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This story is set in Naruto's point of view.

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Chapter: 1

I woke up at the sound of the alarm clock, I yawned but then groned. Man… I hate Mondays, but not today cause it's the first day of school. I'm really excited because all of my friends are gonna be there with me, but I hope I get to meet new people. I rushed to the bathroom to get ready. Oh I almost forgot my name is Naruto Uzumaki, the village's future hokage! I have blonde spiky hair and blue sparkly eyes.

I am now a freshman in Konoha high school. I arrived to see Sakura and Sauske already there; Sakura has long pink hair, she used to have it short but decided to grow it long since Sauske suggested it. Sauske is Sakura's boy friend he has dark blue hair; I see him as a brother; he's ok once you get to know him.

"Hey you guys." I said with my usuall grin.

"Hi, Naruto." Said, Sakura.

"I'm really excited; I hope we have every single class together." I said.

"I hope so too." Sauske said with a blank face.

The bell rings and a teacher with brown spiky hair walks toward the stairs and highly says "All Students follow me to the Gym, I repeat all students follow me to the Gym." As order all the students followed. I was about to follow as well until a saw a girl following a lady with long blonde hair in two pigtails. I couldn't help but blush at the girl.

She had long indigo hair and her uniform fitted perfectly on her, but what caught me were her eyes they were a lavender color but at the same time they looked so sad; I know that expression it reminded me of myself, I wanted to hold her tight and comfort her and tell her that everything is allright. But what I wanted to know is why she was going to the back door. As soon I was about to follow her, Sakura called to me.

"Naruto! Over here; it's this way!" so I had no choice but to follow them. I hoped that the assembly will be fast because I wanted to hurry and find that girl.

"ARRRGGHHH! How long do we have to wait!" I groned to my friends.

"I agree with Naruto! We've been sitting here for a long time!" said Kiba who was sitting on the left side of me.

"We've only been here for 20 minutes." Said Ino who was in her boyfriend Sai's arms.

"But it seems like I've been waiting four 3 hours!" I said.

My prayers have been answered when the spiky browned hair dude from before took the stage. "Everyone settle down, Tsunade, your principle would like to have a word with you." After that the blonde lady who was walking with the girl took the stage; so she's our principle huh?

"I would like to welcome you all to Konoha high; I am your principle Tsunade. I'm now going to set some rules." I already knew that this is going to be boring but I still tried to listen.

"Rule number 1: you are not allowed in the school during lunch, #2: You are not allowed to go downstairs to the basement. And rule #3: this is the very important rule do not I repeat DO NOT go through the back door."

Wait was she talking about the back door that she and that girl went through? Why weren't we allowed there and that girl was? Something was up and some how I had to find out what it was.

"Now if there aren't any questions you may all be dismissed." The lady then walked out of the stage and left the Gym. She might have gone back to that girl.

"Naruto!" I turned to see Sakura, Sauke and Kiba.

"Let's go! We don't wanna be late, do we?" said Kiba.

My first class was Math, I hate it. Our teacher was that spiky brown-haired guy who I found out today that his name was Iruka.

"My name is Iruka, and this is Algebra." He said with a smile. He then took role.

"Sakura Haruno?"


"Sauke Uchiha."


"Shikamaru Nara"


"Rock lee"


"Ino Yamanaka."




"Kiba Inuzuka"


"Naruto Uzumaki"


"Shino Aburame"




"Neji Hyuga."


"Hina-"Iruka-sensei stopped. Why did'nt he wants to say the name, and why did his face expression change? Who was Hina Anyway?

After that it was English class wih Kakashi Hatake he has white spiky hair. And he covers his left eye with a mask. And he also hesitated when he said the 'Hina' name. Well maybe it was only in two classes.

I was wrong in almost every of my classes all the teachers hesitated with the 'Hina' name. My History teacher Anko she was hot but with a bad temper, and my Science teacher Kurenai Yuei she was hot as well but she wouldn't say the whole name. And my Gym teacher Might Guy whicbh looked like he could be related to Bushy Brow. He just went straight to the excersice. That does it whoever this Hina person is, she has something to do with the back door, and I was going to find out no matter what believe it!

During lunch eveyone had to go to the playground, well not really a playground with sings or anything like that well it did have two sets but that's for couples and stuff.

"Hey Naruto, you coming?" Said Shikamaru.

