when she got pregnant with James. James had always looked up to his mom, and it was her that he inherited his lucky comb from.

So, on that night, James had just blown out the candles of his cake and had opened his only gift from his mom and was happy as ever. James' family wasn't rich, so James got his mom's lucky comb for his birthday, and he was ecstatic. He had put it right under his pillow for safe keeping. But then his dad came home…

His dad was drunk and angry. He was abusive to both him and his mother, and James hated him with a passion. Too bad his father was the money maker in the family. And that night, James had watched his mother die by his father's hands. Watched his idol die a horrible, bloody death. And his dad was coming for him next. So, while his dad was busy killing his mom, James had snuck to his room and started packing. He shoved all his clothes and possessions into a backpack and a suitcase. He had tugged on his favorite jacket (leather…of course), grabbed all his money and shoved it into his wallet, put his lucky comb into his backpack, and grabbed his hockey stick.

He had just shoved his suitcase and hockey stick out of the window (his backpack on his back already) and was climbing out when his dad slammed the door of his room open. James scrambled out and slammed the window on his dad's fingers. The pretty boy then jumped from the roof with his hockey stick and suitcase, running as fast as he could away from the house. He could hear his dad yelling that he disowned him, and that if he ever came back, he would kill the kid. James just ran faster until he found himself at the school. He immediately sat on the bleachers by the football field and rested.

He had nowhere to go, nobody to take him in. That is until Kendall and his mom and sister took their dog on a walk and found James on the bleachers, shaking and crying. Once again, Kendall had saved him, took him in, and gave him a family.


James' face was streaked with tears. That memory was the most bittersweet memory he had. His family had been taken away…but he got a new one in return. But Ms. Knight wasn't his legal guardian…no one was. But Ms. Knight didn't care. She still treated him as if he was her own son.

James then smiled again, recalling the memory of when he saved Kendall for a second time. Kendall had fallen through the ice on the lake when they were skating and playing hockey. James had took off his skates and dived in, retrieving Kendall from the ice-cold water. The two ended up with a bit of hypothermia, but a very mild case. Kendall, back then, was a horrible swimmer, and if James had not saved him, he wouldn't be living.

The two always seemed to return the favors the other did for them. Kendall saved his life twice, James saved Kendall's twice (or 1.5 times…but that's technicalities). Kendall bought James a smoothie James bought Kendall a cookie. They reciprocated constantly, and the other two were starting to get worried when the reciprocating stopped. They were worried because James was always out of it, always distant, always pushing them away.

But what had brought on the sudden bout of secluding into himself? What had gotten him so…upset?

Logan and Carlos asked these questions constantly. Even Kendall became worried after two weeks of James' new behavior. No one knew why. No one really understood James anymore. And to top off James' problems, his late mother's birthday was this month.

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