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But He Promised

He looked around himself. Platform 9 3/4 was incredibly busy this year. As he watched the faces of the excited children running around he felt a slight stab of jealousy. He wished he could go back. The funny thing was, two years ago when he graduated he had celebrated the fact that his formal education at Hogwarts was over. It's not as though he didn't like Hogwarts; it was his home away from home. He had thoroughly enjoyed his experience there; he had made good friends, he had been the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team two years in a row, and had –somehow– been named Head Boy. He was excited to leave because it meant he had a chance test his hand in the real world, to begin the next chapter of his life. The only reason why he was upset that he wasn't going back was because she was.

Don't let her see that you're sad. It is her last year; let her enjoy it. Don't let her know that it'll probably take you a month to start even acting normal around everyone else because you'll be missing her so much . . .

Teddy Lupin shook his head to clear his thoughts.

I wonder where they are . . .

Just then, he spotted what he was looking for, the family standing near one of the middle carriages of the Hogwarts Express. He walked towards them with a bright smile plastered on his face. It fell a little though, when he realized that there were only four people in the grouping and that the one he most desperately wanted to see was the one who was missing.

His resolve to go up to the family was shaken slightly, but he went up to them nonetheless. The closest member of the family to him was a tall man with slightly greying red hair and long scars across his face: Bill Weasley.

Bill smiled when he saw Teddy. He stuck his hand out and shook Teddy's responding outstretched hand with slightly more exuberance than Teddy had thought was necessary, "How's it going Ted?"

"M'fine Bill how are you?" Teddy asked the man politely.

Once Bill had answered back with a generic yet genuine response, Teddy turned towards Bill's wife Fleur and paid her the usual compliments and greetings. After he had greeted Fleur, he turned his attention to the redheaded fireball who had been demanding his notice for some time now. He clasped the hyperactive fifteen-year-old in a warm hug as soon as he turned to her.

Dom Weasley -her full name was Dominique but if she caught you calling her that and you weren't one of her parents (or another adult she looked up to) then you would usually end up with a sharp punch to the arm. The fifth-year Gryffindor had inherited the red Weasley hair however, the tall thin figure, bright blue eyes, beautiful face, and light-hearted flirtatious attitude (that clearly showed that she had some Veela blood) was all inherited from Fleur. Dom released him and began babbling about her excitement for the upcoming school year.

Teddy smiled and moved to his attention to his left so he could rustle her brother's hair. Louis Weasley was in his third year at Hogwarts and -like his sisters- Gryffindor was the house he'd been sorted into. He had his mother's almost silvery blonde hair, his face -despite being male in shape- bared an uncanny resemblance to Dom's, and his wide eyes were the same colour of Bill's; further displaying that Louis' features were a balanced mix between both of his parents' genetics.

"Going to try to stay out of trouble this year?" Teddy asked the thirteen-year-old teasingly.

Louis smiled back at him happily, "I'll try . . ., but you know James and Fred. They'll plan some sort of master prank and I'll have to get involved just to get their butts out of the fire."

Teddy lightly placed his arm around Louis' shoulders; he was rather tall and thick for a thirteen-year-old, "What else is family for?"

Louis chuckled and Teddy turned back to Dom and tried to catch up with what she'd been telling him. In atypical Dom style she hadn't noticed the exchange between her brother and him because she was too busy talking about herself. As Dom spoke, Teddy gave the face of his watch a surreptitious glance. His peek didn't escape Bill's notice.

Bill placed an arm around his youngest daughter's shoulders –effectively cutting off her speech- and said, "Victoire's over by the front of the train."

Teddy gave him a shy smile and moved his hand up to ruffle his hair; a sheepish habit he'd picked up from his godfather, "Um, thanks."

Dom and Fleur giggled quietly at his nervous tone of voice while Louis smiled broadly at him. Teddy mumbled out his goodbyes, quite visibly embarrassed, and turned off to the direction Bill had gestured to while speaking. Before he moved entirely away from them though, he felt a swift reassuring clasp on his forearm; it was from Bill.

Teddy walked away from the family shaking his head. Even though he'd been dating Victoire for a month, he was still surprised with the warmth and acceptance her family gave him. Yeah, he'd been best friends with her for years and yes, they'd know each other since before they could remember. But Bill was very protective over his daughters, especially Victoire. He could remember the speeches Bill had given Victoire's respective boyfriends over the years. Said speeches never were ever very friendly or optimistic for Bill always made sure that he made a firm and stern first impression. Teddy remembered laughing silently as Victoire would tell him how each boyfriend took the first meeting with her father. He smiled to himself remembering earlier that month when he and Victoire had first told Bill and Fleur that they were dating . . .

