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Chapter 11: What happened?

I suddenly woke up in the school, i sat up and heard Sakura say.

"Hey Naruto's awake!" she yelled. All of the students came running to my bed, i stared at them confusingly.

"Man...my head, what happened?" I complained.

"Naruto, don't you remember...?" i hear Sakura ask me. I nodded."No...the only thing i remember was that i was getting ready to pour the ramen on that creppy-wierdo-girl, then i remember taking her with me and Sasuke-teme, and Iruka-sensei..." that's when it hit me.

"Where is Sauske, and Iruka-sensei..?" i said as I looked around. Sasuke came up and sat next to me, "I'm right here dope." he said in his usuall non-emotional voice.

"So Naruto, tell us what happen." said Oba-chan... I couldn't really remember what happen, all of a sudden everything was a blur...i didn't understand at all; so i just did what any hyperactive- knuckle head ninja did.

"We decided to takeher so that we can torture her some more, in our own way." i grinn. i then elbowed Sasuke "Isn't that right, Sasuke..?" Saskue smirked and faced us "Yeah..it's exactly as he says." Everyone gave 'ooh's' and 'ahh's' then i felt myself being pushed back towards the bed, something was holding me tightly; i pulled away to see Izumi looking at me with tears in her eyes. I didn't know when but suddenly the room was empty, everyone had left.

Izumi continued to look at me; i looked into her eyes and mines went wide when i felt her lips on mine...she was kissing me again..!

'No...i don't know why but this isn't right.'

'what are you talking about, you know it is.'

'Huh? kyuubi is that you?'

'Kyuubi...no i'm the other you.'

'The other me...' what is he talking about, just who was this person?

'yea...i'm here to guide you to the 'correct' path.'

'oh you mean like a angle.'

'yeah!, that's it an angle!, i'm your angle.'

'sweet! my own angle...so you can tell me my future right?'


'Great, then tell me who am i destined to be with' Hey when do you get a chance to have your own angle, and not that but guide you to your right path! i was excited!

'The one your destined to be with is the girl that's on top of you.'

'Huh? Izumi?'

'Yep she's the one.'I looked at Izumi who was crying in my chest...and for some reason i couldn't help but find it cute.

'You sure?'


'Ok then, thanks.'

'Anytime, i'll be contacting you when ever i see that your heading down the wrong path.'

'Got it, oh i didn't get your name.'

'My name is Karuto.'

'Ok thanks again Karuto.'

'Anytime.' and with that he left;i focused on Izumi who was still crying. If she's destined to be with me i should at least try to get to know her, "Izumi..i'm sorry for worrying you." i say calmly to her, she looks up at me. i could feel my cheeks burn for some reason..now that i look at her, she's kinda cute. "Naruto...i'm soo glad your ok." she smiles.

I smile back. 'Yea..well i'm pretty strong." she laughs and i laugh with her. After a while i was sitting on the bed and Izumi was resting her head on my shoulders; suddenly she takes my face in her hands and turns me toward her "Naruto...I love you." I looked at her wide-eyed. "I really do love you." she says again. i was in complete shock, i didn't know how to react. No girl has ever confessed to me before.

I looked at her, she blushed and looked toward the ground, i chuckle. "Izumi...i don't know what i feel for you, but let's start off slow ok?" I asked. Her face lights, she shrikes, and she huggs me "Yes! of course i would like that!"

We pulled away and i grinn "Want to get some ramen with me?" she puts her arm around mine and looks up at me with seductive eyes"I thought you'd never aks."

We were ordered by Oba-chan to stay in the gymnasium, I sat next to Izumi this time. She turns to me and smiles as she grabs my hand; i look at her and smiled back.

Through the hole meeting i knew that my friends were looking at us with their mouths hung-open and shocked expression. Outside i was called by the guys i walked up to them, "Hey guys, what's up?" i said.

"Naruto how come you were sitting next to Izumi today?" Kiba says.

"And why were you two holding hands?" adds Sakura.

"Well because we're dating now..." i started to say. Everyone looked at me wide-eyed and everything...really was it so wrong that i got a girlfriend.

"Naruto...out of all people, why Izumi?" said Sakura.

"What do you mean..."

"Naruto, you know that she's a men's lady." said Ino.

"Huh? men's lady."

"Yeah, it's like a ladies man, only the other way around." said Sakura.

"Yea, like last year, she had a crush on me because i complemented on her artwork." said Kiba.

"Yeah, she's an obbessed girl." said Ino.

'Hey! don't just judge people, i think she's kinda cute; so i'm going to try." i reassured them.

They all lt out a sigh then Sasuke spoke. "Alright then, i won't stop you." i smiled.

"Thanks Sasuke-teme." and with that i left and caught up with Izumi.

As we were making our way to Ichiraku i noticed Neji in the stand and he was talking to a girl, she...was...beautiful; her light brown hair, dark blue eyes, and adorable smile. I then suddenly felt a huge pain in my head.


"-ina-chan...i won't go to Ichiraku to eat ramen if your not yourself." I could hear myself did i mean when i said 'not yourself'

"B-but Naru-kun...if i'm seen in the village t-then...then.." i could hear the voice of a girl, it sounded like an angle, but she was complaining about being seen in the village, why...?Not only that but she called me Naru-kun...no one has ever called me that, who is she and what is she to me.

End flashback.

"Naruto, you ok?" i turned to see that Izumi was looking at me with a angry look."You weren't checking that girl out?; were you, remember you here with me." and she grabed me by my collar "AND NOBODY ELSE GOT THAT!"

Everyone in the village stopped and looked at us, as did Neji and the girl he was with; when i got a good glance at her, my eyes went wide in shock, she was wearing my necklace...the one Obaa-chan gave me. Wait now that i think about it, i wasn't wearing my necklace when i woke up, did i gave it to her..?

