It was right after our parents died, that he left. He left without a trace and without a warning.

I tried to reason with myself for days on end, thinking it was just a dream and he would be back. But everyday was the same, he never showed up and I was left with a dreaded feeling of being crushed.

It wasn't long after I was sent into foster care that I learned how different I was from everyone else. I had these gifts; powers, you could call it- or at least that's what the sisters called it.

I was a witch. We didn't know how this happened, Leo, Piper's husband, asked the elders and they said they didn't have a clue. Of course they looked in to it, but there was no hard evidence of anything.

It wasn't long after that, that I was adopted into the Halliwell family and lived with the sisters, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige.

I didn't mind living with them. As a matter of fact, living with them and all of their chaos was much better than a foster home.

"Bella, everything ok sweetie?" Piper asked, cutting off my thoughts.

I turned away from the window and looked at her.

"Yea, just thinking. What's up?" I asked.

She sighed. Her figure against the bright lights of the hallway made her look dangerous and quite mysterious as she stepped into my dark quite room

"Why do you have all the lights off?" She asked, walking into my bedroom.

"Makes it easier to watch the rain." I said quietly. I realized she wasn't going to be leaving me alone anytime soon so I turned my body towards her as she sat on the edge of my bed.

"What can I do for you Piper?"

"Well, now that you've graduated Bella…" she began.

"DEMON!" Paige yelled.

Piper and I quickly looked at each other and ran out of the room.

As we flew down the stairs, we saw Paige being flung across the room and onto the dining room table.

The guy was going right for Wyatt, Piper's baby.

I jumped over the railing of the staircase as Piper tried freezing him and blowing him up.

I felt my nerves get to me as the demon kept getting out of Piper's freezes and kept healing when she blew him up.

I knew what this meant. He was pretty high up in the underworld.

I quickly pushed the nerves and scary thoughts away and used some combat moves that Phoebe taught me, along levitation to do a spin kick. When I landed with my feet firmly on the ground, I saw the guy flying across the room and into a glass cabinet.

I looked over at Piper and saw her mouth open wide. I looked at her confused and then suddenly she looked over to the demon and yelled.

"Bella! Watch o-!"

I didn't get to hear the end of her sentence, because when I looked back over, the man had gotten up and waved his hand to throw me across the room.

My back hit the glass front doors with a bang, and I slid down with a thump. My eyes fluttered closed and I felt myself loose consciousness for a second.

Ouch. I thought to myself.

When I opened my eyes again, I looked over to Piper and found her being thrown into the wall on the stairs.

I slowly got up with a grunt and sent a wave of power to push him back.

The shove was enough to get him off his feet and I stood up a little straighter. I felt a sharp pain in my back and bent down, putting my hands on my knees.

"You ok Piper?" I asked with a moan, not looking up at her.

"Fine!" she squealed.

Where the hell are Paige and Phoebe? I thought as I tried getting through the shooting pain in my back.

"Piper! Bella!" Paige yelled suddenly.

I looked up and found her throwing me a tiny glass potion bottle, with a small cork in it.

I caught it with ease and sluggishly stood up to my full height.

My body was protesting with pain, but I pushed through it.

The demon was up again and fighting with Phoebe. I could hear her, telling us to hurry up and through the potion, but it was all kind of blurry.

"Now!" Piper shouted.

I quickly through the potion and went back to my original position of bending over in pain.

I heard the demon explode and everyone's sigh of relief.

Piper's feet quickly scurried over to Wyatt who was in the bassinet, and Paige went over to me.

"You ok?" she asked putting a hand on my back.

I squealed in pain and she sharply removed her hand.

"Leo!" Phoebe shouted in the air and guiding me over to the center of the room.

Suddenly, the white blue-ish light of beads appeared and he stood in the middle of the room.

"Wha-…" he said in an irritated tone. He quickly shut up when he took in the havocked room.

"What happened?" he asked concerned.

Piper walked over to us with Wyatt in her arms and sighed.

"A demon attacked." She stated.

Before anyone else could say anything, another blue-ish white light came in and there stood Chris.

"You can't just walk away from me like-..!" Chris yelled to Leo.

"That." He finished, taking in the broken room.

