AN: So, I know I'm the least likely person to complain about this (considering what chapter one is about), but was anyone else as horrified as I was by "First Time"? Blaine came WAY too close to raping Kurt and the second he apologizes, Kurt's all "okay, that's fine, let's have sex." That was really horribly handled as far as I'm concerned.

Seven months prior…

Dave took a bite out of the "chicken" tender, smothered in ketchup that he had snagged from the cafeteria. When people learned that he was the hockey coach and gym teacher for his alma mater, they usually jumped to the conclusion that he was seeking to "relive his glory days." Sure that was a part of it, but David liked to retort that he just stuck around his former high school for the food. Pizza Fridays, Taco Tuesdays, Fish Nugget Thursdays: there was no way he could ever give this stuff up…no matter how many healthy and nutritious rabbit-food lunches Kurt packed for him. He ate like a good boy for breakfast; he ate like a good boy for dinner. He'd be damned if he was going to behave himself for lunch.

If David had to be completely honest with himself, he stayed at McKinley because he wanted to help the kids, just like his husband had helped him. He knew exactly what these kids were going through; most of them were struggling with trying to figure out who they were in this world and where they were going. A lot of those who couldn't seem to find themselves turned to violence, drugs, alcohol, smoking, gangs. David would do everything in his power to sniff them out ahead of time and do everything in his power to help. But unlike many of the teachers here, and many of the teachers he had had as a student, even if it was "too late" for them, there was no way he would give up. Too many teachers had thought David was a lost cause and those who saw the truth had made all the difference.

Mr. Schuester and the school's new football coach, Mr. Matthas, sat beside David and were busy discussing how to get a few of the football players to use their strength to help move and set up the instruments for sectionals. It was a battle every year, but at least Beiste and Schu had gotten it down to a science before her retirement.

As a brunette sophomore walked by the teachers' lunchroom, Matthas and David simultaneously whispered "twenty-seven" to each other. Mr. Schuester crinkled his eyes in confusion while looking between his two colleagues. "What was that?"

David chortled to himself, deciding to let Matthas answer. "We're just…counting."

David bit back a laugh. Schuester raised an eyebrow at David. "Counting what?"

Matthas leaned in close to Will, and as quietly as he could, in his best Muppet's voice said "One! One nearly naked skank, ha…ha…ha, Two! Two nearly naked skanks, ha…ha…ha!" David, being the proud father of two toddlers quickly picked up on the Sesame Street reference, but couldn't tell if Schue got it.

"O…kay. But what are you counting?"

Pushing his empty cafeteria tray away from himself, David folded his hands together in his most professional manner and explained. "Well, William. It has come to that time of year when young ladies feel the need to dress as skimpily as humanly possible because the school turns a blind eye – and therefore sanctions it – due to a little Pagan-Christian holiday known as Halloween. Matthas and I are counting how many quote un-quote "sexy" monsters we see this year."

Matthas pulled out the official list that he had been marking tallies on all day. "Two sexy police women, eight vampirous vixens, four naughty night nurses, three prostitute pirates, three feisty French maids, one zombie that can bite me any day, one comely crazy patient, one titillating Tiger Lilly and four wowza witches."

David had to suck his cheeks in to keep from laughing as he saw Mr. Schuester shaking his head back and forth. "You could both lose your jobs for this, you know?"

At that, David released his pent-up laugh. "Please, if I were straight, I'd of been fired two periods ago. Besides, we aren't doing this to be scumbags. We plan on filing a complaint with the school board. The Halloween costumes have gotten out of hand. Why should it be completely unacceptable every day of the year except Halloween? I mean, don't get me wrong, I love Halloween, but the point of Halloween is not to be a glorified slut." David made it a point to lower his voice to a whisper and check over his shoulders before he got to the word slut.

Schuester just kept shaking his head. "Just be smart about this. You could get in a lot of trouble. Both of you. Whether or not you're interested in girls, David."

David shrugged, while Matthas pulled out a formal complaint letter. "Your wife's helping us with the paperwork."

