Perspective- Darkness the Hedgehog

I'm sorry. Will you forgive me? I didn't mean it! Let's start over! Please! Please…live!

I awaken startled from the dream. I searched for any signs of my dream being reality. No blood. I sighed in relief. My long, silver scythe rested beside my bed. I knew inside my weapon secretly thirsted for liquid of life.

I stood up and stretched, yawning. My clock beside my clock read six 'o clock in the morning. The scythe still dared me to use it. I picked the scythe up as I rushed into the front yard. No one.

As the sun lazily lay on the horizon, I stared into the frenzy of trees who covered the light. I stretched once again, my body still numb from sleep.

"Good morning!" Iceberg smiles and waves to me. I drop my scythe and go to meet him.


"Ready to go?"

My body grew warm as I remembered the fact that the two of us planned to see a horror mystery movie today.

"Of course!" I lit up.

His shared joy vanished as he noticed my scythe a few yards behind me.

"What were you doing earlier?" he gestured to the scythe in fear.

"I had a nightmare…." I explained and attempted to convert his attention from the scythe to me.

"Oh…" he stepped back, still focused on the scythe.

"Come on!" I pulled away.

During the movie, the scenes continuously referred to my dream.

"Please! Live!" the actress screamed as she lifted her friend's body off the ground, who she violently murdered them with a scythe.

I shivered. Was this simple movie an omen?

"Darkness? Are you okay?" he pressed his hand against my chest.

The body resembled Iceberg while the killer resembled me. I shrieked from fear and fell unconscious.