Sun was shining high. Close up to body pans to the left shows a curve body of an almond skin and brunette long haired girl – Rose at a beach. Some guy rubbing oil on her skin. Then the sun went red, fire and smoke tries to engulf her, blood everywhere and bodies shifting fast to a wrecked car then returning back to the beach. Backs to the wrecked car. Then cuts when Rose opens her eyes, shifting to a room. Realizing it wasn't her dream. Then a scream.

Wake up, Liss wake up.

Rose shaking the body of Lissa, pale white with gold blonde hair, trashing and screaming at the bed beside Rose. Flutters her eyes


Wake up, Liss. You're not there anymore.
(helping her sit up)

Lissa finally opens her eyes, showing her pale green eyes. Slowly calming down, breathing slowly then she leaned to Rose.

It's okay, Liss.
(she said gently)
(hugging her and ran a hand over her hair)

That dream again

I know.

No one said a word for a few moments. Lissa calming herself down more. Rose let go and turned on the lamp beside the bed. A cat, Oscar, jumped from the window and rubbed against Lissa. Lissa smiled, more calm.

Rose noticed Lissa is paler, with dark circle under her eyes.

When did we last feeding?
More than two days, right? Why didn't you say anything?

You we're busy
(shifting uncomfortably)

Screw that.
(shifting to a better position)
Let's do this.

Oscar the cat went to the window.

Rose, no –

you'll feel much better.

Rose titled her head. It has small healed bite marks. Shifting to Lissa hesitating but went hungry when she saw the neck. She parted her lips, showing her fangs. Rose was nervous as Lissa bends her head. Then she bit the neck. Rose gave a moan of pain then pleasure.

After a minute, Lissa pulled back looking better than before. She wiped her lips.

Are you okay?
(sounding concern)

uhmm, yeah..

I'm gonna get us some food.

uhmm, I –

Rose can't say a word after the bite. Lissa left their room. The room was dark with only a small lamp lighting the room. With two beds and a lamp stand at the middle. Rose smiled

You don't what you're missing
(speaking to Oscar the cat)

But the cat was staring outside the window, hissing. Her smile faded away and she stood up slowly, dizzy. Rose checked the window, opened it and checked the scenery. Oscar hissed at Rose but returned back at what the cat is looking. A road at left some mismatched houses everywhere and at the yard was some trees and bushes then, (cuts abruptly to a tall man under the cover of the shadows) a man watching Rose. Rose jerked back and the man stepped back disappearing.

Rose shivered because of fear. She put on her jeans nearly falling, took Lissa and her coat, wallets and rushed out of the room.

Cut to kitchen. Lissa checking the refrigerator. Jeremy, a nerd looking guy with glasses reading a calculus book.

Hey, shouldn't you be resting.

We have to go. Now.

Are you… sure?

Rose nodded

What's wrong?

Liss, get his keys.

What are you –

Lissa walked toward him. Hesitating. She smiled brightly and looked into Jeremy's eyes. Jeremy went still. Enthralled.

We need to borrow your car.
(sweetly and gently)

He gave his keys

Where is it parked?

(smiling stupidly)
Down the street, at the corner. By Brown.

Thank you. As soon as we leave forget you saw us. Please continue studying.

Jeremy nodded.

we have to leave now. Come on.

But if they've found us then –

they found as before. We got away from them. We'll just drive over to the train station and go to L.A.. they'll lose the trail.
For sure. (whispers)

Lissa looks afraid and nervous but followed Rose as they ran outside the building. The empty streets lighted only by street lamps. Casting shadows for every step.

do you hear that?

She asked so suddenly. Rose scanning the ground. She went rigid. Took the arm of Lissa

Faster Lissa.

But we can't –


Rose staggering as she ran towing Lissa behind her.
A green Honda is seen through the this shot (MS) . but suddenly the man who was watching them was stopped them. Rose and Lissa stop. The man was in mid twenties, very tall, shoulder length brown hair in a ponytail wearing a duster.

More men came in view. Rose put Lissa behind her pushing her to the wall, guarding.

leave her alone!

The man took a step forward. The Rose tackled him. The man held her on the arm and threw her aside sending Rose backwards hip first. But the man caught her arm saving her from the fall.

Close up on the man's brown eyes, quick pan to Rose's neck. She jerked from the hold and touched the wounded neck from the bite. She touched it. Close up on trickling blood. Rose swayed her hair to hide it. Rose is ready to fight again

Don't Rose. No more.

Rose finally breathes in defeat. The man stepping closer and bowed. Then look straight to the girls then said in faint Russian accent.

My name is Dimitri Belikov.
I've come to take you back to St. Vladimir, Princess.

Cut to black title rolls in "Vampire Academy"