We know who inspired this and they belong to Disney. But the poetry is mine. Thank you all for reading my work and sharing your thoughts. The invitation is now closed.

Velvet And Steel
By Denigoddess2001

I look to the stars in their distant beauty
And I long to soar in the midnight skies
Do you gaze upon the moon as I do?
Do you see Diana's vesper with the same eyes?

I think of wings taking me higher
And I dream of such a wondrous flight
I embrace the unknown future
And I will receive that which is my right.

Words unspoken are not better unsaid
As I wish upon that distant star above
I ponder, where are you this night?
Are you dreaming of this love?

Velvet wing hold me close
With arms as strong as steel
I come alive knowing you in my dreams.
So alive they are...I almost feel.

Almost is just another word
Meaning close, but yet so far
I soar at night in my dreams
Of velvet and steel and stars.

Welcome Home.