Hello again! Chapter 4! They are heading back in this one. Hope you enjoy this chapter. Cameron explodes (not literally) in this chapter. By the way, I have inserted my own idea into the swimming pool part. Hope you do not mind. Thank you for understanding.

"You're psychotic; you're out of your mind!" Cameron exclaimed with a grin on his face. "I can't believe you two went on a god-damn Parade Float!" He continued. Layla guessed he was shocked. "Okay, wait." Cameron put on a fake voice. "Yeah, this tune is one of my personal favourites." He said. They roared with laughter. The four best friends were waiting for the Ferrari to be driven down to them. "A lot of people saw you." Sloane said with a bit of a disapproving tone. Cameron laughed and leant against the little building beside them. "You're nailed." He concluded. Ferris shook his head. "Who'd believe I was in a parade? Anybody who would nail me wouldn't go to a parade." He said simply. A man drove the Ferrari down the ramp and stopped it in front of them. "That was quick." Ferris said and went over to inspect the vehicle. Layla glanced at Cameron to see his reaction. He would notice if anything was wrong. He didn't seem angry so the car must have been fine. "This looks okay to me Cameron." Ferris said, beckoning for the rest of them to come over. Cameron took a quick peek at the paintwork. There wasn't a scratch, dent or any kind of injury in sight. "It looks great. Let's roll." Cameron said grinning. He went up to the man and handed him another 5 dollars. "Here you go, thank you." Cameron said to the man. The man smiled a toothy smile. "You're a very generous individual. Come back any time." He said. There was something about the way he said 'any' that Layla didn't like. They had done something and she was going to find out what. They got in to the car, Ferris and Sloane in the front seats with Cameron and Layla sitting high on the back seats. They sped off without looking back.

"You see, Cameron? You didn't have to be so jumpy all the time." Layla nudged him playfully. The wind was blowing in their hair. They were still in the city but they were nearly out in open. Cameron smiled and put an arm behind her. "I feel pretty good. I feel real good." Cameron shouted over the wind. Layla smiled a beautiful smile and took off her jacket. It was really hot despite the air being pushed at them. She noticed Cameron staring at her. She smirked and chucked on the floor. She lay back again and closed her eyes. "Those guys at the garage were nice. I was a little worried about them. It turned out good." Cameron continued, still staring at Layla. She opened an eye and caught him staring. She grinned and he blushed very lightly and looked out to the front. She sniggered and closed her eyes again. She heard Ferris begin to talk. "Hey, Cameron?" He asked. Cameron looked at him as she opened her eyes. "Yeah?" He replied, still in a good mood. Ferris began to count on his fingers and frowned. "How many miles did you say this thing had on it when we left?" He questioned. Cameron pondered for a moment. "126 and halfway between 3 and 4 tenths." He said. He took off his sunglasses and looked at Ferris completely. "Why, how many are on it now?" He asked and looked at the mileage. He paused and let out massive shout. It could be heard from miles away.

"Cameron! Come on, speak to me!" Layla pleaded. Cameron was just breathing very heavily, gasping for breath and staring straight ahead. "Come on Cam! Please just say something!" She begged but he remained motionless. She cursed and glared at Ferris. "We should never have left it at the parking lot! Those guys took it for a ride, I know it! How else could it go down? We shouldn't have even taken it in the first place! You're such a jerk!" She screamed at him. He looked really guilty but she didn't care at that moment. Cameron wasn't listening and he had gone into absolute shock. They pulled over at a stop near the sea and laid him on the wall. Sloane sat on the wall and tried comfort him. Ferris sat on a bench and Layla looked at the sea. She didn't know what to do. He was practically paralysed. What were they going to do? Layla loved Cameron more than anything and she would do everything in her power to make him better. "Cameron? Can you hear me? Blink if you understand me." Sloane said worriedly, trying but failing to get a response out of him. He didn't blink. Layla felt silent tears fall down her cheeks. She walked slowly over to Cameron and grasped his hand. "Cameron, please wake up, please, please, please wake up." She whispered in his ear. He twitched slightly. Her heart almost leapt for joy that she had gotten a response out of him. He returned to his paralysed state. "Ferris, we need to try something else." Sloane called out to Ferris. He turned and nodded. They put him in the car lying down and Layla sat with him, never taking her eyes off his face.

They arrived at his house and Layla removed his red jumper. Ferris changed his trousers into trunks and they sat him on the lifeguard chair. Sloane and Ferris sat in the Jacuzzi and Layla was in the pool, diving down for as long as possible. She contemplated drowning herself. Her father liked Sloane the most. Their mother didn't want to know and their grandmother may as well have been dead for all she cared. But she knew she couldn't do that to Cameron. She didn't realise that all these thoughts were making her dizzy, as she was still underwater. She kicked upwards and surfaced, drawing in deep breaths. She looked at Cameron and prayed that she would hear him. "Cameron Frye, I love you." She whispered so quietly not even a dog would hear it. She saw him suddenly look down at her. He toppled forwards, almost landing on top of her. She yelped and ducked back under the water. He sank to the bottom in a flurry of bubbles. He seemed to have come to his senses because he looked around and spotted Layla looking at him with worried eyes. He smiled with his bulged cheeks and slowly swam towards her. She remained fixed and watching him. He didn't seem ill. She smiled slowly and reached out to touch his face. It was all real, she wasn't dreaming that they were together still under the water. She had a sudden need for air and pointed upwards. He nodded and they both rose to the surface. They gasped for breath as Ferris and Sloane stared at them both. "Cameron, are you okay?" Ferris asked slowly. He nodded and looked back at Layla. Sloane stepped forwards carefully. "Layla was crying you know." She said shyly. Cameron tilted his head and continued staring at Layla. She smiled softly and hugged him. "Seriously Cameron, don't do that again." She said. He laughed and hugged her back. Ferris and Sloane grinned and jumped in.

