A Secret Love

Have you ever loved someone so much, and have them not love you back?
That was how this was. Yes, I loved him. I loved him more than anything
in the whole world. But I hid my true feelings buried deep in my soul sheilded
behind a scar. A scar that has become a part of who I am. He has no idea
how I feel, for he is very self-centered and is oblivious to everything around him.
This was not a flaw to me. He was the center of my life. People misjudje him to be
carelass, cruel, and heartless. But through all the years I've known him, I know that he has
feelings like everybody else. As if to say that I have no feelings at all. He has
a great ambition. And this ambition has caused all feelings of his to disappear.
For his ambition to be, he must show no emotion. He does not express his
feelings to me that often. As I don't show any emotion to him. But as his friend
and ally, I care deeply for him. As to love him. I really do wish to tell him what I
feel for him. But if I mess up, our whole friendship would be jeopardized.
I love him so much, only losing our friendship would kill me. Seifer... if only you knew.


I am the... FREAKY GIRL!!!!!!! HAHHAHA!!!!! So how do you like this??
Okay.... This is Fujin's POV if you didn't know. I am not in love with
anyone!!! This isn't me talking above. Okee.... Laters!!!