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Pole Dancing

"Starfire, there is absolutely NO way in hell I am putting any part of my body against one of..of those!" Raven hissed venomously, folding her arms across her chest as a conspicuous blush materialized on her cheeks.

Starfire raised an eyebrow and clasped her hands in front of her, "Raven, please, why is it that you seem so offended by this cylindrical object of exercise?"

"Because.." Raven began, and stopped. She looked at Starfire's vacant, innocent expression. "Star.. Do you know what KIND of exercise this if for?"

Drawing herself up to full height, Starfire nodded, "Of course. It is for slow, controlled dancing and the improvement of lesser used muscles, such as the pelvis and the gluteus maximus-"

"I get it!" Raven winced, holding her hands up in front of her. "Ever heard of strippers, Starfire?"

Starfire put a finger to her chin and looked thoughtfully at Raven, "They are..hospital volunteers?"

"Those are candy stripers." Raven deadpanned.

"Then what are the strippers?"

"I cannot believe I have to explain this to you," Raven grumbled as she took Starfire by the arm and sat her down on a nearby bench. Looking behind her to make sure the door to the exercise room was closed, she sat next to Starfire and pointed at the pole, her voice even,"Strippers or Exotic Dancers are women or men who generally dance sensually against, on or around a pole while simultaneously removing articles of clothing until they are either completely nude or have left little to the imagination."

Starfire's eyes widened and understanding dawned on her. Raven continued objectively, "In turn, men or women clients generously shove money in their underwear, body parts or proceed to throw it towards said dancer. Any questions?"

Starfire's green eyes shone in bewilderment. She blinked a few times with a puzzled expression replacing the surprise.

"Er..I was not aware this was a popular vocation." She said meekly.

"Well it is."

Tilting her head, Starfire asked, "It does not seem negative to me. Why is it that you speak of it as if it has a negative connotation?"

Raven sighed, "Because in society it does. Some frown upon it, some call it demeaning, some enjoy it. It's simply a matter of opinion. I, for one, am not comfortable dancing sensually or taking my clothes off."

"Hmm. I see. Tamaranians are far more open about sexuality and the body actually. And if I brought this kind of information back home, they may perhaps benefit from it." Starfire said, shrugging.

Raven chuckled and shook her head, "Oh Star.. Here I was, worried about corrupting you, when if you hadn't found the Titans first, you more than likely would've opened your own stripping joint."

Starfire giggled, "But I find nothing wrong with sensually dancing. Especially if I am only doing it for recreation. I will not be shedding clothes and neither will you. I view it as touching my feminine sides."

"That's getting in touch with your feminine side." Raven mumbled. "Besides, you are right, in a sense. Many women take pole dancing classes in which they..er..learn tricks and stuff."

"Then why can we not do that?"

Raven's face suddenly felt hot. "Er..well you can do that. You can do that all you like. I won't interfere."

"Yes, yes I realize. Why can you not participate with me?" Starfire asked.

"I'm not big on...dancing sensually Starfire. I don't think I have any sensuality in me." Raven said, leaning back on her elbows and watching the door.

Starfire smiled mischievously, "Then what are the high pitched moaning noises I happen to overhear from your bedroom late at night?"

Raven's eyes widened and she cleared her throat, keeping her voice even, "That, Starfire, is... Beast Boy."

Giggling, Starfire poked Raven's shoulder, "I believe that is not a far fetched idea."

"Star, that's.. behind closed doors!" Raven scoffed. "And I thought I was already dating the biggest perv on the team."

"Oh please-please-please-please attend one class with me!" Starfire pleaded, widening her eyes and grasping the sides of Raven's cloak.

"Starfire, if you think-" she began.


"I bet that works wonders on Robin." Raven mumbled, narrowing her eyes.

"I shall never ask for anything of you again! Not in ten or twenty ornaks!" Starfire whined.

"I hate my life."


"FINE!" Raven growled, her eyes flashing red for the briefest moment. She cleared her throat, closed her eyes, and exhaled deeply. "Alright Star, I'll take your damn class."

Starfire spun into the air and squealed, giggling madly. "Oh you shall not regret it!"

"I believe I shall." Raven continued, dusting her cloak off. "One, I'm not taking anything off. Two, anyone finds out? I will eat Silkie."