Mr. Schuester took the paper from Matthas and looked it over. "Emma didn't tell me about this."

"Why would she? You would probably just bitch that we're stifling their freedom of expression."

Mr. Schuester cocked his head to the side and considered that. "Part of me agrees with you on this. These are just kids. They shouldn't be objectifying themselves like this. Keep Emma in the loop and there shouldn't be any trouble." As the lunch bell rang, ending their free time, Will handed the form back to Matthas. "Just keep your nose clean Matthas. What's that magic word?"

"Tenure" The three men all said it in one, unified voice. Will had had his tenure for ages. David had received it about four years ago. Matthas still had three years to go.

Will walked off towards his Spanish class while Matthas and David went the opposite direction towards the gymnasium. "Truth be told, even if I don't want to see this crap at school, I totally wouldn't mind Anne bringing some of it home."

"Ah…you two still in the honeymoon phase?"

Matthas nodded smugly. "Hell yeah, we're like…animals. Practically every other night one of us is throwing ourselves at the other."

David smiled wistfully to himself, remembering those days with Kurt. "Just wait until you have kids."

"Why the hell should kids change anything?"

David gave Matthas a you're-kidding-me-look. "You poor, sad sap. You have no idea what's coming, do you?"

Matthas shrugged. "Anne and I have it all figured out. Once we have kids, we'll just load them up on sleepovers and trips to my sister's house. That's what she does anyway. We get her kids at least once a week so she and Brett can have "grown-up" time."

"That doesn't seem like a cop-out to you? Like you're abandoning your kids?"

Matthas shook his head. "No, why should it? You know the saying, 'it takes a village, blah, blah, blah.' Once upon a time, families all used to live together, really close in the same house or next door. Now, all of a sudden, the past century, everyone branches out and the older generations play almost no role in taking care of the new generations except for their own offspring. It's sad really. Don't you or Kurt's parents ever want more time with the kids?"

David thought about that for a minute. Burt and Carol loved taking the kids; but Burt was getting old and he was always a little too rambunctious with them. Kurt constantly fretted about his heart. His own parents, Paul and Linda already spent a lot of time with the kids, taking them out for day trips every few weeks, but that was just so he and Kurt could do bills and shopping and other necessary junk without the kids underfoot. "I dunno. I don't think Kurt would be comfortable ditching the kids."

"You seriously gotta put a bit of the spice back in your love-life. When's the last time you and Kurt just let loose and enjoyed yourselves without worrying about Raife and Danny? I mean, wouldn't it be nice for you and Kurt to go all Twilight on each other without worrying about one of them walking in on you?"

David snickered at that. "Kurt and I are totally not Twi-tards. Necrophilia and bestiality really doesn't do it for either of us."

"So find out what does do it for you, ditch the carpet-dwellers and getcho groove on." Matthas quickly put on his sternest face and glared down a freshman that was obviously trying to eaves drop on their conversation. David smiled, watching the little freshy scurry away.


Kurt stirred a pot of multi grain, whole-wheat spaghetti, while a pan of vegetarian, low-sodium tomato sauce simmered on low nearby. David was at the kitchen table, trying to sort out the daily mail and prioritize bills while covertly watching Kurt's butt sashay from side to side. From the living room, he could hear some inane music singing about tolerance while no doubt zombifying his children. "When's the last time we had sex?"

Kurt dropped the spatula, splattering water all over the stove. Quickly wiping down the area, Kurt turned to face David, a mildly frantic look on his face. "That was rather…" Kurt licked his lips and looked David up and down, uncertainty written across his features. "Are you not happy?"

David bounced out of his seat and strode over to Kurt, pulling him against his chest. "I'll always be happy, as long as I have you." He kissed Kurt delicately on top of his head, careful not to mess up his coiffure. "I'd just be…happier if we sexed it up a bit more."

Kurt turned around in David's arms so that his back was against David's front and they both faced the stove. Kurt went back to stirring the noodles. "Maybe once the kids get a bit older, and a little less dependent on us. I mean, how many times has Raife come waddling into our bedroom this week because he had a nightmare or heard something strange?"