"What happened?" he asked again.

"Demon." Paige stated.

"Why didn't you call us or-…?" Chris started to lecture while Leo was concerned with Wyatt.

"Not to cut in or bother anyone, but I really need some help here." I interrupted.

"Wha-?" Chris asked looking at me for injuries. I seemed to get everyone's attention as I spoke and all eyes were on me.

Usually I would blush or something, but I was in so much pain I could stand up straight.

I tried to stand up again, but I ended up crouching back down and moaning in pain.

"What hurts?" Phoebe asked, settling a hand on my back.

I bit my lip in order to stop crying out in pain.

"Oh. Sorry." She said as sweet as possible. She must have felt the pain I was in when she put her hand on my back since she was an empath and all.

I closed my eyes and nodded at her. "Mmhhmm."

"Bella, tell me where it hurts." Chris said, crouching down by me with concern in his eyes.

Chris and I were…well I don't really know. He and I instantly kicked it off when he first teleported to the past to save the future and it all kind of went from there.

My 'friendship' with Chris was odd, that was for sure, but it was definitely something I came to appreciate.

We were close friends, but sometimes we acted more like brother and sister, and occasionally like boyfriend and girlfriend.

He was always there for me; whether it was to look out for me or to just listen to what I had to say.

I loved him. It was plain and simple. There were no if's, and's, or but's about it.

What made me happy though, was that we both knew it. I knew he loved me just like I loved him.

We didn't need words or labels to describe what we had with each other, and we were always content with that.

"Back." I panted in pain.

He got up a little and touched it.

I bit my lip in pain and let out a little moan.

"Alright. One second." He said.

Within seconds, I felt the pain start to melt away and relief flooded me.

Chris was healing me and I was truly thankful for his presence right now.

I let out a breath of relief after he was done and he crouched back down to face level with me.

"Better?" he asked with his signature white pearly smile.

I let my eyes flutter open and I smiled right back at him.

I quickly stood up and jumped into his arms.

We both laughed and he hugged me to him tight. When he pulled away we just stared in each other's eyes.

"Hi." I said happily.

He smiled at me and kissed my cheek. "Hey."

A squeak came from Wyatt and I looked over to him. I smiled at the way Leo was holding Piper, who was holding Wyatt. They were a pretty cute family…till Chris comes along later.

I brushed the thought away of when Chris told me the secret of being Piper's son from the future and looked at Paige and Phoebe.

They both looked happy, and smiled at Chris and me. But then I noticed something in Phoebe's eyes.

"What is it Phoeb's?" I asked, still hugging Chris.

"You are taking the news well."

"What news?" I asked her and then looked around the room.

Piper was making motions; sliding her finger across her throat like 'cut it out'.

"oops." She blushed.

"What's going on?" I asked the sisters.

"Well…" Phoebe said in a high pitched tone. "Take it away Paige."

I then averted my eyes to the red headed woman and she looked nervous.

"We were thinking…" she began. As I listened harder, I could hear her heart beating furiously against her chest.

"Piper?" she asked with a fake smile on her face.

Piper looked at the two girls and sighed. "Bella, what I came to tell you in your room was…" she sighed and looked at me. She passed Wyatt to Leo and grabbed my hand and led me to the family room.

"We were thinking, before you go off to Yale that you spend some time with your brother." She said carefully, taking in my expression.

"You…want me to spend time with my…brother." I said, still processing this.

"Yes." She said still looking at me, waiting for my next move.

"My brother…as in Sam." I said still trying to comprehend this.

"Yes," Phoebe said, sitting on the opposite couch with Piper.

"Why?" I asked softly. My mind started to wander to the times I had with Sam. All the good times; all the times we spent together- happy.

"Because we think that even though you guys have had your…issues…that you should still see him. I mean, this is your last summer before college starts and we want you to move on with your past," Piper said still measuring how I was handling this.

"And he is a very big part of it." Phoebe concluded.

I looked from Paige, to Piper, and then to Phoebe. My mind was still trying to think this all through.

They wanted me to see my brother…Sam…the man who left me. The man who was supposed to take care of me after our parents died. My so called 'brother.'

"Bella…" Piper said, taking in my facial expressions.