"Yea I'll catch up." I said as I watch them leave. As soon as no one was around I ran toward the back door, unfortunetly it was locked so I decide why walk or run when I can sneak. To my luck I saw an open window so I went through it.

When I landed I saw the stairs that the old lady was talking about, I climbed it wondering what was coming ahead.

As I reached the last step I saw a door with a medium sized window; I walked up twards it and peeked through the window.

In a chair sat the girl I saw outside, she looked pretty as she stared outside. But I could tell that she wanted to go outside. So I tapped the window; hoping to get her attention. She jumped and quickly turned toward the window, her eyes went wide when she saw me. I did what I normally did; I smiled my usual grin to her, when she saw this she smiled too but a small blush came across her cheeks. She looked beautifull when she smiled.

"What's your name?" I asked her.

She tilted her head which meant that she couldn't understand me. She then looked through her bags and took out a piece of paper and a pencil and wrote something down, she then slided it through a small hole. I picked it up and read what it said.

I'm sorry but I couldn't understand what you were saying?' I smiled and wrote down. It's ok. I was saying my name is Naruto Uzumaki; it's nice to meet you'

I then slided the paper back toward her she picked it up and read it; she smiled and wrote down a response.

'Nice to meet you Uzumaki-san, my name is Hinata Hyuga' we spent the next few minutes writing to each other, I was glad that I got a chance to meet her. And she seems like a nice person.

'No need to be so formal Hinata, just call me Naruto ok'

'Ok Naruto…'

'So what are your hobbies?'

'I like to pick flowers and watch birds and you Naruto?'

'I like to prank people and eat ramen'

'Ramen what's that?'

'Huh? You don't know what ramen is?'


'Well… maybe one day I'll have to take you'

When she read it her smile whiched I like turned into a sad frown, I felt bad for making her upset. Isaw her write something down and slides it through the hole, she still has that sad expression on her face.

'I'm sorry Naruto… I can't go with you.'

'Huh? Sure you can, I'll take you and we'll be back before anyone finds out.

Isaw Hinata shake her head as she wrote her message down.

'No I mean I can't go anywhere with you. I can't be seen by anyone outside.'

'Why not?'

'Because I'm dangerous'

'Dangerous no you're not Hinata.'

'Yes I am; I only bring trouble to anyone who's around me'


'That's why the teachers keep me in here, I'm dangerous to the other students and to you too Naruto'

'No your not Hinata, I know that you're a kind person I could tell by your actions and your smile is a smile that's not dangerous. You're a nice person Hinata.'

When Hinata read it tears started to form in her eyes, I couldn't understand who would think Hinata was a terrible person, and she looks really nice.

Hinata smiled as she wiped her eyes and wrote something down. I looked at it and smiled brightly.

'Thank you…Naruto.'

I would have written something down if the bell hadn't ringed; I look at Hinata and saw that she smiled softly as she wrote her last message down.

'Thank you… for keeping me company today. Naruto'

'Your welcome Hinata, don't worry I'll be back tomarrow'6


'Yeah, you're my friend and if I can't see you outside I'll just have to spent lunch with you everyday.'

Hinata smiled which meant a thank you; I smiled back and waved good-bye and left.

As soon as I reached outside Kiba called to me. "Hey! Naruto where were you?"

"Oh…um… I went to the bathroom" I said as I scratched the back of my head.

My final class was with Asuma Sarutobi which was wood shop. After school I looked at the window to where Hinata was I wonder if she waits for everyone to leave before she comes out. Or does she stay there the hole night. Hinata…

"Naruto You there " said Sakura waving her hand at my face.

I looked to see Sakura and Sauske looking at me with a confuesd look.

"You were doesing off for a minute there." Said Sauske

"Oh yeah… sorry hehehe" I said playfully.

"Anyway were going to get some ramen, wanna come?" Said Sakura

"Of course; let's go!" I said as I started walking.

As we were heading to Ichiraku I remember what Hinata said when she said that she never had ramen. I some how couldn't get her off my mind her face, eyes, lips, and her smile. Until I realized that I was having perveted thoughts of Hinata. I quickly shook those thoughts off my head.

Later that night I couldn't sleep thinking about Hinata. After a while I had an idea I grinned as a set my clock and went to sleep.

That's it for Chapter 1 I know it's long but I would still love to know your thoughts. Please be honest. See you all in Chapter 2 Bye-bye for now.