David sighed. He felt the same as Kurt, but in the long run it would be better for their married life if they got a little selfish sometimes and thought about themselves. "I know, but…we do have family that would be more that happy to take them for a night. And I so miss you Kurt."

"I'm right here. And I couldn't abandon Raife and Danny with Finn or my parents. And your parents already do so much." Kurt moved from the spaghetti to the sauce and began stirring it in slow, lazy circles.

David matched those same movements over Kurt's stomach. "I know you're right here, but I miss all of you. Having all of you to myself. I'll admit, I'm a bit jealous of the kids; they've taken you away from me. And no one in the family would mind taking the kids. Hell, I'm sure Finn would be thrilled to take them. You know he wants kids of his own. They'd be good practice for them."

"I don't know, David. They're just babies. They've never really been away from us."

"They're not going to the moon. They'll still be in Lima. Besides, I know you still have feelings in there, Kurt." David slid his hand down Kurt's stomach and over Kurt's slowly inflating erection. "You don't cover your tracks on the laptop very well." David could feel Kurt tense in his arms. "Never be ashamed, Kurt. We all have…darker sides. And while I know I can't grow tentacles, I can certainly try my best."

Kurt whipped around and smacked David on the side of the head with the spatula. For a moment, David was worried he had crossed some intimate boundary with his husband, but when he opened his eyes and looked up, he could see Kurt blushing and trying to contain the minutest of smiles. David raised his hand to his head where Kurt had hit him. The area was moist. Drawing his hand back, he could see red running down his fingers. For a moment, his brain almost literally stopped working. But the sound of Kurt's laughter brought him out of his daze. "It's sauce. You have sauce all over your head."

David tentatively licked the red on his fingers. Yep, sauce. Plain, meatless, salt-free spaghetti sauce. Kurt was still laughing at David as he balanced his weight behind him on the stovetop. For a moment, insecure high school David made reappearance. It happened every now and then, but David had never had issues reining him in.

He had just centered himself, when he decided to let the tiniest bit of high school David show through. Within a moment, David was back in front of Kurt, his weight pressing Kurt backwards against the stove, his fingers entangled in Kurt's hair. He held Kurt's face close to his own and growled in a low menacing whisper. "You think that's funny? Embarrassing me like that? I should show you who's boss. That's right. I'll flip you over that table right there and show you damned well who's in charge. How would that feel?" Kurt's eyes were wide and panicked. David backed off a step or two to give Kurt some room. "I…um. I found the other videos, too. If you aren't really into that or anything…" David couldn't finish his sentence what with Kurt practically trying to swallow his tongue. Before he had even realized what was happening, Kurt had launched himself off the stove and wrapped his limber legs around David's waist. Wrapping his arms around David's neck and head, the spatula still in hand, Kurt ground his hips against David's lower stomach.

"EEWWWW! No kissing in the kitchen! That's dirty!"

David grit his teeth and gently set Kurt back down on the floor. David turned around to face his young daughter, her stuffed-animal-du-jour tightly clutched in her arms. "That's right and no toys at the dinner table, either."

She smiled up at her father. "You have pasghetti sauce in your hair."

Behind him, David could here the spaghetti water getting sloshed out into a strainer in the sink. "Why don't you go put Flopsy hippo in your bedroom and then help daddy get his hair clean? Then, by the time you get back downstairs, dinner will be all ready?"

Danny kept staring at Kurt for a moment, before smiling and running upstairs, with an "okay." David watched her as halfway up the stairs she fell to all fours and began climbing to the second floor like a dog or cat.


Kurt was already in bed with the laptop when David got out of the shower. "Kids asleep?"

Without looking up, Kurt responded to him, "for now…"

David dropped his towel, and grabbed a pair of boxers from out of his bureau. Turning around, he spotted Kurt glaring at him. David smiled apologetically before picking up the towel and dropping it into the hamper. "Look, about earlier. I get that…you seemed a bit excited about it, but if I ever cross the line. Ever. Just kick me in the nads, okay?"

