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My One and Only

Chapter 1 (Stephanie's P.O.V.)

After emptying the last box in the studio room, I carried it out to the family room and dropped it in front of Dougie's feet. Barely missing his toes.

"Last box, is empty!" I said as I dusted my hands of as if dirt had covered them.

Dougie removed his bass from his lap and leaned it against the side of the couch. He looked up at me and smiled.

"Awesome!" Then he pulled me onto the couch by my wrists, making me giggle.

"And now you get to put the boxes away!"

"Yay boxing!" He said sarcastically. Then he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close to him. "So…now that all the boxes are unpacked…"

"Yeah, after we've been here for four months!" He laughed at my comment and continued.

"I kind of made a promise." He started to scare me a bit so I leaned away from him and turned to see his face.

"What kind of promise?" I was beginning to worry. I started to think that he promised he would throw a crazy house warming party.

Yay, even more stuff to clean up…

"I promised my sister she could stay with us for a while…" He said and quickly shut his eyes and put his hands up to protect himself as if I was going to hit him. The worry left me and I couldn't help but laugh at his cute reaction. He opened his eyes and gave me a confused look. "You're…laughing?"

"Yeah! I thought it was something bad!"

"It is bad!" He yelled, only to make me laugh harder.

"No it's not!"

"Yes it is!" I finally stopped laughing.

"How?" I asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"She's a little bitch." My eyes widened and I slapped him in the arm. "Ow! What was that for?" I laughed again.

"Never call you little sister's a bitch!" He rolled his eyes.

"Well she is. Can't help that I'm telling the truth. She doesn't like any of my girlfriends. And because you've been my longest and best relationship…" I smiled and blushed from his confession. "she won't let our relationship be easy!" My hands flew up to his cheeks and I planted a long kiss on his lips. When I pulled away I bit my lip as a reaction in case he didn't like the kiss. But from the way Dougie's eyes slowly opened and he looked breathless which pleased me.

"In case you haven't noticed, our relationship hasn't always been easy, but we've gotten through hit perfectly fine. Look where we are now!" He smiled.

"So true…" He tackled me to the couch, making me squeal. Then he planted long kisses on my lips. I couldn't resist to not kiss him back.

But our little world came to a stop when we heard numerous knocks on the front door. Then Donovan was sent off in a frenzy of loud barks. The door opened and soon my band and Dougie's band, with the addition of Erica walked in. I groaned and Dougie slowly got off me.

"Let's keep it rated G people!" Dave yelled making both Dougie and I roll our eyes and groan.

"So much for peace and quiet." Dougie said as he sat up on the couch, as did I.

"STEPHY!" A familiar voice that sounded like Erica called. Then I was underneath a small dog pile.

"Erica get off me!" I yelled but it came out. "Ebica bet op be!"

"Not uh!"

"Oh, I'm joining this!" James added as he too jumped on top of us.

"Aw, so much love in the room." Steve said as he pulled James off me and Danny (J) pulled Erica off.

"So how's life together?" Dave asked me as he sat down on the floor with Steve, only to be tackled by Donovan and sending everyone into fits of laughter.

"Pretty nice actually." I finally answered after my laughing fit.

"That's good." James said as everyone took a seat.

Tom sat between Harry and I. Danny (H) sat in the armchair next to the couch. James and Danny (J) sat on the smaller couch next to Dougie's side. Bianca sat on Harry's lap and Erica had closely snuggled next to Danny (J).

"What about you guys?" I asked them.

"Nothing new, by the way we have band rehearsals tomorrow." Danny (H) said…surprisingly.

"IT SPEAKS!" Dave yelled only to get nudged in the side of his blonde head with Danny (H)'s foot.

"Oh, so do we Dougie." Danny (J) said.

"Noooo, I don't want to leave Steph's side!" Dougie pretended to cry as he leaned on me and hugged me.

"Oh, you guys will just have sex when you get home!" Harry joked making everyone laugh.

"Did you read my mind?" Dougie asked with a serious face, making everyone laugh harder.

"And you're a hypocrite! You and Bianca probably do it all night, every night!" I shot back playfully.

"Harry…I think she read my mind too!" Bianca whispered to Harry but loud enough for us all to hear. We laughed again once more.

"Oh, Steph! Ren is coming to visit!" Erica piped in.

"Really? That's great! I can't wait to see her!"

"I know same! We'll get in so much trouble!"

"Ssssh, these guys don't know that." I hushed her jokingly, but with the looks on every bodies face's they thought I was serious. "I'M JOKING!"

"Ooooh." They all said together. Except, it sounded more like an out of tune chorus!

Then my attention turned to Tom. He had been pretty quiet and didn't look to cheery. Not to mention, for once, Gio wasn't with him.

That's weird…

"So Tom, how have you been?" He looked up.


"What, am I speaking a different language?" I joked.

"Well Steph, you can speak Welsh." Erica added randomly.

"ERICA, HUSH!" She laughed and I turned back to Tom. "So how are you?" He looked down at himself.


"Uh, excuse me but did the change the term peachy to depressed?" Everyone started laughing again and then I nudged Tom with my elbow. "By the way your nose just grew like Pinocchio." He looked up at me with a confused look with a hint of a smile.


"Ha, got you to smile! SCORE!" He laughed.

"You're so weird!"

"Well she is dating Dougie." Danny (J) added.

"SHUT UP!" Dougie yelled making us laugh.

I looked back at Tom. A wave of depression must have hit him once more. His smile had vanished and he looked even more depressed.

What's going on with Tom?