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As Gerard Piqué woke up at six thirty am, he knew it was going to be a good day.

A few players sleepily ran at the early eight o'clock practice, but Gerard was all smiles. He gave a sleepy Bojan a noogie, (who punched him in the chest half-heartedly) and gave Lio a wake-up slap on the back. Lio did not appreciate it and gave him a "what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-you look".

A few hours after practice, a team lunch was held. Dani Alves took out his small, trusted bottle of milk he usually drank at lunch. He drenched the entire table as he spat out the milk in a spray. Dumbstruck, the team watched a now sputtering Dani guzzling water from a glass.

"Uhh, is the milk sour?" Pedro asked, and Gerard tried to look inconspicuous. "This milk tastes shitty!" Dani practically shouted, glaring at the bottle.

After lunch, Gerard and Messi went over to Bojan's apartment. As Bojan fumbled to get his keys out of his pocket to unlock his door, Gerard flashed Lio a knowing look. Bojan finally unlocked his door, and stepped through—…only to fall backwards onto his bottom with a shout. "What the hell? There is something sticking to my face!" Bojan frantically said, scrabbling to get something off his face and failing miserably.

"Plastic wrap? Wowee, Bojan look where you are going!" Lio chided, but Gerard was doubled over in laughter, only to be joined by Lio. Bojan grew steadily red, and then erupted into a semi whine that caused his teammates to laugh harder.

Gerard was feeling this day couldn't get any better.

After cooking dinner for himself, Lio, and Pedro, Gerard was still elated.

He had set up a make shift "couch" that consisted of two plastic chairs and a white sheet thrown over them. He and Pedro sat on the chairs, and they called Lio to sit down between them.

Lio sat, (or tried to). He fell through the sheet and he let a squeal escape him. Gerard and Pedro both heard this, and proceeded to reenact it. Pedro squealed like a stuck pig while Gerard prodded him with a pretend prod. They collapsed in a fit of hysteria, while the look on Lio's face just increased their euphoria.

Much later, Gerard was still ecstatic. He uploaded each video of his teammates to his YouTube account and tweeted his fans with many "Oooohhhs". His cell phone buzzed suddenly, and Gerard smiled as ten text messages flashed in his inbox, all saying the same thing, "Watch yourself, Gerard. Revenge is coming."

Gerard agreed this was the best day ever.

April Fool's day was his day, always.

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