"My Dad has a diving board around the back. I'll go fetch it." Cameron said and clambered out of the pool. Layla watched him go and get it. "So, Layla, cosying up to Cameron are we?" Ferris said slyly. She looked at him and splashed water at him. "Hey!" He joked and splashed some water at her. Sloane flicked some water at both of them. "Okay, it is so on now!" Layla screamed. She brought her hand up and clapped onto the water in a cupped shape. Water sprayed all over the two and they yelped. She laughed and dived underwater, invisible to them above water. She grabbed Sloane's leg first and yanked her down. Sloane went down without a sound and Layla put a finger to her mouth and pointed at Ferris's legs. They smiled evilly and closed in. They both grabbed a leg each and pulled down as hard as they could. Ferris shouted and went down under. Cameron reappeared with the wheelie diving board and ladder. It was one of them diving boards that were about 7 feet above the ground with a ladder going up. He frowned and pushed it towards the edge. He pushed the brakes down on the wheels and hunkered down by the edge, struggling to spot the three people under the water. He frowned and saw a ripple on the other side of the pool. He walked over quietly and peered in. There was one silhouette under the water. He smiled and jumped in, barely missing the person beneath the water. He turned around and saw it was Sloane laughing silently. He frowned and smiled. He glanced around, hoping to spot Layla but only saw Ferris at the other side pointing upwards. He realised what he meant and swam to the top. "Hi, Cameron." Layla called from the diving board. He looked up at her in astonishment. "Are you planning on jumping?" He asked playfully. She smiled. "Maybe…" She replied mischievously. He smirked. "Jump then." He remarked. She grinned and stood at the edge of the bored. "Fine, I shall." She said with a smirk, and dived off perfectly into the water. There was only a small splash. Cameron gazed around, waiting for her to approach. She leapt on his back. He yelped and realised what was happening. He grinned at his idea and jumped backwards so that Layla was trapped beneath him on the floor. She tried not to laugh when she realised he was going to keep her captive under water. She smiled at him and turned on the puppy dog eyes. He twisted in the water so that he was holding her arms by her sides with his own hands. He shook his head and grinned. He put on his own puppy dog eyes and Layla had to laugh. Her happiness was to be short lived, however, and the chlorinated water rushed into her mouth and windpipe. Cameron let go of immediately. She clutched at her throat and tried to swim to the top. She failed and her arms and legs lost their strength. She suddenly glided back fast and hit the swimming pool wall. Cameron was staring at her in shock, too shocked to help. She reached out to him and felt darkness begin to consume her. Cameron finally sprang into action and swam as fast as he could over to her. He grabbed her and pulled her to the top. Ferris and Sloane were kissing on the surface. They stopped abruptly as Cameron dragged Layla out, who was not breathing. "Come on, come on, come on!" He shouted. He began to do CPR and resuscitation. He placed his mouth on hers, noted the amazing sensations that came with it, and blew. He was being as careful as he could. He didn't want to break her ribs or hurt her in any way. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." He whispered as he pressed on her chest 5 times and put his mouth on hers again. He continued until he realised that she may have been gone. He tried one last time. Ferris was holding Sloane, who was crying into his shoulder. He put his mouth on hers and blew. He compressed her chest 5 more times. On the fourth time she finally made a response. She gagged and spat some water out. She sat up very slowly and gazed at Ferris and Sloane. Sloane was smiling in delight. "Layla!" She screamed and leapt on her and hugged her as hard as she could. Layla could do nothing but hug her back. "I was so scared…" Sloane whispered in her ear. "I know. I'm sorry for making you scared." Layla replied as she withdrew from Sloane. Ferris breathed a giant sigh of relief and Layla got up and hugged him. "If I ever die before Sloane, you had better take care of Sloane you jerk." She said good-naturedly. He chuckled. She stepped back and looked at Cameron. He was staring at where she had been laying. "As for you Cameron Frye…" She mumbled and kneeled next to him. Ferris and Sloane whispered something to each other and they left. He looked up slowly and gazed at her. "I thought I lost you." He whispered. She smiled softly. "I'm not going anywhere any time soon. You can count on that." She mumbled back. She hugged him close, each second making her wish she could just stay with this man for the rest of her life. "I can finally tell you this. Layla…" He whispered in her ear, his lips brushing her earlobe. She shivered from the contact and hugged him closer. "I love you Layla." He murmured and breathed a sigh of relief into her ear. She smiled into his neck. They drew back very slowly and their eyes locked. Every second, they seemed to be closer by about a centimetre. Their eyes closed slowly as their lips brushed. They smiled and leaned forwards to make it more… official. Their lips met full on this time. They moved in synchronized passion and it was clear they were actually meant to be. All they could hear was fireworks and rockets and shooting stars. They pulled away for some air and gasped for breath. "Wow…" Layla whispered as she panted. Cameron chuckled breathlessly. "I forgot to say. I love you too Cameron." She murmured in his ear. He smirked. "About time." He mumbled and held her closer. This was the start of a beautiful beginning.

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