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"You're too smart to be in our year. You need to go up again, I swear." Cameron said, glancing at her in Science as she wrote down the answers at lightning speed. "Well, I prefer this year. My original year is full of sluts and jocks and the one above this one has too many dickheads in it. This one is fine. Besides, I have friends in this one." She responded, not taking her eyes off her notes. Cameron watched as her curly red hair fell across her face, hiding her expression from him. She hooked it behind her ear and continued with her work. "Why are you doing it all now? You're so smart you could probably know the answers in the test without revising." Cameron sighed. Layla Peterson straightened up. "Because when I've done this, I can skive all I want. If I finish this quickly, us four can ditch again. How's that?" She asked, semi-glaring at him. Cameron contemplated it for a couple of seconds. "Sure, but can I copy your notes?" He asked. She nodded and slid her book to him. He smiled and began to work. Science passed too fast. Layla and Cameron were throwing paper aeroplanes at the teacher and screaming every time he looked at the chalk board. It was hilarious.

Sloane, Ferris, Cameron and Layla were sitting on the wall at the back of the school field. "So, any plans for tomorrow?" Layla asked her sister. Sloane leaned forwards so that she could see her sister. "Yeah, Ferris was thinking about faking an illness again. We were going to go down to Chicago or something." Sloane explained. Layla nodded. "Are you coming this time? It was boring last time when you weren't there." Cameron begged, turning on the puppy dog eyes. She laughed and tweaked his nose. "Yeah, I haven't got anything else to do. I know all the stuff on the DNA of an onion and how a beetroot can eat ducks or whatever those people teach us." She said smoothly. They laughed. "A beetroot eating ducks?" Ferris spluttered. They laughed harder but it died down as Jeannie appeared suddenly. Jeannie was Ferris's older sister. She was surprisingly nice to Layla. It was probably because she would sometimes help Jeannie in an argument against other people at school. People were so dumb, she only had to use long words to send them spinning in a daze. "Hey Jeannie, what's up?" Layla asked airily. She smiled at her and frowned at Ferris. "I came to see if the little ass could be bothered to go to school today." She sneered. Ferris raised an eyebrow but said nothing. "Jeannie, you're way too mean to your brother. Lay off him a bit." Sloane said, trying to defend her boyfriend. Jeannie rolled her eyes and waved as she walked off. "Well, that was interesting." Layla said suddenly. There was an awkward silence. "Seriously though, a beetroot eating a duck?" Cameron blurted. The laughing fits began again.

