Warning: There will be Mpreg much later on, but I'm going to take this as slow as I can because Mpreg is kinda hard to write right.

A redhead sighed as he threw a dark brown Afghan on top of his black-haired best friend. The idiot got into another fight after school and didn't tell him until he limped up to the Broflosky house with his left shoulder bleeding and his right eye pulsing with the beginnings of a black eye. The teenager's best friend was more than willing to be the acting medic whenever he came up to his house after a fight, but it happened entirely too often for the redhead's taste.

"Hey!" The black-haired boy pulled the Afghan off of his head and showed his glaring blue eyes to his best friend as he laid the heavy blanket across his blue jean clad legs. "What was that for?"

"For being an idiot," the redhead sighed. "Why do you keep getting into these useless fights Stan? Take off your shirt."

Stan sighed too and stripped off his dirt covered white t-shirt to show his pale, lean torso that had been honed through three years of high school football. He even had a few fading bruises from the last game to prove it. The purple and black bruises that were there now, though, were from the fight he'd had with a member of the swim team that had pissed him off. (It was some gay comment that he'd been making for a few months, and it just annoyed him enough to lash out.)

"The guy was asking for it," he muttered and rubbed his jaw. Bastard got him pretty good. "Besides Kyle, I was tired of him ripping on you."

Kyle shook his head and slapped a cold compress on one of the bruises on Stan's stomach, earning a yelp. "I can handle it, you know that." Two months ago Kyle came out to everyone as being gay, and most just shrugged and said they saw it coming though they had all said they thought he'd be with Stan by now. There were a few homophobes around the school, including someone they stopped talking with freshman year, Eric Cartman, and they hadn't left Kyle alone since he came out. For the most part, he ignored them as he unintentionally became the secondary leader of a group in the high school Damien formed after him and Pip became a couple. With the exception of Kyle and Butters, no one messed with the group because they fought back. Stan included.

He was openly bisexual and had been since the end of their freshman year. Kenny had actually been the one to bring Stan into Damien's group, having joined himself when he got together with Butters because he found it hard to defend his lover when they didn't see each but once during the day. At the time, Stan was still with Wendy but wasn't sexually attracted to her anymore, the relationship actually ended a week after he came out.

Both boys were still single and were still only super best friends, but there was still the more than lingering feeling surrounding them both. Neither ever said anything to the other though, fearing rejection more than anything.

Stan held the cold compress against the bruise Kyle had slapped it against. "I know you can, but I just hate hearing what they say about you."

Kyle sighed as he finished bandaging his friend's left shoulder. It was no wonder people thought they were dating. "If you keeping fighting them like this, it'll never end. Take your pants off."

Stan spat out the Mountain Dew he'd been drinking onto the Afghan and coughed when some of it caught in the back of his throat. "W-What?" Kyle never asked him that before! And it was so calmly too!

"You were limping when you came here, so I want to make sure you're not hurt too bad." He shook his head. Just from all of the times he'd patched up Stan he knew enough to consider going into medicine. "And you're cleaning that up later."

"Y-Yeah." With a light blush, Stan stood up and pushed his blue jeans down around his ankles as Kyle knelt down beside him and inspected the welt on his thigh.

"This should go away in a few days." To prove a point, he smacked it as he stood up, sending Stan back onto the couch and gripping his thigh in pain.

"What the hell was the for?"

Kyle put his hands on his hips. "If you hadn't gotten into a fight, that wouldn't have hurt."

"Godammit dude! That's not cool!" Stan pressed the cold compress to his thigh now to alleviate the pain.

"Well you shouldn't have fought in the first place!" Kyle turned to the kitchen. "I'm gonna go get something to drink." In the kitchen, he leaned against the counter where Stan couldn't see him. Being that close to Stan was always a little much to handle, but with his pants off…damn.

After a moment to recover from the closeness, he reached into the fridge and pulled out a Coke classic. Being so close to the man he'd had a crush on since freshman year was hard everyday, being so close to the organ that he had hoped would one day penetrate him was just nearly too much for him to take. He could've jumped Stan, and honestly was about to before he went into the kitchen.

"Kyle," Stan walked into the kitchen with nothing but his Terrance & Phillip boxers on, the cold compress wasn't with him, "I'm sorry." He ran one hand through his hair. "I worry about what people say about you because I don't want to see you hurt. If it doesn't bother you though…I won't fight anyone else over it."

Kyle wanted to smile and say that was okay but he'd heard the same promise twice before. Stan just said it to keep his best friend from worrying. Kyle shook his head. "Don't promise something you don't intend to do Stan." He took a drink of his soda.