As David climbed under the sheets, Kurt cuddled in closer to him. "If those are the kind of games you're looking at getting into, I have no doubt I will have to drag you kicking and screaming to get you anywhere near 'the line'."

"So you like…rough play. I thought you liked sweet and romantic." David tried to add the same longing and singsongy-ness to his voice that Kurt had anytime he uttered the words sweet or romantic.

Fidgeting is lips with his teeth, Kurt carefully thought out his response. "I did. Before I knew anything about sex really. I dunno. When I was a teenager, the idea of sex scared me so badly that, if I knew I'd have to eventually do it, I'd rather it be as delicate and sweet as possible. To make it less scary." Kurt smiled, running a finger suggestively between David's pecks and down to his belly button. "I think I prefer scary now." David gulped. "I'm such a control freak. I have absolute control over everything in my life. I own my own company, I've got you on a short leash, and the kids are like pod-people they're so well behaved. Once in a while, I'd like to have absolutely no control. But…still have the confidence of mind that I'm the one in charge and nothing can possibly go wrong."

"You mean like bondage."

Kurt furrowed his brows. No, not quite like that. Bondage would be giving up way too much control. "No. I was thinking, more like this." Kurt turned the laptop to face David. It was a fetish website. Young hot guys getting used in "prison." Young hot guys with masked men hovering over them. Young hot guys being gagged while forced into the back of unmarked vans.

Once again, David gulped. "Ummm…so you like… rape fantasy."

Kurt blanched and shut the laptop cover, like he was trying to block out this part of his mind from David. But it was too late. "It just…it interests me. If you're not into it…"

"No, Kurt. Anything you want. It's just…" Kurt ran his hand over David's bicep, trying to comfort him. It was like their first time in bed all over again. Both terrified of doing or saying something wrong to completely scare off the other. "I thought I would be like that back in high school. When the shit went down in the locker room, I was so terrified I'd just keep getting worse. I could totally see myself becoming a… a rapist." David's voice came out as quiet and gentle as a summer breeze, though disturbingly eerie. "I didn't want to be like that. And now…that turns you on?"

Kurt shook his head. "There is a big difference between someone forcing themselves on you, and your loving, doting husband playing a sex game with you." Kurt cupped David's cheek in his hand, and forced Dave to face him. "Weren't you the one that wanted to spice things up a bit? Now I'm the one being all adventurous?" Kurt smiled reassuringly at David.

David returned the smile to the best of his ability, but it was only half-hearted. "I just wanted you to dress up like a nurse for me."

Kurt stifled a hiccough-like laugh. It came out as a snort instead. "Nurse, David, really?"

David blushed and smiled in earnest. "It's sexy. A hot babe dressed all sexy whose only job is to make you feel good." David dragged out the word 'good' for a moment, trying to illustrate it as a double entendre. "Someone to bring me food, give me baths, rub me where I'm sore."

Kurt didn't even try to hold in the snort this time. "Oh dear lord! You don't want a nurse; you want your mommy! If only Freud could get his hands on you."

David folded his arms over his chest. "Oh really? Mister I-married-my-reformed-bully-and-now-want-him-to-take-me-by-force-and-pretend-to-rape-me? I'd love to hear what Freud has to say about you." Kurt blushed and looked away from David, a smile teasing at his lips. "No judgments, Kurt. We're two sane, adult, married men who just have certain appetites they'd like to sate. We're not doing anything evil, nothing illegal, nothing immoral. There's no reason for either of us to be embarrassed.

Kurt couldn't help finding it ironic that they kept taking turns being uncomfortable with the idea, but at the same time, they were both really into it. Kurt smiled and curled into David's chest, sighing when he felt David's arms wrap around him. "So, we're really going to do this, huh?"

He could feel David nodding against his head, and the rumble in his chest as he spoke. "Yep. Just as soon as we can pawn off the rugrats on someone else."