Next day

"Layla Peterson?" The nurse called. Layla smiled. Ferris and Cameron sure was a couple of smart-asses when it came to ditching school. "Me?" Layla pretended to be shocked. She left the room and the nurse took her hand. "Honey, I'm afraid I'm…the bearer of bad news. Your father called." She said, trying to not worry her. Layla smirked inside. The excuse was probably a dead grandmother or something. "You grandmother passed." The nurse finished. Nailed it! She pretended to be shocked and burst into her fake tears. "Oh honey…" The nurse said compassionately, pulling her into a hug. She hugged back with a secret smile on her face. Her and Sloane were soon outside, waiting for their 'father' to pick them up. The headmaster, Edward Rooney, was quoting some sad poem that Layla had already memorised for last year's English lessons. The school bus drove past and a Ferrari had suddenly appeared. Classy, she thought with a smirk inside. "Sloane, Layla. Come along." Their 'father' said in a funny voice. Layla began to erupt into a fit of giggles. She covered it up quickly with silent sobbing. Rooney put his hand on her shoulders. She cringed at his touch. She couldn't take it off, so she just stood there. "Thank you Sir." She said, overwhelming herself with the fake tear pouring down her face. She walked down towards the car and Ferris. Sloane was saying something to Rooney. She was probably flattering him or something. "Find Cameron and you get a prize." Ferris whispered in her ear as he hugged her, like any father would. "Oooh, sounds like fun." She mumbled back. Layla climbed into Ferrari. There was a cover over that back so she sat on it, knowing exactly what was under it. "Layla, is there any chance you could get off me?" Cameron's muffled voice came from underneath her. "Nope." She said brightly. She heard him sigh and she giggled. "Any idea of what we're doing?" She mumbled, crouching low to be able to hear him. She changed her position so that she was lying on top of the cover but next to where Cameron would be. "Chicago. Don't know after that." He replied. She nodded and watched Sloane get in the car. "That didn't look at all strange did it? I mean, you were just snogging our 'dad'. What would Rooney think?" Layla asked teasingly. Sloane playfully slapped her hand. "Rooney is an idiot. He'll think it was just what our family was like or something." Sloane replied. "Can we go take back the car now?" Cameron asked under the blanket still. "Today is opposite day." Ferris replied randomly. Cameron sighed in frustration. "Please say we're not taking the car back home, please say we're not taking the car back home…" He mumbled to no one in particular. "If you had access to a car like this, would you take it back straight away?" Ferris asked. Only silence replied to him. "Neither would I. Oh yeah, Layla, you found Cameron so you get a prize. Here you go." He said absent-mindedly, pulling something out of his pocket and handing it to her. They began to drive off. Sloane decided to shout with joy. "Sloane, Rooney will know something's up!" Layla almost shouted at her. She clamped her hand over her mouth. "Oh no!" She whispered. Layla put a hand on her shoulder. "It's okay. He'll just have to deal with being tricked by some students." Layla reassured her. She went back to opening the little prize. Cameron got out of the blanket slowly, still aware that Layla was lying in it, and sat beside her. "What's that?" He asked, nudging her. She elbowed him back. "You'll find out. Ferris said that if I found you, I would get a prize. The reason I sat on you was to get the prize. So, no hard feelings?" She said teasingly. He pushed her playfully and it soon turned into a shove fight in the back of a moving Ferrari. "Hey you two lovebirds, I'm trying to drive!" Ferris yelled. The two went very red and avoided eye-contact. They mumbled their apologies and Layla returned to opening her present. She finally got it open and she took it out. It was some kind of pass. "V.I.P Access to American/German Parade Float? Is that where we're going?" She asked excitedly. Ferris nodded. She screamed with delight. Sloane laughed. Cameron just smiled and went back to being quiet.

"It could get breathed on wrong, a bird could shit on it, who knows?" Cameron was arguing with Ferris about leaving the Ferrari in the garage. They soon got a man to look after it for $5. They left with Cameron grumbling. "Cameron, why are you so touchy about that car? I mean I know less than 100 were made and everything but seriously, why are you hyped up about it?" Layla asked. She had noticed he was getting pissed off a lot easier today. He looked at her with surprise. "You know stuff about cars?" He asked with his eyebrows raised. She chuckled. "I know a lot of things Cam. Answer my question." She smiled. He closed his eyes. They were walking slightly behind Ferris and Sloane, who had their arms around each other. Layla sighed slightly but tried to cover it up. Cameron noticed it. "What?" He asked. She shook her head. "Forget it. Now answer my question God Damn it." She demanded. He chuckled at her quick temper but he explained. "It's my Dad's life. He adores it. It took him three years to restore it. He doesn't trust me one little bit. Ferris took it and ignored my offers. He's just so damn annoying!" Cameron said, his voice rising as his anger did. "Cameron, calm down!" Layla shouted. She grabbed his shoulders and made him look at her. He opened his eyes and their eyes were locked. "Cameron, calm the heck down. It's okay. If anything happens to the car I'll personally kick Ferris's ass. You got it?" She said, unaware that she still holding his shoulders. She was roughly his height, if not then a little smaller. They heard a wolf whistle behind them. They turned and Ferris was winking with Sloane laughing like hell. Layla glared at them. "Ferris, shut the heck up. You took the car without giving Cameron a say at all! You know Morris is horrible! He could completely obliterate your face if he wanted to! You don't live with him so don't get Cameron to take the blame! You better take the credit for wrecking the car if you do! And Sloane, I know he's your boyfriend and everything, but seriously, Ferris is being a stupid jerk at the moment. Don't agree with him on this case." She shouted at them. They were definitely taken aback. Cameron tugged on her arm. "Layla, come on, it's your turn to calm down." He whispered. She nodded and counted to 10. She sighed and opened her eyes. "Sorry for shouting. But you were being a jerk Ferris. Now quit your whistling and lets go." She said and walked off in any random direction. "Uh, Layla…" Cameron called after her. She seemed to understand what he was saying because she turned around and walked the opposite way to where she was heading. "No map… What else am I supposed to do?" She grumbled under her breath.

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