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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *splat*

When I first heard the news that I was moving, my stomach gurgled, twisted, then a sharp pain hit me right in the gut. I did NOT want to leave! This was my home! I had lived here for years, since I was a child. Fond memories of playing on the beach, the sand between my toes, the soft sky, crystal blue water that expanded for miles. It always seemed so endless, and I always thought it was. I never imagined that I would be forced to leave this place. And yes it was more an act of force than of will.

I have always thought that my mother and I were a bit off, but only just a bit. We had always moved, but not the way everyone else would think of moving. I, Sora Mizuki, live in a tent on the beach of Destiny Island, and that is my home. Now, you might be wondering 'WTF? Why a tent and why not a house?' Well you see, my father, whom I never really met nor care to meet, had left right after I was born. He had fed my mother some bullshit line of "not being ready for a child yet" and took off shortly afterward. We later found out that he just cheating and "in love" with this tramp down the street. They got married and had a few kids… la di da. I hate him because he left and my mother could not afford a good lawyer, so we ended up losing everything, including the house, forcing us to live in the streets as I grew up. It was never a home, but once we settled down on the beach years later, we just called this one spot our home. Until now.

My mother had thought that their arranged marriage at childhood would last forever. She had loved my father, or so she tells me. She had gotten pregnant at a very young age, only 16, and was forced into marriage right then and there. My father's parents saw the young pregnancy as a disgrace and tried to keep it a secret by giving my mother and father one of their spare houses. Yes, you heard me right. A spare house. My father's parents were rich, VERY rich. My mother's, on the other hand, were well off at one point, but after the recession hit, they found that they had put their stocks in the wrong company and just like that all their riches were gone. Needless to say my father's parents insisted that I take his last name when I was born because they thought of my mother's family as a disgrace.

Hearing my mother call out my name, I decided that I should finally come out of my secret place: this cave I had found near where we set up camp. It was always a good place to go and think, or even just be alone when I wanted to be. You have to give me a break; living in a small tent with your mother for years can get really, well, aggravating. But I loved her to death. I first stumbled as I got up, my legs tingling from sitting in the space for such a long time. It would surprise anyone how much belongings we could fit in a tent, and it was for that reason I hid away. I did not want to pack not one single bit of it. I grumbled and sucked it up, stumbling once I finally got up and headed out to the tent to begin to pack my life away.

Yet, it was not much to pack when I really thought about it. A few shirts my mother had gotten at Walmart with some smart ass comments like "I'm up and out of bed , what more do you want?" and "Don't you see that this is an A and B conversation? C your way out." Most made the kids around the popular vacation spot, aka the beach were we live, laugh when they read them. Hey, what did you think? That I lived in seclusion without any kids around? I never called them "friends" because they always left after a week or two of vacationing here. And at last after going through the many but few things we have to pack, there is my favorite pajama bottoms: Rubber Ducky. I dare you to laugh, Rubber Ducky is the shit!

It was after the realization of how much and how little I have did I notice. The sky was not as bright as it usually was, more teal in color than the bright, vibrant blue. Maybe the sky was sulking as much as I was about me leaving. Only I could have the mind frame to match the sky's color to my own happiness, but it always seemed to be true. When ever I was happy it was bright and sunny blue, dark and windy when I was upset, and would rain like there was no tomorrow when I cried about how my life was going.

Kaori Tateno is my mother ; long brown hair layered down her small-framed back, bright brown eyes that could match the energy in mine, with a young and vibrant face, coupled with the best personality that would tell you the down right truth instantly. Ah yes, my mother… it's a love-hate relationship. The truthfulness and assuming things was always her down fall. She assumed that because I never went off to play house or doctor with the girls that would come to the beach that I HAD to be gay. The thing is, it was just an assumption to her, but it was the truth to me. I knew I had more feelings towards boys rather than girls. It was nothing that I could change, yet I did not want my mother to know. I felt like she would just use that as blackmail and humiliate me later on about. She would accept me; that was not the problem. It was just an awkward thing to say: "Oh, hey mom guess what! Your assumptions were right; I'm gay!" I can just picture it now; she would just roll on the sand cracking up and saying "I told you so! I told you so!"

Sure, it's great having a mom that was more like your best friend and liked to act like you a lot of the time, but sometimes people ask if she is just my older sister. She looks like she could be, and maybe that's why when she went to the store for food after her job at Sunset Cones, a small family owned ice cream parlor on the Main Land's pier, she came back with a nice "rock" on her ring finger. Yep, never saw that one coming now did you? Well I know I didn't, not one single bit. But I had a suspicion when about a half a year ago she started to come home late just saying that she had to close up the shop, but in reality she was seeing this guy.

Now the wedding date has been set and we're moving to the finer area in the middle class town were he lives. He's a nice guy, I assume. I mean, he's accepted the way of life we've been living until now, what with the tent and living paycheck to paycheck. And if he truly loves my mother there is nothing that I can do to stop them, not like I would even want to. I want my mother and anyone else I know and care about to be happy no matter what. I don't see how he is a bad guy anyways. Demyx, my mom's fiancé, is a pediatrician and a very well respected person. I personally have never met this guy before, but my mom said that he owns a nice house, with a netted-in deck that had a hammock on it looking into the woods out back. She said that it was a beautiful place, and supposedly the next-door neighbors have already invited the three of us to their home for a "congratulations to the happy couples' engagement" barbecue dinner. Apparently they have a pool that my mom is dying to swim in.

It may seem very odd for me to say this, especially after living by the ocean my whole life, but I never really learned how to swim. But if you think about it, honestly, how do you swim in the ocean anyways? The waves are sometimes to harsh and the current can be "unpredictable," is what my mother used to say. So I never went in to far to actually be considered swimming.

I finished packing up all our worldly possessions in the tent using boxes that Demyx had gotten us and moved everything to our boat. The poor wooden boat looked like it was about to sink with how many boxes we stuffed in. I was not too worried though. This would be its second trip with this much of a load going to the Main Land. It always seemed to take hours to get to the other side, but in actuality it was only a 20 minute trip. Sighing, I stepped into the boat, knowing full well that this was going to be the last time I came over to this small island of ours. But who knows, starting a new journey may not be so hard.