"No." I said getting up from my seat and walking out of the room.

"Bella, come on, just think about this." Paige called out, now standing up too.

"Think about this? You want me to think about going to see my…brother?" I spat out the word.

"Why? Because its summer now? My last before college? Do you hear yourselves?

Why does that even matter? If he wanted to talk to me, or get in contact with me, he could have called. Or written, or even emailed. So don't even think I will just go gallivanting off to La Push to see him. The sooner I can get away from all of this, the better" I said with anger, and then ran up to my room.

I slammed my door and ran my hands through my hair.

I thought about all of my times with Sam, the good ones…and then the bad. I thought of all the times in foster care. All the times I bounced from home to home.

I shivered at the past encounters and felt hatred towards him. He was supposed to be my brother! He was supposed to protect me!

I heard Chris's voice get louder, and I listened as he yelled at the sisters. I heard him stick up for me, and tell them off and I smiled through my tears.

At least someone still cared.

I walked over to my window, which had a pretty long and wide area to sit on, and sat down, staring at the window.

I thought about all the times I sat here and poured my heart out to Chris. He sat across from me on the wide area, with my feet on his lap, while listening to every word I said.

There was a small knock on my door and I quickly wiped the tears.

"Bella?" Chris's voice asked while slowly opening the door.

"Hey." He breathed in relief and shut the door behind him.

I gave him a small sad smile and he walked over to me.

He brought my head closer to his body and bent down to kiss my head.

After that, he took his usually spot across from me on the ledge, brought my feet on his lap and waited for me to start.

"I-I don't want to go." I stuttered, quickly wiping the tears away.

"I know, and I don't blame you." He said, rubbing my legs.

I sat there in silence with him; the air thick with drama. We sat there, just looking out the window till I decided to push the morbid thoughts away.

I wiped the last of my tears and looked at the handsome young brown haired man.

"You're lucky I shaved today." I laughed to Chris, loving the way he rubbed up and down my smooth legs to get me to calm down.

I could see a faint blush on his cheeks and that caused me to laugh even harder.

He gave me this look…I didn't know how to explain. But before I could ask, he swept me up in his arms and laid on top of me, tickling my sides.

"Chris!" I panted, crying of laughter.

I tried fighting him off and pushing him away, but some how he always came back.

"Stop!" I laughed. I flashed him a smile, and I think that egged him on even more.

The silence that was once here, was now gone and laughter took its place.

Between my giggles and Chris's laughter, I think it was one of the best moments of our lives.

I finally caught a break and I got to run away.

I rushed to open the bedroom door, and then flew down the stairs in a mad dash.

I smiled and laughed like a crazy person as I heard Chris following me, not far behind, with his loud shoes.

He was getting closer and closer, and I pushed myself to go faster and faster.

Soon, I was making a sharp turn from the stairs and to the dining room. When I glanced back, I saw Chris jumping down the rest of the stairs to get to me.

I was panting with laughter as I turned another sharp corner to get into the kitchen.

Unfortunately, a pair of arms wrapped around my waist, and my back hit a firm muscular chest.

I laughed loudly as he twirled me in circles, but then realized we had company.

Chris must have noticed to because he set me down and cleared his throat.

I gave them a quick look, which didn't escape Pipers eye.

"Bella…" she said sadly.

I swallowed hard, and Chris's arm came around my shoulder.

I looked up to him and found him smiling down at me. My nerves calmed and I leaned into his side.

"Chris, I think you need to leave. Piper and the girls have some things they need to talk to Bella with." Leo said gently.

I looked at Leo like he grew another head, and then looked at the sisters. They all had their head down and looked at the floor like it was the most amazing thing ever made.

"No." I said bitterly.

Everyone's head snapped up and looked at me.

"How about you and I go grab some dinner?" Chris said to me, breaking the tension in the room.

I stared at them, daring to say another word. They were really starting to piss me off today.

Chris shook me a little harder and bent down to my ear.

"Dinner? Now?" he said in a very suggestive tone; as in a 'lets go before you do something you regret.'

I let out a breath and tried not to let the anger get the best of me.

"Yea, dinner, right." I gritted and we walked out of there; with his arm around my shoulders, and mine around his waist.