Stan chuckled humorlessly; he called his bluff, damn. "I just don't wanna see you hurt."

"I'll be fine." Kyle sent a hard stare at the black-haired teenager. "With all these fights you pick though, you need to watch your back."

"Yeah…" Stan scratched the back of his head. His eyes traveled up and down Kyle's body without much subtlety. The redhead wore a tight black Nickelback: Dark Horse t-shirt and dark blue skinny jeans. His hair that used to poof out into a mini-'fro when they were children now hung in soft ringlets around his sharp face and even complimented his bright green eyes. That was the face he'd come to love, but until now he didn't think he would be able to act on that love he felt.

He glided over to Kyle and rested his hands on either side of the teen on the edge of the counter, trapping him there. "Kyle," he breathed into his best friend's ear.

Kyle turned bright red and found the hand holding his Coke trembling. He had never been so close to Stan before, and it terrified and excited him at the same time. Why was he so close? "S-Stan?"

"Thank you," Stan moved so that his smile could be seen by the other boy, "so much." He leaned forward and caught his best friend's lips in a quick, chaste kiss.

When the kiss ended, Kyle found himself looking at Stan through a thin veil of tears. He wanted to believe that kiss was real and that Stan felt what he had just then, but he wasn't sure. Surely he wasn't enough of a bastard to just kiss him because he could, right…?

"Kyle?" Stan gently grabbed Kyle's chin and stared concernedly into the redhead's watery eyes. "What's wrong? Was that…bad?"

Kyle shook his head and tried to calm his visibly shaking hands. "No, I…I loved it…but…"


Unable to keep his hand still, Kyle put the Coke on the counter and wrapped his trembling arms around Stan's neck as his head landed softly on his best friend's bare, bruised collarbone. "Why? Why did you kiss me?"

Stan wrapped his arms around Kyle's torso and kissed the top of his head. "I wanted to properly thank my sexy nurse." He chuckled.

Kyle, though, didn't laugh. He wanted a serious answer, not something him and Stan could joke about later. "Stan, I'm being serious."

The slight smile Stan had fell from his face and he buried his face into Kyle's hair. "I've loved you for some time now," he muttered as his eyes slipped closed and his face turned light red; Kyle's eyes widened, unable to believe what he had heard, "I just didn't know how to tell you."

He slipped his eyes closed and relaxed against Stan. "Stan…I…love you too."

The two boys stood like that, not moving, just enjoying each others' touch for a minute or two. They loved the feeling of it all, the pure contact they both craved from the other instead of the playful banter of two best friends. There was more they wanted, much more, but neither wanted to ask it of the other, so they didn't say a word.

Finally, Stan pulled away from Kyle and kissed him again, having the kiss returned that time. Slowly, the two exchanged chaste kisses as Kyle's hands ran down Stan's chest and Stan tightened his arms around Kyle's waist.

Someone in the doorway of the kitchen cleared their throat, catching the attention of both boys. There were two more boys standing there, both with blonde hair and blue eyes, though the taller boy in the orange parka had narrower and darker eyes than the other. He stood there with his arms crossed over his chest and a smirk on his face, the boy behind him in the light blue pea coat was blushing heavily.

"Kenny? Butters?" Kyle squeaked out, his face beat red. "How'd you get in here?"

"Y-You left the door unlocked," Butters, the short boy, stuttered out as he bumped his fists together.

"Well, well, well," Kenny, the taller one, laughed, "I knew it was only a matter of time!"

"How long have you two been standing there?" Stan asked with goosebumps still visible on his arms. He thought for sure that had been Kyle's dad, Gerald.

"Not long." The smirk still didn't waver from Kenny's face. "Were you two planning on telling everyone, or were you going to keep it a secret?"

"Why?" Kyle asked a little defensively. "Are you going to say something?"

"No!" The smirk left the blonde's face and he held up his hands. "I won't say a word unless you don't care."

Kyle sighed and stepped away from Stan to grab his Coke again. When he wouldn't say anything, Stan looked over at the two blondes standing at the entrance of the kitchen. "Let's keep this under wraps for now…until we for sure that this what we both want."

There was no protest from the redhead, so Kenny nodded. "I understand."

Butters nodded too. "I won't say a w-word."

"Okay." Stan hooked one finger in one of the belt loops of Kyle's pants and drew him close again just to give him another kiss before saying he was going to go get his clothes back on.

Kyle leaned back against the counter as Stan went into the living room and Kenny and Butters sat down at the table. He said that he loved Stan, and he wasn't lying…so why did he have a sinking fear of getting into a serious relationship with him?