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Chapter 10

Kayla's POV

I sighed as I got out of bed, where I was reading Les Misarables. Today was officially my first day at To-Oh Uni, the initiation ceremony. And so, I had to look semi-presentable. I dragged myself out of the comfortable bed and looked in the mirror. Damn…I look like L, was my first thought. And yes, I did. My bob had grown out, but adopted a curious bed head that I affectionately call the "$*&# gravity-defying mess", there were dark bags under my eyes, which had also darkened from the overload of work, I was slouching slightly, I was wearing rumpled plain clothes and pale from the lack of sunshine (you don't get a lot in that suite of his…). So yes, I looked like L. A rather feminine L, but… I sighed, and shuffled to the bathroom.

First things first. A shower, then grab some clothes before tackling my hair and seeing what in the world I could do about those bags. I rushed through this procedure, and eventually ended up clean, with suitable clothing (white blouse with French cuffs and a black skirt…ugh), mostly-combed hair (I tried, I really did, but eventually gave up), and bags (hate. Makeup. Hate it. Very much). I tucked a stray lock that was dangling irritatingly over my eyes behind my ears—my hair really had grown out—and took one of the city buses to the hotel, where Ryuuzaki and Watari were waiting. There was virtually no change in the way he dressed, excluding a pair of heavily scuffed white tennis shoes that he wore without socks. "Ah, Kayla-san, I neglected to tell you of your alias. At the university, you will be known as Yahara Kumiko," Ryuuzaki said as we climbed in Watari's car. Well, technically it was Ryuuzaki's car, but that was just details. I ran my fingers through my hair again before I slipped on my silver headband. Best thing since the invention of agriculture, since it kept my growing hair out of my face. But that stupid, stupid, stupid lock kept coming back, so in the end I grabbed a bobby pin and stuck it back in.

By the time this was completed, we were pulling in to the parking lot of the university. Ryuuzaki and I got out. The cherry blossoms were falling as we navigated through the crowd and found some seats in the second or so row of the lecture hall.

Half an hour or so later, after the principal and prefect came up and droned on about college, the announcement went up about the freshman representatives. "And now, freshman representative Yagami Light, and freshman representative Hidiki Ryuuga." There was a buzz of chatter. I blocked it all out. After all, it was just about Ryuuzaki's alias (it's all his fault for picking the name of a famous idol), and how weird he looked, and why were there two freshmen representatives. I myself had gotten one point below them. The speech they'd been given to read could've been two completely different speeches. Light read it with enough feeling and emotion to convey the fact that he was pretty excited, but was cool with being the new one for a while. L read it like he couldn't care less. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing.

After the ceremony, we got into the car. The whispers flew, and even I could hear some of them.

"…got a car and a driver…"


"…must be super rich"

"Wonder which family he's from…"

"…perfect score, too…"

"…I'm so jealous…"

"And he's got that incredibly cute girlfriend…"

"Oh, yeah. Smart, too."

"Yeah, I heard that she was one point away from a perfect score!"



"Some people have it all…"

I stared out the window when I suddenly processed what one of them had said. Incredibly cute girlfriend…I wonder who—? My eyes widened once I understood. B-but I'm not pretty…am I? I focused on my transparent refection in the window. Spiky black hair that was growing to her shoulders, wide dark brown eyes, dark bags under them like bruises, pale skin…nah, she wasn't cute. Well, nor me, for that matter. Maybe if she got a good night's sleep, an actual hairstyle, and some makeup (shiver), she could be passably pretty, but the way she—I was now…I shook my head. Must've mistaken me for someone else…or they didn't catch a good look at my face…yeah, that must've been it…my thought processes froze when Ryuuzaki caught a hold of my hand again. His hand was colder than mine, so I curled my fingers around his a bit tighter. It was…nice to hold his hand. It was smooth, with tiny calluses at the fingertips, from too much typing I guessed. It wasn't sweaty or really hairy, either (eww…). It was slender and smooth.

He started stroking the back of my hand. That was when my face suddenly upped the temperature about…3,000 degrees Celsius. I risked a tiny peek from the corner of my eye at him. He was staring out the window, too. And Watari, he was gently chuckling in the front. He looked over at me and winked, as if he knew that I'd been watching him. Then he gave another grandfatherly chuckle, as if to say, 'Ah, young love!'

"Kayla-chan," Ryuuzaki said, breaking the almost-silence. "Yes, Ryuuzaki?" I replied, still staring fixedly out the window. "You never answered my question from last night." Last—oh. My face started to rival raspberries. "Uh, yeah. Um…well, it was like this. I was working on cases for my dad, and I'd finally finished them. I hadn't slept in two weeks, but my insomnia wouldn't let me go. So…there were some Nytols in the medicine cabinet, so I took one. It helped me go to sleep fast, and there weren't any nightmares. So I take one whenever I really, really need to sleep." I never took my eyes off the window while telling him. Otherwise, I would've completely lost my nerve. Silence reigned in the car. Not even Watari made another sound until we pulled into the parking complex and found our spot. We got out, and suddenly Ryuuzaki grabbed my arm. I looked at him and opened my mouth to ask him why he did so, but before I could get a word out, he pulled me to him and hugged me tightly. "R-Ryuuzaki…" I was completely frozen. "Don't ever do that again, Kayla," he said with an almost angry tone in his voice. "I-I-" Oh, great. Just perfect. I was now a stuttering fool. "I won't," was all I could manage. I finally unfroze, just as he withdrew from the embrace. "Mm, see that you don't," he said, his voice back in the business-like monotone. "I'd rather not see one of the best people on the team go to the hospital with withdrawal symptoms," he stated as he turned around and started making his way to the hotel room that was currently headquarters. My face was now hot enough to bake a cake. "Uh, sure…" I said as I walked after him. I looked down at the floor, incredibly confused. Wh-what was that all about? Does he like me? Does he like me anymore? Why did he hug me? What in the world just happened?

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