I don't own Zero Wing.

With it is A. D. In 2101...

A war had begun.

Captain: What breaks out?

Mechanic: Someone who was put us on the bomb.

Operator: We obtain a signal.

Captain: What?

Operator: Please get excited a main screen.

Captain: I am you.

CATS: I am the gentleman how you are. It is to be belonging to your base us entirely. You are in the way to destruction.

Captain: Is you the one that say?

CATS: Please make your time, without having the possibility that you survive. Ha ha ha ha…

Operator: A captain!

Captain: Please leave and please accompany all 'Zig'! Doing you know something. Please move 'Zig'. It is for wonderful justice.

...I hope that you enjoyed it. Please leave evaluation!

Captain: The translation was more worse!

You can say it once again.

Da King: Dinner.