Ok, so I know that I wrote a PruAus fic recently, but I actually really like PruHun. I'm obviously not super serious about it, but it's probably my favorite pairing for either of the two. Well, Prussia's just pretty...awesome with Canada or Austria too, but Hungary is tough enough to deal with him. Anyway, I've just had this weird idea. Lots of fics have Elizabeta bugging her house with cameras to catch some yaoi action. So my idea was Prussia sneaking in and talking to her through the camera. I meant it to be a one-shot, but it took a while to set up and I'm tired, so it'll probably end up being a two- or three-shot. Oh well.

Warnings-Some cursing, some references to sex and gay men, probably some major OOC-ness and potential switching of the spelling of Elizabeta/Elizaveta's name (pleas tell me if you catch any spelling mistakes-I'm trying to keep it uniform!)

Elizabeta's POV mostly-italics are either her thoughts, labels on videos, Prussia talking on camera, or emphasis. Ok, that's a bit confusing, isn't it? Let me clarify.

Words italicized within a sentence are probably emphasis.

Entire sentences italicized without quotations are Elizabeta's thoughts.

"Italics in quotations are Gilbert talking on camera."

(The ones in parentheses are comments on the labels.)

Is that even semi-clear? I hope so. Anyway, tell me if I'm screwing up the canon history for these two. I'm just adding in a little more backstory. And he calls her Eli in this (pronounced like the name Ellie, not the name Eli).

Disclaimer-Whoops, too many notes! I wouldn't have to explain so much if I owned Hetalia because it would all be canon. But it's not. Therefore, I don't own it.

Hope that if you got through that massive AN, you've continue to the story. Please enjoy, reviews are always awesome!

Elizabeta's video room was her favorite room in her house.

In it were all of her yaoi archives, organized by couple, date, and location. Ever since she had installed cameras in all of the room in her house (even her own bedroom, out of thoroughness more than anything else) and some in Roderich's (secretly of course-she was his ex-wife, after all), she had gotten enough videos to require a sorting system.

Elizabeta smiled lovingly as she scanned her stacks of recordings, each meticulously labeled with a selection of her notes on the couples' relationships, just to keep tabs.

UsUk (Delicious tension and a bomber jacket).

FranCan (Who was that again? Canadia?).

GiriPan (Elusive, but cute. Cats!),

RoChu (Scaaaary. Pandas, sunflowers, evil auras and lead pipes-oh my!).

GerIta (Pasta. Need I say more?)

Spamano (Tomatoes and cursing. Of course).

SuFin (ALMOST too domesticated to catch on tape. Almost).

DenNor (Finally! Darn stubborn Norwegian).

TurkeyEgypt (Mysterious-must investigate).

And her newest addition-Switzerland and Austria. Yes, her ex-husband. That Austria. Truth be told, Elizabeta could have called it. She loved Roderich, but in a sisterly way now. Even when they were married, she could tell that her husband had unresolved feelings for his childhood friend. Then, when they had finally admitted their feelings, Hungary had been the first to know. Being friends with your ex could have its benefits.

SwizAus (Ex-husband-potential blackmail?).

On the shelf just under Hungary's wonderful world of yaoi, one video cassette lay on its side. Its label was the only one which listed one name rather than two.


This video wasn't even sexual. It was simply a collection of crazy things that the "awesome" ex-nation had done on camera over the years.

Truth be told, Elizabeta was closer to Gilbert than she would like to admit, perhaps closer to him than anyone else. They had known each other when they were young nations-when he was the Teutonic Knights and she thought that she was a male, like most of the nations. They had fought and bickered and squabbled, but in the end, they were friends.

They both knew things about each other that no one else did. Gilbert was one of the first to know that Hungary was female (after Hungary herself, of course) and when Elizabeta and Roderich had acted out their political marriage, Gilbert had watched. He saw when it started, and he was there when it ended. Where no one else could see, he had actually comforted Elizabeta, made her laugh when she was crying from the frustration of becoming intertwined in the politics of the stuffy aristocrat who had been her husband and friend.

After Hungary had moved back into a house of her own, Austria still visited occasionally, but far more often Prussia would lurk around the grounds. Sometimes to bother other nations, other times to preform inexplicable acts of Gilbert-ness. When his annoyances started to grate of Elizabeta, Gilbert would simply find himself on the receiving end of her frying pan. Sometimes he was simply threatened and chased off the property. On rare occasion, he would behave and Hungary would be in a good mood. Then, they would visit cordially until Prussia made a lewd comment or broke something. It was a comfortable system.

Prussia knew that Hungary had cameras in her house. In fact, he was one of the only ones who knew the true extent of her recordings. (Even he didn't know about her video room, though. That was classified information, not for nosy Prussians.)

Lately when the albino was bored, he had developed a habit of breaking into the feisty female nation's house and "preforming" for her cameras. He would simply hop in a window, preferably her bedroom window, and do crazy random shit for the cameras, knowing that Hungary would watch it later and laugh.

Elizabeta knew that she should really give him a good walloping with her trusting piece of cookware, but for some reason, she didn't mind his antics. After all, they were amusing, to say the least. She could remember a choice few.

There was the time where Gilbert had performed a 30 minute monologue entitled "A List of Reasons that I, Gilbert, am Awesome. Awesomely Awesome. Pure Awesome. Need I Continue?" Then he proceeded to continue. At length He had used the word "awesome at least one hundred times. (Yes, she had counted.)

Or there was the time he had decided to put on a strip tease for the camera. She had watched til the pants came off. At that point he received "The Frying Pan Treatment" before he reached full out indecent exposure. (She had to admit, he did have a nice body…)

And once he had tromped into her kitchen and not-so-sneakily tried to steal her trusty frying pan. (She had a spare. He found that out soon enough.)

And there were at least a dozen more. Gilbert was simply a fixture in Elizabeta's life by now, and an amusing one at that. She sometimes even looked forward to his intrusions.

Luckily, all of them were recorded and saved on that little video. The only non-yaoi video she kept in her house.


Think of the devil.

Just as Elizabeta snapped out of her reverie, her favorite albino appeared on Camera 4, using her childhood nickname to get her attention.

Hungary complied, muting the other screens and watching amusedly.

Now what do we have in store today?