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Dave slowly withdrew his fingers, causing Aaron to groan at the separation. He took a moment to catch his breath before allowing Dave to help him up. The three men stood beside the bed, Aaron in the middle with Derek in front of him and Dave behind him. Dave wrapped his arms around Aaron's chest and nuzzled his neck, placing soft kisses behind his ear.

"This way may hurt a little more than usual," he whispered. "Let Derek distract you."

Dave unwrapped his arms and began rubbing Aaron's shoulders and back. Derek moved closer, tentatively placing his hands on Aaron's chest before slowly moving in to kiss him. Aaron melted into his kiss, resting his hands on Derek's shoulders. Derek's hands went in to his hair, pulling him deeper into his arms. Another BAU rumor laid to rest, Aaron thought. Derek is one hell of a good kisser! Their kiss grew hotter and stronger.

Aaron whimpered into their kiss as he felt Dave position himself at his entrance. He broke the kiss with a gasp as Dave breached him, slowly pushing his way deeper. Aaron dropped his head to Derek's shoulder and clenched his eyes shut, gasping and groaning softly, reminding himself to breathe through the pain. Derek began placing slow soft kisses across his shoulder and on his neck, nuzzling just below his ear in an effort to distract him as Dave had instructed.

Dave was gasping behind him. Aaron's body wasn't as relaxed as it was when they were lying down. He was tight. Not as tight as their first time, but tighter than usual nonetheless. He rested his head on his back between his shoulder blades. He placed his hands firmly on Aaron's hips to steady him and pushed forward, sheathing himself completely, causing Aaron to groan loudly. Dave forced himself to be still, giving Aaron a chance to adjust.

After a few short moments, Aaron lifted his head and rested it back against Dave's shoulder. He brought one hand up into Dave's hair and the other do his hip, encouraging him to move. Slowly Dave began pulling out and pushing back in, little by little. Aaron's body continued to adjust to the now comfortable slide of his lover.

Derek kept his hands on Aaron's shoulders and chest, watching intently as the emotions in his face changed from pain to pleasure. When Aaron opened his eyes he was greeted with Derek's passionate, thoughtful gaze. "It's worth it," he uttered as he leaned forward to claim the younger man's lips.

Derek, now regaining his confidence and losing what was left of his nervousness, kissed him back hard before breaking away and landing a barrage of kisses down his neck to his torso. He could hear both men panting as he licked and nipped at one nipple, then the other. He ran his hands down Aaron's abdomen, tracing his navel lightly and causing him to shudder. He continued his descent south, letting his hands ghost over his hips and thighs before bringing his own cry from Aaron Hotchner's lips as he cupped his hands around his shaft. Damn, Derek thought. That's the most empowering sound I've ever heard! And he wanted more of it.

At Aaron's choked cry, Dave opened his eyes and watched, still thrusting, as Derek took control. Derek was firmly stroking Aaron, occasionally twisting his wrist and bringing more whimpers from Aaron's lips. The two men locked eyes for a brief moment before Derek winked back at Dave and sat on the edge of the bed in front of Aaron, slowly bringing his lips to finally taste him.

"Nnnnngh! De… Derek!" Derek gave Dave a full grin as he began to lick and suck at Aaron's engorged manhood, relishing in the newness of this incredible experience. Dave grinned back and wrapped his arms around Aaron's chest again, continuing to thrust, but slowing down so as not to choke Derek.

Aaron gripped at Dave's arms tightly as Derek worked him over, the sensation of having someone both on him AND in him almost too much for him to handle. Derek took him fully into his mouth and began torturously sucking and licking, dragging his tongue up and down the underside of his shaft, hooking it underneath the ridge of the tip, gliding it around before dropping down again. Making his way back up, he stopped at the tip, refusing to release it, sucking and flicking his tongue across the slit. He reached between Aaron's legs and gripped his sac, causing Aaron to once again give him that pleasurable cry. "Aaaaahhhh!"

Dave could feel the changes pulsing through Aaron's body. His muscles were tightening, clenching around him, pulling him closer to the edge. He trembled as his grip on Dave's arms tightened. He started to curl in on himself, a sure sign that he was extremely close. Dave wanted to make sure this was the strongest, most powerful orgasm Aaron had ever felt. He wanted him to feel it from his head to his toes and everywhere in between. So instead of allowing Aaron to curl in and slightly relieving the pressure, he tightened his arms around his chest and pulled him up straight. Aaron was panting hard, a steady stream of groans and whimpers and cries escaping his lips as his head fell back against his shoulder and his eyes clamped shut tightly. Dave knew what it meant as their pitch and volume continued to go up. He stopped thrusting completely, holding Aaron up with all his strength.

