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I quickened my steps after glancing up at the club's flashing neon sign for the fifth time. The way the thing was blinking was nerve wrecking. It was as though people didn't know what kind of place Pulse was, or what kind of people hung out there. The outside of the building looked exactly like it did the last time I found myself lost and alone; just like Sora. Broken Budweiser, Bud Light, Mikes Hard Lemonade, Golden Goose, and many other types of alcoholic drinks were scattered throughout the parking lot. The building itself was broken down, looked like it should have been condemned years back. What one could guess to be the usual crowd stood by the broken down door, shooting up some illegal substance as the police stood, literally, just a few feet away, letting it go on. All I could think about was how whoever was responsible for bringing Sora to a place like this was in for on hell of a fight.

I had to ask myself, though, why I cared so much. It wasn't like he was going to be any different from the others. I didn't cared for him too deeply. It was all just a façade to get into their pants. Or that's how I saw it at least. What's the point of relationships, or even friendships, when you know that in the long run they're just going to leave you in the end, heartbroken? So that's what I did. I left them before I could get hurt myself. It made logical sense to me, and almost everyone at school knew about how I worked.

I digress. Getting back to the point at hand, when I entered the club, there was no bulky bodyguard, like one would see at a normal club. No one checked to see if you were of age. No one really cared. At Pulse, every law, rule, and even common sense was gone, thrown out the door. I guess that's a little ironic, since there's not even a door to throw anything out of.

The stench of the alcohol burned my nose and really made me want to gag. Too much assaulted the senses all at once, and could make anyone want to leave right away. That is, unless you were on something. Acid would probably make the rundown, old building the coolest place to be, what with all the lights and hard music going on. And don't forget the dancers, or at least what could be mistaken for dancers. Some of the club goers made the place borderline nudist, what with how they weren't dressed.

Many of the people I walked past gave me the look. You know, that very special look. The one where they mentally undress you, and fuck you with their eyes look. My head distracted everyone else that looked my way. My hair was no longer solid silver, but bright pink, blue, green, and all the other colors that flashed over it. I probably looked as though I had a fight with a rainbow and the rainbow won. That, or my head was a multicolored disco ball.

The bar area was not too impressive. Glasses were half filled, sometimes with what was ordered, other times with whatever the bartender decided to give, and that included drugs. Even if the customer never asked for it. This place was shady, if you hadn't noticed. I almost felt a little bad for Sora. No one else that I've dated had been through this before, so I was lost as to what to do, and how to make it better. It's hard to tell, sometimes, what degree of upset and worry is needed to keep the appearance of care.

I walked over to the counter and saw that familiar mass of brown hair across the way. It was a relief to see that he was not physically harmed, at least. He also didn't appear to be too drugged out, since he was having a casual conversation with the person next to him.

I anxiously pushed my way through many people to get to the other side of the semicircle shaped bar. I had butterflies in my stomach; probably because Pulse is where…oh never mind that, no living in the past where it can be avoided. Once I made my way over to Sora, I took his arm and tried to pull him closer to me, away from the complete stranger, to me at least, that he was in the middle of talking to. The stranger still had Sora in hand, though.

Said stranger had really long black hair, tied loosely in a ponytail, and red, beating eyes. He wore a sleek, black business suit, and had silver-ish chains draping from his waist, which were attached to just about everywhere else. He gave me a kind smile, but his eyes said otherwise.

He extended his hand out to me, and greeted me with a voice that gave me goose bumps.

"You must be Riku, I presume. Sora here has told me so many delightful things about you."

I wasn't really listening, since Sora was still in his gasp, but I took his invitation and shook his hand. His grip nearly made me wince. But I tried to be polite about it, and not show the pain.

"I'm quite sorry, but do I know you by any chance?"

I wanted to stay on his nice side. I didn't know what his intentions were, if he had any, and I didn't know what he might have done, or might have been thinking of doing, to Sora. That guy was still off in lala land, looking at me with the most dilated, sexy-drunk-eyes he could muster up, whether or not it was intentional. It wasn't the most reassuring thing to see that he still looked stoned.

The other gentleman sat up in his spot next to Sora, and waved his hand in a polite gesture. It was a suggestion for me to sit down, but since he still had Sora, it was more of a command.

"I can assure you that you do know about me, but I can also assure you that you have never seen me in person. My name is Vincent. Vincent Valentine."

I couldn't recall ever hearing about him. I had to wonder if he knew Sora outside of Pulse.

"I don't believe I know of you, I'm afraid." I said.

A little hint of anger resonated off my lips. I tried to hold back my growing dislike of the guy. He was now draping his arms around Sora.

"My dear boy, I work for your father…well actually he works for me, but that's really just a technicality of sorts, is it not?"

'My dear boy?' Oh my dear boy my ass. I was ready to kick his ass out of the club if he didn't watch himself.

