A/N Was watching, duh, Smith and John, when this hit me. The plot bunnies bite. I was thinking about how the Doctor always seems to know what people will do, and then I realized it wasn't really all people (though he could figure them to an extent), it was his companions. They all had something intrinsically about them. Not really what I was going for, but it's one of those things you can't name. I didn't do too bad, eh? For the record, I kinda ship Martha/Doctor...even if it isn't obvious from my work so far. We'll see if the plot bunnies bite, I suppose.

It's the one thing they all had in common. He'd seen it in Barbara, in Ian, Jamie, Victoria,

and Tegan, Adric, Turlough, Melanie, Ace, in Liz and Jo and Sarah Jane, Leela and Nyssa, Rose and Jack, and yeah, even Donna. He'd see it again, over and over, and he saw it in Martha Jones. That inquisitive spark, the sense of openness, the wonder and courage...the ability to see him as more than a knight in shining armor.

But he can't just go taking people on willy-nilly, plucking them from Rassilon-knows-what. So he stops himself from waving her over and inviting her on a trip, even after the hospital lands safely back on earth.

But when, by pure chance, mind you, he witnesses the little scene outside the nightclub...well, what kind of doctor (with or without a capital) would he be if he didn't try to get her out of what was clearly an unsafe environment? He has to get her away, at least for a little bit...or maybe more.

After all, that quality is rare. She deserves a chance, this would-be-Doctor Martha Jones.