"Eeep!" Starfire shrank back and covered her mouth.


"But he is not edible!"

"Don't care."

Starfire smiled hesitantly, "Well I am..confident it will not be necessary for you to consume my little bungorf."

"Let's hope so."


"Dude. Did..Did I just eavesdrop right?"

"I..ahh..I don't know."

Beast Boy slowly dropped against the wall, holding on to Robin for balance. He breathed out slowly.

"Rob... Our girls are taking a stripping class. Think we get free shows? Oh my God." He grabbed his head, his eyes darting around the hallway.

Robin cleared his throat and managed a squeak, "This.. This never happened. We were never here. Let's go."

As he began resolutely walking away, Beast Boy in front of him and planted his hands on his chest.

"FORGET about this? No, no. Our incredibly HOT stuff girlfriends are gonna strip!" He straightened up and jutted his chest out, "Robin, it is our duty as manly men to oversee this class."

"Our duty?" Robin spat out, "You just wanna see Raven dancing all up on a pole!"

"SO? At least I admit it! You wanna see Star do all that bumpin' and grindin' too! Pervert!" Beast Boy hissed, careful to keep an eye on the training room door.

"How am I the pervert? I just wanna forget all this!"

"Whatever Robbie-Poo. I'M gonna pop in tonight for their little lesson. You can come with if you want." Beast Boy said, shrugging his shoulders and walking past Robin. "Otherwise, let the big boys play, k?"

Robin narrowed his eyes and clenched his fists.
"I am a big boy." He grumbled.


"Now wrap your right leg around-no, no honey not like that. Okay good, now use your whole leg to keep your grip. Alright! Do you feel it? Do you feeeeel the power?" The instructor asked in a wispy voice.

Raven gritted her teeth, "I feel..like my thighs are sweaty and I'm gonna break my ass.""

"Raven, do the humoring of Anne please. Be nice." Starfire said as she effortlesslywrapped a second leg around the pole, waving her arms in time with the slow, sensual music.

"Easy for you to say, Star. You have your alien strength to rely on."

"Ladies! Ladies please!" Anne called, waving her arms and walking over to Raven; she clutched her chest and moved her neck in time with the music "You must focus! Okay, now. Trust yourself and concentrate. Feeeel the music."

"I feeel my leg cramping up." Raven deadpanned.

Anne narrowed her eyes and stomped towards Raven, stopping inches from her face. "You are a Teen Titan. You're telling me you can't beat a little pole?

Startled, Raven gaped at the petite, red headed instructor, "Uhh.."

Tilting her head, Anne continued, "I can feeeel the sensuality radiating off you. It is there. Now you must channel it and let it roar!"


"Roar." Anne whispered, challenging the empath.

Raven sighed and rolled her eyes, "Alright, I'll roar."


"Ohhh... Rae, you're killin' me." Beast Boy groaned, as he clung to a pipe high above the training room. He lurked in a corner, perfect for viewing Raven and Starfire's 'private' session.

"What happened? What'd I miss? Did Star do somethin'?"

"Shit!" Beast Boy whipped his head around as he nearly stumbled and fell. "Robin what the hell? I thought you said you were too much of a pansy for this!"
Robin narrowed his eyes and pulled a small, but thick wire from his belt, looping it around a pipe and securing it as he scooted closer to Beast Boy, "I'm not a pansy. I was just... curious."

Beast Boy scoffed, "Pervert."

Robin began to say something in retort, but Beast Boy quickly shushed him, "Shut up! Raven's been improving sooo much since the class started."

"You're drooling, man."

"Pshh. Just look at Star. She's a natural stripper."

Robin grinned, "Oh man. Look at those legs.. God I think I'm more turned on by how strong she is holding on to that pole than by how she looks."

Beast Boy stared at him, "Dude. That's weird."

"Shut up." Robin growled and fixed his eyes on Starfire slowly swaying her upper body to the slow jazz beat while both legs stayed wrapped firmly around the pole. Robin's eyes drooped slightly, "She's so strong.."

"Look at Raven's little legs.. I can't believe she's doing this. I can't believe how natural she looks doing it." Beast Boy sighed and watched Raven dreamily. She swayed her shoulders slowly to the beat, timidly placing her fingers around the pole and closing her eyes.