Teddy's stomach felt like it was full of miniature flying hippogriffs; he wasn't sure how they were going to take it. He'd known Bill and Fleur all his life. When he was younger he'd gotten into the habit of calling them 'Uncle and Aunt' like he had with the rest of the Weasleys and the Potters. In hindsight, since he was there to tell them that he was taking their daughter on a date he knew that he'd have to break that little practice sooner rather than later. Teddy thought that because of his closeness with the family that he'd be able to escape the ceremonial daddy/daughter's new boyfriend talk. Unfortunately, Bill was a stickler for tradition. Victoire had announced to her parents that she was going on a date that night; she just hadn't told them whom she was going with. When Teddy showed up at the door Bill had decided that he wasn't going to be cheated out of a chance of performing the speech he'd already spent time practising and memorizing. After scaring Teddy so thoroughly that both his complexion and his hair was the same exact same shade of white, Bill let him off the hook. "Sorry about that Ted," he said laughing, "But I've kinda had that one saved up for her first boyfriend for when she came of age . . . and he just happened to be you." Teddy had joined Bill in his laughter after the terrorizing monologue was finished in an attempt to prove that he wasn't as scared as he seemed. However, the only real comfort he'd gotten during the speech was the sympathetic smile Fleur had periodically been giving him to counteract her husband's terrifying rules and expectations.

Teddy retched himself away from his memories and began searching the crowd of students and their families for his girlfriend. His heartbeat sped up as he spotted a tall long legged girl with silvery skin and long and shiny silvery-blonde hair. Her head was rapidly moving from side-to-side; she was also searching for someone. He walked quietly up behind her. He placed his arms around her slim waist and moved his chin onto her shoulder. He put his lips next to her ear and whispered quietly, "Hello beautiful."

To Victoire's credit, she didn't jump. Not when he initially startled her when he spoke in her ear nor did she as much as flinch when he'd first put his strong arms around her waist.

She sighed quietly before answering, "Hey handsome."

Teddy placed a soft kiss on her neck and she moved her hands until they were covering his hands that were on her waist. He noted that her skin was extremely soft.

"Who are you looking for?"

Teddy already knew the answer; he just hoped that asking her a question would break through her obvious distraction and force her to pay more attention to what was going around. It worked. Victoire's head stopped searching, and she turned around to face him and Teddy's breath caught slightly as he looked into her enchanting face.

To people who were intimate with the family, Victoire Weasley would seem as almost an exact duplicate of her mother from when she was her age. At seventeen, Victoire was the exact same height as Fleur and had the exact same colour of hair and shade of blue eyes. The only thing that marked her physical difference from her mother was the light scattering of gold freckles across her pixie like nose, and the deep concern clouding the vibrancy of her sparkling ocean-blue eyes. Victoire may have looked like a perfect little angel –to Teddy she was one- but her attitude was all Weasley. When the Weasley mind-set is mixed with Veela looks and charm, a person can end up with a real firecracker on their hands.

Thankfully, Teddy knew what he was up against and even more, he loved Victoire's spark. Sure, sometimes she could be a little severe, she didn't always have the best temper, she had an occasional show-off and know-it-all streak, and yes, sometimes she acted a little too rashly. Nevertheless, Teddy wouldn't dare call those faults; those were just parts of her personality. He wouldn't trade Victoire for the most perfect and faultless angel in the world. Truth be told, he liked her fiery attitude; it balanced out his more quiet and composed nature.

Victoire had placed her arms around his neck and pulled him into a tight hug. His hands moved from her waist to lightly rub her back.

He moved back, studied her creased and worried face, and repeated his question, "Who are you looking for?"

Victoire sighed, "He's supposed to be here by now! He promised he'd come to see me off."

Teddy moved one of his hands up to her head and he ran his fingers through her silky blonde hair. He knew exactly whom she was alluding to; he also knew that she wouldn't take his next reply very well, "Well . . . he has been busy with work. I know he was supposed to come home today . . . but maybe he was delayed. It can easily happen in our kind of work."

Victoire's ocean-blue eyes got sadder, "He's always been here to see me off. Ever since my first year. Besides, he specifically promised that he'd see me off to Hogwarts on my last year. He's never broken a promise to me before."

"Alright," Teddy answered not wanting to get into an argument when he was about to lose her for a year.

He kissed her forehead softly, "I'm really going to miss you. You know that?"

Her angelic smile made his heart pound, "Yes actually, I do know that. Did you know that I'm going to miss you more?"

Teddy laughed at her playful tone, "No actually you can't. That'd be impossible."

Victoire rolled her eyes, "I'm surprised at you Teddy Lupin that was extremely mushy."