When the girl looked at me all of a sudden i could feel everything disapear; it's as if it was just me and her. all of a sudden i started to hear voices.

"-ina-chan! look at this!" that's my voice, i sound very happy.

"Naru-kun...what's this?" and that voice, could it belong to this girl.

"-ina-chan! come on let's play!" i looked at her, all of a sudden my eyes turned watery. why...why can't i remember her...

"Naru-kun...i love you..." my eyes went wide in shock, she loves me...who is she?, did i knew her before? And did i also love her?

"-ina-chan...i-i love you..." i heard myself say those words. all i could do was stare at her; tears were now forming in her eyes, and i had an erge to hold her. also i noticed that i kept calling -ina-chan..meaning that for some reason i didn't now her hole name.

"Naru-kun.." the girl said to me. i looked at her we were 5 inches away from each other; i looked at the necklace around her neck. i looked up at her.

"Who are you...?" i told her. she turned her back towards me.

"N-No one i-important, y-you alredy f-forgot me nothing m-matters anymore..." she turned away; i don't know what came over me but i didn't want her to leave. i grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into an embrace, she gasped. "Please...i don' why i did it, but i don't want you to go...please stay..." i pleaded her.

Then out of now where she wasn't in my arms anymore, i looked up to see her in this man's arms; for some reason i didn't really like him.

"Who are you?" i told him.

"Danzo, deja vu isn't it Naruto Uzumaki."

"How do you know my name..." he chuckled.

"Wow you did an excellent job Hinata," he patted her head.

"F-Father please...i-i want to l-leave..." Hinata...so that's her name...Hinata, Hinata,...wait HINATA! that's the name of the girl that lives in the back room...i love her? no... i couldn't could i? No...i don't believe it, she must've hypotize me, not only that and what about Sauske-teme and Iruka-sensei? they were there with me as well did she do the same to them?

"You, what did you do to me." i said to the girl.

"N-Nothing..." she answers. I was starting to get angry.

"Don't lie; i remember taking you with me and Sauske, and Iruka-sensei out of the school!, but then everything else was a blur! You did something to us didn't you! Danzo then chuckled "There's no need for explanisions...everything is going perfectly." And with that he left with the girl as well...

"NARUTO! URG! NARUTOOOOOOOO!" i heard a loud noise in my ear.

"AAHHHH!" i jumped at the loud noise in my ear. I turned to see Izumi looking at me with a very angry look. "What's wrong with you?, you've been out for almost 2 hours!" she said. two hours... but i couldn't be...it must be a misunderstanding.

"well what time is it..?" i told her.

"It's 6:00. Baka." she said this time, no pissed. i couldn't blame her...she was all excited on this date, and now look.

'you know what you have to do now right.' There's the voice from before...


'Man..she's right you are dense.'

'Huh who're talking about, who said i was dense?'

'Oh..no one important.'

'Whatever you say..'

'Anyway, Izumi was expecting a date, and you ruined it so what does every gentlemen do?'

'Um...Buy the girl some ramen...'

'No! you idiot!, he comforts her!, you know embraces her, whispers calm words to her, and tells her that he's going to repay her someway...'

'Oh..i get it.'

'Good... see ya later.' Man this guy sure knows how to guide, well she is my 'future wife' and i should at least make this work.

I sighed and stood up, i walked up to her and embraced her from behind; she gasped and turned her head away. "What do you think your doing?" she said; it sounded angry but shy at the same time...i couldn't help but smile.

"Izumi...i'm sorry for ruining our date, i knew how much you were looking forward to it. But i promise i'll make it up to you..." when i said that she turned and kissed me on the lips, i just stood there motionless; when she let go she looked at me. "How about, you make it up to me by taking me to the beach tomarrow with you and your friends." she said.

"Uh...well.." What should i do? i mean my friends don't exactly like her, but what can i do..? Izumi must've sence that i didn't respond so she pulls away from my arms "Forget it Naruto, never mind..." she said. and she starts to walk away.

"No wait!" i ran towards her. i grabed her by the hand. "Wait! you can come!" with that she quickly turns to face me and smiles .

"Oh Naruto, really?" she says

"Yeah!" i tell her with my grin. she hugs me and i hug her back. 'Might as well make this work.' i thought to myself.

-Meanwhile- (Hinata's P.O.V)

Father Danzo was checking my status, as he updates my data he puts a hand on top of my head. "Don't worry Hinata, in two weeks we will have our revenge..." he says to me. I don't get it? i don't want to hurt anyone but Father Danzo says it's the best.

"B-but father...i-i don't w-want to hurt them..." i tell him. All of a sudden his sweet smile changes and he grabs my shoulders tighter. "You mean to tell me that it's ok for them to treat you like trash!" he starts to grip a little harde.

"N-No...but-'' i started to say.

"You think it's ok for them to walk all over you!" he grips harder this time.

"YOU WANT THEM TO TREAT YOU LIKE SCUM ALL THE TIME!, IF NOT LET'S MAKE EVERY SINGLE PERSON PAAYY!" he yells at me; the pain on my shoulders was terrible. I didn't cry...i couldn't. i just nodded and apologized for my 'selfishness'. He then hugs me tight and says "That's my girl." and with that he leaves. Once the door closes i fall to my knees and cry. i couldn't hold it anymore...i needed someone to comfort me, someone to whisper kind words to me, someone to love me, i needed...Naruto.

It's been such a looong time since I've updated on this story. I bet some of you thought I was going to abondon it. Well I'm not, I've seen to have gotten the inspiration I needed (for this story of course) so I plan on continuing it. Since It's been a loong time tell me if this chapter flows along with the rest. I will make any changes if I see fit.