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The last chapter surprisingly! Part of me is sad to see it go, but another part of me is happy, because it frees me up for Road Rasher and a few others I may be thinking about doing! Onward with the story!

Create Your Own Experience

Foolhardy. That was what he was. Foolhardy and an idiot for being as such. How could he have thought he could beat him? And yet he was beaten to the punch by a damn cat-boy committing suicide to defeat his rival! Needless to say, Walter Dornez was not pleased. It took him forty years-FORTY YEARS- to finally reach that moment of combat between the two of them, and he couldn't do it. Even being put back into his physical prime he couldn't beat Alucard. He almost had him at one point! Or he thought he did, until that idiot Luke took Alucard's place in the wires.

Damn it. Damn it all to Hell! Damn him and the shoddy work by the Doctor to create those damn vampire chips. Poor Mina Harker; if she had known her remains were being used to such a horrid means to an end, she would be pulling her hair out in Heaven for sure! For he and so many others just became bootleg copies.

Copies. The mere word on his tongue disgusted him. A copy was only a weaker version of the real thing. And he hated the thought of being weak. And he was weak now as he felt his spirit ripped away from his body, now a shell of what he used to be.

Rarely ever did Thalo take breaks when it came to Asphodel, but with the damn war raging in the Human World, people were coming in left and right! It was hard trying to keep a tab going of who wanted what when you got a horde worse than Xerxes' troops making their way to Greece! And with three-quarter's less than the casualties. So she was grateful when Azuli had come back with a few more friends in tow, rounding up the drinks and keeping tabs while they shooed the demoness bartender out of her own bar. The nerve of them all! But Thalo loved them all the same.

Stepping outside the door, Thalo saw an elderly gentleman make his way down towards the bar. For being older, he looked quite fit. So how the hell was he here? Oh, wait… this was the guy that Alucard fought before Alucard got sent to Asphodel! "Walter Dornez." Thalo said, taking out a lighter and a pack of cigarettes. "Funny. I would have thought you would still be living, begging for Integra's forgiveness after what you did."

The former butler narrowed his eyes at the demoness before leaning against the same wall she was on. His aged features began to regress once again as he chose his form that he was in in his twenties. "Begging is not becoming of an English Gentleman."

"Yeah, well neither is turning coat just to get back at someone because they had more power than you." Thalo said with the cigarette in her mouth, clicking the lighter on. Walter blinked. "How on Earth do you know about all this?"

"Sweetie, I've been around the block a helluva lot longer than you. Not to mention that I saw Alucard long before you showed up. He was a bit more upset that the cat in a box took him out more than you betraying Hellsing." Cigarette finally lit in her mouth, she took a drag, exhaling the menthol smoke through her nose. "Though that doesn't make what you did any more rage-stirring." she said, giving a mock smile. "He always flaunted off how powerful he was…" Walter said quietly, his head bowed down. "Left me to do a lot of the work, though. I remember when we first got to Germany. He left me to fight the Captain alone! Stubborn, vampiric fop didn't want to deal with it at all!"

"Maybe because he wanted to see what you could do?" Thalo never imagined that someone of Walter's caliber could be such a whiner, or one with such a huge grudge. "And seriously, he wanted someone that could keep up with him. I'm sure you saw the fight between him and Anders-oh wait! You weren't there because you were getting all chipped and crap!"

Walter glared at the demoness, who just glared right back as she took another drag of her cigarette. "And let's be real here. There is no way in hell you would be able to beat him. Alucard's been worked on for damn near over a century! Mere wires won't do shit against him! Not unless they were made of silver. And even THEN you wouldn't stand a chance." Thalo chuckled as a song by Daft Punk began to play in her head, looking at the butler who averted his gaze to the ground outside of Asphodel. "All I wanted was one chance. One GOOD chance against him. And now look at me. Made into a bootleg copy of the real thing. Always weak. Always."

"Y'know….this begs the question." Thalo put out her cigarette by dropping it to the ground and stomping on it with her foot. "Did you ever ASK Alucard if you could spar with him before he got sealed away? I'm sure he would have liked a challenge." That question rose more questions inside Walter, as they simmered and festered before him. Why HADN'T he done that? Maybe then he would have been on better terms instead of being an idiot and joining Millennium to be made into that weak copy of Alucard.

"I take it the answer is a 'no.' Figures. Retrospect always makes people wonder what it is they could have done differently, and by then it's too late! But… you create your own experiences that way. Life is never cut-and-dried is it?" she chuckled. Walter could not help but chuckle as well, looking up at the sky, indigo with flecks of what seemed like millions of stars. "Very true, Madam. Very true. But…may I ask…where is this place exactly?"

"Huh. You're the first person to ask in a while. Well, this…." she pointed to the door of the bar. "Is Asphodel. Bar and holding place for the decision making of souls. Most people who get sent here get sent to Inferno. But there are a few cases where people get sent to Purgatorio or Paradiso from here. Limbo is a funny place, ain't it?"

"I'm in…Limbo right now?"

"Yup. You're here waiting on a decision as to where you are going. Five bucks says you're going to Second Terrace, but I could be wrong."

Walter blinked at this. Ah! The Divine Comedy. It had been a long time since he'd read the book. "Second Terrace…last I remember was for Envy was it not?" A simple nod was his reply. "Mm." This made sense; he WAS envious about Alucard's power. But he knew he was not going to like the punishment in store. But he couldn't remember for the life of him what the punishment was for that particular world.

"The punishment?" Thalo said, making Walter jump slightly as she read his thoughts. "You get to wear a grey cloak expressing your 'sorrow' over what you did with your eyes sewn shut. Probably to prevent you from crying your ass off, but I could be wrong. It's kinda hard to not cry when ya' got a needle and thread going through ya' eyelids."

A twitch of the mouth proved the humor in Walter's frigid disposition as her words did sound rather amusing the way she worded it. And sure enough, a messenger arrived, handing an envelope to Walter, who opened it cautiously.

'Due to your mix between Wrath and Envy; a weighing was determined and it was finalized that your envy outweighed your wrath over the vampire Alucard. Henceforth, you are to go to the Second Terrace.'

"Looks like I called it." Thalo said, snapping her fingers as a Midori sour appeared in her hand and taking a sip of it before a messenger from Paradiso made an appearance with an envelope for Thalo. "Eh? For me? I thought you bastards hated me upstairs."

"Blame the boss. Apparently he likes what you do." the Paradiso messenger said before vanishing in a cloud of white smoke. Walter looked over as Thalo opened her envelope, damn near dropping her drink when she saw the print before her.

'Due to the massive amount of work you have done in Asphodel, it has been decided that you will come to the First Sphere and open a branch of Asphodel for the realms of Purgatorio and Paradiso. And do tell Alucard that he is going as well, as you have better communication methods than we here in Paradiso do.'

"Well…good luck Mr. Dornez." Thalo said, patting Walter on the back on her way back into the bar. "You will need it."

"And good luck to you for the First Sphere, Miss." Walter replied back, closing his eyes and fading way once again, whisked off to Mount Purgatory. Thalo headed inside, where she face-planted into the carpet with the open envelope next to her head.

Huh…It's already over….kinda crazy isn't it? One of my first few projects that was multiple chapters that is DONE. Welp, hope you enjoyed this as much as I did writing it!