Robin shook his head, "I can't believe Starfire talked Raven into this. Never in a million years would I expect that."

"I know! But God I'm enjoying it. Oh! Oh! She's hopping on! Ohh.."

Raven wrapped one leg around the pole and gracefully lifted her leg parallel to her extended arm. She kept her eyes closed and propelled herself into a full, slow, controlled spin.

"Robin I'm gonna fall."

"Damn!" Robin said, chuckling, "That was awesome! Raven must have a lot of control over her muscles. This method might actually be an effective work out for the girls. It causes the muscles to-"

"Dude I swear if you don't stop talking about muscles and working out..." Beast Boy warned.


Raven completed her second spin, hopping down and smiling at the bouncy instructor. The red head began squealing and hugging Raven while Starfire, her legs still wound around the pole, clapped and giggled.

Raven hesitantly patted the instructor and pried her hands off. She stretched and took a seat near the stereo. Starfire suddenly hopped off the pole and stretched her legs, pointing to the stereo.

"Oh! Oh! It's Star's turn! Shut up!" Robin hissed, pushing Beast Boy out of the way so he could see.

A steady staccato of rapid beats began, Starfire rolled her shoulders, her hands on her hips as she backed slowly into the pole. The innocent smile on her face completely opposite of the movements of her body.

Robin pushed himself closer to edge, his head dangling off.

As she faced away from the pole, grabbing it with one hand, Starfire smoothly hoisted herself into the air, her legs sticking straight up in the air and wrapped one leg around. She let go with her hand and used her abdomen to twist herself up to the beat.

"Holy..shit." Robin breathed, slowly advancing forward.

"Don't jizz in your pants now Robbie."

Starfire giggled as she quickly spun around the pole, her long hair flowing behind her. Finally, as she slowed to a stop inches away from the floor. She grabbed the pole with both hands and stretched one long, toned leg straight out.

"Ohh baby..whatcha gonna do?" Robin whispered, his knees almost at the edge.

"Uhh..Rob?" Beast Boy tried.

The beat of the song slowed as Starfire brought her leg gracefully back in, curving marvelously around the pole. She put one foot on the floor and lazily began to pull herself up. She suddenly pushed out her bottom and-

Robin fell.


"You. Disgusting. Piece. Of. Pervert!" Raven hissed through clenched teeth, punctuating her point by swatting Robin's head with an old newspaper.

"Ow! Raven ow! I get it!"

"Um. Please do not do damage the brain of my boyfriend." Starfire added timidly, standing behind Raven. Turning towards Robin, she shrugged her shoulders, "I would have shown you the techniques I learned in private Robin. There was no need to 'peep' as they say."

"I wasn't-it was-" Robin began, before Raven shoved her hand in his face. After Robin's unexpected fall, Starfire had taken it upon herself to fly up to him and untangle him from his harness. As Robin tried to explain himself and get Beast Boy the help him before the girls did, he realized the changeling had fled.

"Save it!" Raven exclaimed. "I should get Beast Boy to eat you."

"Who do I have to eat?" Beast Boy asked, innocently walking into the training room. He caught Robin's eye and smirked, "Robin! Were you spying on my girlfriend?"

Robin narrowed his eyes and lunged at Beast Boy, only to be subdued by a wave of black energy, "Damn it! Beast Boy was there too!"

Raven whipped her head around, tilting her head to study Beast Boy, "Oh he was?"

Beast Boy's eyes widened, he put his hands up, "Uh. Now babe, let's not do anything crazy okay? I was just..uh. Robin made me!"


"Yeah! HE was like, 'oh Beast Boy don't be such a pansy' and I was all, 'duuude, it's wrong to spy!' and he was all, 'it's our duty as men' and..and.. He pressured me." Beast Boy finished, nodding.

Robin's eye twitched.

Raven raised her eyebrow and looked at both boys. After a long beat of silence, she sighed and shook her head. Putting her hands on her hips, she raised her head and looked from Robin to Beast Boy.

"I will punish you both." She said calmly.

"Er..h-how?" Beast Boy asked tentatively.

Raven smirked,"It involves poles and horny middle aged women. I'm sure I can find a club in Jump City that'll let us host a Titan Boys Night."

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