"Yeah well what can I say Vic? You bring out the mush in me."

She sighed again, "I guess the next time I'll see you will be at Christmas."

"Hey. Don't start depressing me with this talk about not seeing each other for four months. When you find out when your Hogsmeade weekend is, send me an owl and I'll see if I can make it . . ."

His sentence drifted off when he recognized the knowing look in Victoire's eyes. She smiled sadly, "It's okay Teddy. I know how busy you'll be at work . . . you don't have to make any special arrangements to meet me in Hogsmeade."

Victoire knew how busy Teddy would be at work. He was in his second year of Auror training. He didn't always know when he'd have to work; second year training was always just the boring grunt work.

"And," Teddy continued pretending like he didn't hear her, "Of course I will come and watch all of your Quidditch games, Captain."

Teddy said the last word with a smirk; Victoire had taken over for him as captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team when he had graduated two years ago.

She smiled sweetly at him and he leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers. Victoire's hands moved to his turquoise hair as their lips pressed against each other's. One of Teddy's hands stayed at her waist while the other one entwined into her long soft hair. They were kissing a lot more ardently than Teddy would have normally thought was proper for the crowded place they were currently in, but his sense of propriety was presently at the bottom of his priority pile. His feelings for Victoire taking over at the top of the pile; a place they'd occupied for years before they'd even started a romantic relationship.

Teddy was just pressing his lips down harder on Victoire's -knowing that he would very soon have to give her up so that she could get on the train- when he heard an exceedingly annoying voice yell out their names.

They moved their faces away from each other to see that, standing right next to them, was none other than James Sirius Potter.

"Oi! What are you doing?"

Except for the brief flicker of annoyance Teddy felt towards his godfather's eldest son, he was more embarrassed than anything to have been caught kissing Victoire. Especially in front of her cousin; one of his godfather's sons. Teddy wasn't always able to keep his Metamorphmagus powers under control when his emotions got the better of him, particularly when he was embarrassed.

True to his nature, Teddy's hair was turning bright red. He stammered out to James, "I-I came to see her off."

"Yeah but you were just snog-"

Victoire cut-in and almost hissed at her younger cousin, "Go away James."

James Potter was a rather stubborn boy, but even he knew better than to argue with his part-Veela cousin. He gave the pair one more odd look before disappearing back the way he'd come.

Teddy looked back to Victoire once James was gone. Her facial expression was depressed, "James has probably gone and told everyone by now."

Teddy ran his thumb comfortingly over the smooth skin of her cheek; knowing what was bothering her, "I'll talk to Harry about it later today. Anyway, it's not too bad. I mean we were going to tell them today . . . James just kind of beat us to the punch."

The only people who had been aware of Teddy and Victoire's relationship this past month were Victoire's immediate family and Teddy's grandmother Andromeda Tonks.

Victoire looked even more upset at his comment, "I know it's just . . . we planned to tell everyone after we both told our godfathers. Now yours knows and mine doesn't. He's not even here yet!"

"I know Kingsley promised but you have less than five minutes until you have to get on the train. I doubt that he'll show up now. You could always write to him and let him know . . ."

"Or," Victoire countered, "You could tell him the minute he gets back to the Auror office."

Teddy gulped audibly; he wasn't going to be the first one to tell Kingsley Shacklebolt that he was dating his goddaughter, "Or, you could write to him. I know you wanted to be the first one to tell him."

Victoire laughed faintly, "Are you scared of him? You know that you shouldn't be; Kingsley loves you."

"Yeah, but I have a feeling that once he finds out I'm dating his little Princess," Teddy said using Kingsley's pet name for her, "That his feelings towards me are going to change dramatically."

Victoire rolled her eyes, "Teddy, Kingsley is a kitten, and you cannot honestly tell me that you're more afraid to tell him than you were to tell my parents."

"I can honestly tell you that I am more afraid to tell Kingsley than I was to tell Bill and Fleur. Besides, he's your godfather not mine. Our deal was that we would tell our own godfathers about our relationship and then we could feel free to tell anyone else afterwards. My part of the deal is done. I'm sure that Harry knows by now."

Before Victoire could speak, a loud whistle blew, signalling everyone to get on the train. Teddy leaned forward and gave Victoire a quick peck on the lips.

She sighed in response and smiled up at him, "Fine I'll make sure that I write to him tonight."

Teddy smiled and helped then showed his Gryffindor chivalry by helping her onto the train. He waved at her until her form disappeared and stood at the platform until the train was out of sight. He tried not to think about how much he was going to miss her. How he wasn't going to be able to focus on anything else for a while. Teddy was certain that this year's separation was going to be the hardest yet.

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