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Summary: The basis for this series of one-shots? Hornyness and Hormones :P Basically the thoughts and/or actions of our beloved teen titans as they fight some urges they can't control XD Pairings: Robin and Starfire, Beast Boy and Raven, and to be announced. Who knows? They're all teenagers. They all got raging hormones :D

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I do not own the Teen Titans or their hormones.


Her tongue danced with his, while her entire body pressed into him. Taking control, she slammed him on the bed and mumbled something in Tamaranian.

He looked at her in a daze. Her chest was heaving and her eyes had a lusty look that made his throat dry up. He swallowed hard, begging her with his eyes to take him. Do whatever the hell she wanted to his body.

"Starfire.." he managed.

She placed her hands teasingly on her hips and swayed towards him. Her long boots were gone, revealing the slender, toned legs he wanted so desperately wrapped around him.

"Do not speak Robin," she whispered and leaned over towards his ear, "You must use your hands to communicate tonight."

She grasped his hands and placed them on her chest, instinctively he squeezed and relished the moment, kneading her breast with one hand, as the other moved down to pull her on his lap.

Her skirt bunched up around her hips and she captured Robin's lips, roughly probing his tongue with hers.

He moaned, pulling her closer, feeling her rub up against him.

"Starfire..God.." he moaned, as she moved her mouth to his neck, nibbling and suckling the way he liked it.

She pulled back suddenly, "What is it Robin?"

"No no no..Keep going..please.." he almost begged.

"Robin? Helloo?" she poked his chest.

"Wha.." he questioned confused.

"Rooobin! You must wake up now please!" Starfire poked Robin's chest, frowning. He was sweating and kept mumbling her name.

He sat up suddenly, looking around only to realize Starfire was sitting dangerously close to him on his bed. His cheeks reddened furiously at his dream. He was shirtless, he realized, as he pulled the blankets up to cover his chest.

"Star! What..What are you doing in here?" he panicked, hoping she hadn't heard any of his..dialogue.

"Well you are late for breakfast Robin. I came to retrieve you so you may join us." she smiled innocently.

He felt dirty for the thoughts he'd been having.

"Er..I think I'm just gonna sleep in Star.." Robin gulped, laying back down.

Starfire frowned slightly and leaned into him.

"Robin I have not seen you eat any nutritional foods since yesterday morning, you will come to the breakfast weather you like it or not." she stated deviously.

Robin didn't like her tone. Actually, he liked it a lot, and that must have been the reason why he didn't like it. Right? She was still in her pajamas. He scanned her perfectly curved body, trying very hard not to linger. She had a black tank top that clung to her chest, revealing bits of her cleavage, while her red shorts were dangerously small. Robin could almost feel the silky skin..

"I think I'm staying here Star." he tucked both hands behind his neck, "and there's not much you can do about it." he added defiantly.

Starfire raised an eyebrow.

"Oh is that so Robin?" she questioned, sitting up on her knees.

Robin swallowed. She was hovering above him.

Was he still dreaming?

Suddenly, Starfire pounced on him, pinning his arms over his head, her face inches from his.

"I assure you Robin, I can convince you to hop out of this bed and follow me."

He stared at her, the way she looked at him made his boxers feel tighter.

Robin tried sitting up, "I think I'll go shower-"

Her grip on his wrists tightened, not quite hurting him, but creating a restraint that fueled the desire building inside him.

Her hips hovered mid-air, as she arched her back and inched closer to Robin's face.

"Now Robin. Will I have to use combat force to coerce you to join me and eat the breakfast?"

Robin shook his head slowly, his heart nearly jumping out of his chest at her distance. He tried his hardest not to look down her shirt, which was conveniently very close.

Don't do it don't do it don't do it. Don't you dare look down her—you looked!

"Very well! You shall join me and like it then?"

He nodded, his head spinning. He really, really hoped she would just leave so he could take an extremely cold shower to calm him down.

Thankfully, she jumped off and smiled with glee.

"Glorious! I shall wait for you with a meal ready Robin!" she clapped her hands together.

God she was cute, Robin thought. He was about to breathe out of relief, when she tore his sheets away from him, revealing Robin, his boxers, and a very obvious indication of just how much excitement he'd been harboring.

"Oh!" Starfire's eyes widened for a few seconds, then she smirked.

Robin's mouth dropped, he didn't know weather to cover up or try to convince Starfire it wasn't really him, just a clone. With a boner.

"Why Robin..Is that the banana in your undergarments or are you simply elated to see me?" she giggled, turning a heel and walking out of Robin's room. Before closing the door, she turned around and looked at a shocked Robin once more.

Robin swore he saw her lick her lips.

He ran to the shower, pumping the cold water out as he climbed in to relax himself.


