At the sound of the alarm clock buzzing away on his desk, David Karofsky turned away facing the way. The dark sheets were wrapped around his naked waist and his hair was disheveled from his restless movements in slept. His hand reached up and he pushed the snooze button and fell asleep again.

"David, Come hold me…" said a sweet voice from the room over.

I looked around to see myself in a kitchen and it was unfamiliar, however the voice that called out to me was enough for me to grab the two beers on the counter and walk around the corner when to my surprise, the person I'd never have thought of, was there.

"David… is everything okay?"

The brown hair boy rose from the couch and turned to face me. Kurt Hummel. He was wearing a pair of skin tight gray sweats and a white shirt that belonged to me! He smirked walking in front of me and stroked my cheek.

"What's wrong?" he asked and stood on the tips of his toes wrapping his arms around my neck and my body reacts on its own. Simply reaching down, my arms wrapped themselves around his waist with the two beers in either hand, and my voice says what I don't want it too.

"Nothing at all, babe…" Kurt blushes. The strange pink tint raises into his pale cheeks and his mouth parts as his tongue slips out to moisten his lips. My body stirs.

WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! My mind screams but I begin to descend down and I'm going to kiss him. Kurt tips hid head up to me and I feel his fingers snake into my hair-

"AHHHH!" David screams shooting up in his bed only to fall out of it and onto the floor. He recovered quickly and stood with the sheets tangled. He looks around the room quickly scanning for any possibility that the dream was fake and not at all true but he's met with his football gear and video games.

"It was just a dream…" he whispered to himself rubbing his temples.

He only hoped it would and remains as such for that had been the third time he had the same dream this month. I need more football, he told himself.