"Get ready, Derek," he urged. "He's coming hard." One more hard suck from Derek, and come hard he did.

"Nnnnnngh! Aaaaaahhhh!" He gasped and panted. "Deeeerek!" He exploded as a fire was released through his body, scorching through his veins with an unrelenting fury he'd never felt before. White light flashed behind his closed eyelids. His entire body trembled uncontrollably as Derek continued his onslaught, sucking him dry until he was completely spent. When he finally released him, Dave felt Aaron's knees begin to buckle under him. He gently pushed him forward into Derek's waiting arms.

"Hold onto him," Dave uttered. With Aaron now bent over slightly, Dave put one hand on his hip, the other on his shoulder and began thrusting again. He was so close now. He knew it wouldn't take long. He began slowly again before thrusting into him at a thunderous pace with reckless abandon. Hearing those whimpers he so loved still coming from his lover, Dave finally let go. His body stiffened with one final lunge as he cried out. "Aaaaron!"

Once Dave was spent he collapsed across Aaron's back and all three men fell over onto the bed, all completely spent, soaked with sweat and breathing at an uncontrollable rate. After a few minutes Derek was the first to regain his senses.

"Good. God. Almighty. That was intense!"

Dave chuckled and gently withdrew from Aaron, drawing yet another whimper from the younger man's lips. He wrapped his arms around his lover and realized he was still shaking and breathing hard.

"Hey," he whispered, running a hand gently through his hair and rolling him onto his back. "Look at me."

Aaron's eyes fluttered open and he met the concerned gaze of his lover. He saw a hint of fear in his eyes. Dave was afraid he'd hurt him.

"Are you okay?"

Aaron simply smiled and nodded, still unable to find his voice. He brought a hand to cup Dave's face, putting him at ease. Dave leaned down and placed a tender kiss on Aaron's lips.

"Never felt… anything… like that… before," he managed to utter.

Dave and Derek both grinned.

"I guess you were right," Derek said to Dave.

"Told you he'd do more than whimper." They chuckled. Dave returned his attention to Aaron and smiled. "Happy birthday."

Aaron chuckled. "Never going to forget this one."

Derek noticed Aaron's eyes slowly closing again. He was fading fast, completely exhausted.

"I should go and let you two get some sleep."

"You don't have to leave, Derek."

"I know, but I should. I'll give you two some time alone before he passes out."

"Okay," Dave smiled. "I'll walk you out."

Derek dressed quickly. Dave opted for his boxers and a t-shirt. As they reached the front door, Derek stopped.

"Thank you for doing this. I really do appreciate it. I know it was an…unusual request."

"I hope it helped answer a few questions for you. You're always welcome here, Derek. I hope you know that."

"I do. Have a good night, Dave."

"You, too. Be careful."

Dave watched until Derek pulled out of the driveway and then closed the door. He returned to the bedroom to find Aaron still laid out across the bed as he was before they left. Dave watched him for a moment, smiling to himself. He didn't think it was possible to love anyone as much as he loved Aaron. He had become so much more than just his lover. Aaron was his life. Feeling himself getting sentimental, he shook himself out of his thoughts and returned to Aaron, nudging him gently.

"Hey. Come on, get under the covers so you don't freeze in the middle of the night."

Aaron groaned. "But that involves moving. I don't think I can just yet."

Dave laughed. "Yes you can. Come on. I want you in my arms."

Aaron finally complied. Dave tucked in behind him and pulled the blankets up around them. He pulled him to his chest and wrapped his arms around him. He nuzzled the back of his neck and placed a soft kiss to his neck.

"I love you so much," he whispered. "I hope you know that."

Aaron snuggled closer into Dave's embrace, linking a hand with his and bringing it to his lips. "I love you too, Dave. Very much."

Aaron barely got the last word out before he was sound asleep in Dave's loving arms.

"Happy birthday," he whispered into his ear before settling down against the pillows and quickly joining Aaron in his dreams.