Robin walked into his room, clutching a towel around his waist. His hair was gelled and to his liking.

He changed into black basketball shorts and a dark blue shirt, unsure of how to approach Starfire after what she'd...seen that morning.

He cautiously walked to the kitchen, listening to Starfire hum as he heard something sizzle on the pan.

He turned the corner, trying to force his body not to tremble.

He cleared his throat, and Starfire turned around.

"Good morning Robin," she smiled, a twinkle in her eyes. "Was your shower adequate?"

He mumbled yes and helped Starfire set the table. He noticed she was wearing a silky blue robe, her feet bare.

He wondered what was under the robe. He wondered how fast he could get it it untied. How fast it would slide off her shoulders and drop to the floor.

Robin realized he was staring, and averted his gaze. Cereal. Focus on the cereal. He tried reaching for it.

"No no Robin what are you doing? I am preparing the eggs and the bacon for us!" she exclaimed.

"Oh..sorry Star. I guess I wasn't thinkin.." he mumbled, unable to look her in the eye.

She smiled and asked, "It is fine Robin. Now come help me serve the plates please?"

he nodded and approached the stove. He took in her scent, and the eggs she'd prepared.

He smiled and managed to look at her, "This smells really great Star.."

She beamed, "Oh you really think so Robin?"

"Yeah. Real great." he grinned.

They were shoulder to shoulder. He felt her robe rub up against his shoulder, feeling the silkiness caress his bare bicep.

"I'm glad you're speaking to me Robin. Here I thought the grisnack had your tongue." she smiled teasingly.

Robin adored the looks she gave him. He wanted her. Her hair was up, revealing her smooth neck.

He recalled his dream. The things he'd wanted to do to that neck.

"There!" she said proudly. "Two perfect plates! Oh! We need the juices of oranges Robin!"

She waltzed over to the fridge and opened it. She scanned the contents.

"Robin do we have the juice of orange?" she asked.

When he turned to answer her question, he caught the sight of Starfire bending slowly, her robe rising up her legs, revealing the smooth skin on the back of her thighs.

Robin couldn't take it anymore.

He was going to explode.

"Star! I'm..I'm just gonna eat in my room. You smell great. I mean..your food..smells..nice." he stammered, grabbing a plate.

Starfire looked up, walking over to Robin before he had a chance to storm out.

"Robin.." she grabbed his forearm, forcing him to put down his plate. He stood dumbfounded by how attracted to her he was at that very moment. "Why are you having so much trouble communicating this morning?"

He couldn't bring himself to answer her. He was much to preoccupied with the sight before him. Starfire was holding on his arm, her eyes searching his. She looked beautiful. Her lips were parted slightly. He licked his lips and gazed at the cupboard. Cupboard, he focused.

"Well..Robin, if you cannot speak.." she lowered her voice and leaned into him, "then you must use your hands to communicate this morning.."

Robin couldn't believe his ears, he whispered hoarsely. "Starfire..what are.." he couldn't finish his question. Her lips were too close.

He placed his hands on her waist, she reciprocated and slid her hands slowly up Robin's arms. He pulled her in closer, her breath warm, sending chills up his back. Finally, his gently touched his lips to hers. Just a brief kiss was all it took. Starfire hand grasped the back of Robin's head, tugging gently at the hairs as his lips reconnected harshly with hers, pulling her body closer, rubbing against his.
"Robin.." she moaned silently as his mouth attacked her neck, nibbling at her collarbone, relishing at the smooth skin he tasted.

She pulled him back to her lips, tasting and licking and doing whatever brought those wonderful throaty moans from Robin's mouth.

He pushed her towards the counter, pressing himself closer to her, massaging her back and stomach, tracing down to her smooth legs.

In the mist of Robin and Starfire's heated make out session, Cyborg and Beast Boy walked in, unsure how to respond to the sight before them.

"Dude..uh..should we say something?" Beast Boy whispered.

Cyborg was about to speak when he noticed the served plates on the table.

"Ooh. Eggs. Nah BB. Let em have their fun. I'll take their breakfasts." Cyborg picked up both plates and ran out, giddy.

Beast Boy pouted and sulked back down the hallway, "Man..I don't have no tofu. They're blocking my counter."

Robin and Starfire didn't seem fazed by this 'intrusion'.

They pulled away momentarily, breathing heavily.

"Robin? May I suggest we move to a more private vicinity?"

Robin nodded, smiling goofily, "Yes please."

Starfire giggled and took his hand, they immediately ran to Robin's room, briefly stopping at the door.

"You know..Robin..I think this hands on way of communication is very successful.."

Robin wrapped his arms around her waist once more, he whispered huskily, "I think we can continue this for the rest of today Star."

With that, they fell to the floor of his room, tangled in the satisfying result of this new found communication method.