I was sitting, bored, in the classroom, listening to the teacher ramble on. I still wasn't accustomed to science class with out Z, or Vaughn, Corinne, Marshall, or Lucas. For the first time in my life, I can say I missed a academic activity:Science club. In fact, I would love to be outside on my skate board, but I feel unusually content today, ever since I had read the news paper.

Every morning, I slip away grab a newspaper, a coffee, stop by the skate park, but I was stopped short that morning by the headline on the paper.

Peradyne Industries 2, Opens Tomorrow

19 years ago, in a terrible accident, Peradyne Industries was destroyed, killing many including owner Sarah Pearson. Tomorrow, co-owner and husband Victor Pearson will reopen Peradyne, with the help of son Vaughn.

That was about as far as I read. Vaughn and Victor, re-opening Peradyne? Thanks to The Janitor and Josie 2, I now knew that Victor wasn't all that bad, and I did maybe like Vaughn, but after 3 years of hating Victors guts, (Or maybe it was longer, with all that time travel) old habits die hard.

I, despite my feelings, skipped my remaining classes (Hey, there were only three, and who'll notice?) and went home, knowing my mom wouldn't be home until late that night, and she'll never know I skipped.

Skating down the sidewalk, I caught up to my mailman just as he was putting the mail in the box. He drove away as I kicked up my board and walked over. I never look at the mail before I get into the house, because there's never anything for me, and it's just nice to know who my mom's keeping up with.

I sort threw the letters, bill, bill, bill, boss, boss, invite, Z, letter, WAIT! I flip back a few letters. Sure enough, it's from Z! But it's not addressed to my mom. "It's addressed to me," I say under my breath. I open the letter, not caring to make a nice neat line like I'm sure Corinne would, but completely ripping the envelope in half, then dropping ot to the ground once I retrieve the letter inside.

Dear Josie,

I'm not sure if this letter will reach you before the press, but Peradyne is opening again. Sarah hasn't come back publicly, because it would be to many questions, but she's still here. It is not this that I write to you about. I write because the Pearson's have saved Blake Holsey, and will find something to do with it, but due to test from Peradyne, the wormhole has opened up again.

I have written to the whole science club (Besides Vaughn, who I talked to in person) in the hopes you will come back as members of Peradyne as you have the most experience with the worm hole, besides possibly Sarah, but she doesn't want to risk leaving Vaughn again. Lucas is already coming as he came to tell me in person as he now lives down the road and visits regularly in his attempt to find the other Josie.

Please respond as soon as possible,


A chance back at the Black Hole High, and to be back with my friends, how could I miss the opportunity? Along with the fact it will get me out of summer school. I grab the maker for the white board on the fridge and write: Mom, gone back to Blake Holey, stuff going on, don't know when I'll be back, Josie. Then I ran outside, jumped in the car my mom had gotten my as a present for not being dead, then ran back in to pack.

I came back out with basically everything that had just come home, everything from high school. I dropped it all in the trunk and backseat of my car, pulled out, and was gone down the road, letter still clutched in my hand.