"Oh Riku, Riku, Riku. I would not be thinking anything vulgar right now, since I do hold all the cards in my hands." Vincent said as his eyes looked down at Sora lovingly. The brunette just smiled back, not knowing what situation he had put himself into.

Just who did he think he was? I was officially pissed off. I moved to grab Sora's arm to pull him away from Vincent's grip, to get him out of the way so I could deck the guy, only to have the older man to tug back. He was surprisingly strong, and Sora practically fell onto his chest.

"Now what did I just tell you? You should not go doing foolish things." Vincent's eyes gave me the 'I-dare-you-to-do-that-again-and-see-what-happens' look. He emphasized his point by lifting up his shirt to reveal a gleaming 6mm caliber pistol. That validated my own assumptions about how dangerous he was. I made a mental note at that point to make sure to tell my father the type of person he was in a business relationship with. That brought to mind the odd thing Vincent had said earlier.

The last time I'd checked, my father was the CEO. He didn't work for anyone; it was his company.

"Dearest Riku, it would be best to take our conversation elsewhere, now, would it not?"

The way that guy talked just pissed me off even more, what with his riddles, and old English and saying things ass backwards! He could speak normal English, 'could he not'? Seriously, I shouldn't need to press 2 for English, and I shouldn't need a Shakespearian dictionary to understand what he was saying.

After a few minutes of uncomfortable, irritated silence, in which I felt rational fear of the gun, and slightly less rational fear of what Vincent's motivations were, the guy waltzes his way out of the club, dragging Sora with him. He didn't even look back to see if I was following him. Of course, it was pretty much guaranteed that I would follow no matter what. I mean I couldn't just sit back, knowing that he had a gun right next to Sora. Even if it wasn't someone I wholeheartedly loved, it would feel just wrong to let him go off with a potentially dangerous man and not do anything.

So I followed soon after, only to find Vincent leaning up against my car. It irked me to know that he knew which car was mine, but I guess it was a no-brainer. The only nice looking car next to mine/my dads was an old beat-up Chevy that was three different colors, and it didn't look like the color changes were on purpose. It almost made mine look like a Rolls Royce from Buckingham Palace in comparison.

"Get in." I said as I unlocked the car doors. Vincent got in the back seat with Sora, who was now dozing against his shoulder. The day was really not going well. It was supposed to be simple. The date: eat, play on the beach and make him fall for me, and then go to the mall and get him a trinket to remember the day by. Afterwards: take him home and fuck him into complete ecstasy. That's how it was supposed to go. But no!

As I sat down and readjusted the seat and mirrors, stalling just to piss Vincent off, I reminisced on how the day actually went: it rained for the most part, drenching us as we went into Olive Garden, then they gave me the wrong food, (how, I still don't know, since I order the same thing all the time), then when we went for ice cream, they were out of there most popular flavor: sea salt. The only good part of the day was going to the beach with him. It was after that when everything truly shit the bed.

"Ahem, Riku, I do believe that your mirrors are fine, and, after readjusting your seat 6 times now, that too is fine, I'm sure. But now, out of courtesy to your exhausted guests, it would be polite to drive us to your abode, would it not?"

I had been so deep in the reminiscing that I had almost forgotten what kind of situation I was in. Almost. If I had a diary, this day alone would probably fill the whole book. I snickered a little at the thought of keeping a diary.

"Riku, do you think it wise to laugh in the presence of someone who has a gun? Perhaps you need a small reminder of that fact." Vincent reached into his shirt.

", no absolutely not. I'm sorry, it's just this whole day has been nothing but an episode off of a bad TV drama." I said, somewhat hastily.

"It pains me to inform you, but, to be frank, this is not a TV drama. You, the perceived hero, are not so charming and charismatic as to avoid harm, and I, the perceived villain, will not hesitate to do what I must to get what I want, which, in this case, will involve shooting, and I'm fairly certain that the damage from a bullet is far more painful than the TV dramas make it out to be. Would you like to test my theory, or will you just do as I say and drive?"

My answer to his remark was not said in words, but in the hum of my engine starting up, and the shifting of gears as I drove out of the parking lot at almost record-breaking speed. The ride home was filled with nuzzles and soft moans escaping the now fully sleeping Sora. It was a very cute sight when I glanced back through the rear view mirror every so often.

As we pulled up to my house, I could see both of my fathers looking out the window, waiting for me to get home. I had called them after Sora had disappeared in the mall. Well, okay, I didn't call right away. After all, Sora could have been almost anywhere in the mall, if he had still been in the mall, but I'd had a sneaking suspicion that he'd gotten involved with the "adult" store. I guess curiosity killed the cat, and got the best of Sora. But in my defense, I did warn him not to go anywhere near the place. It's seriously bad news.

One of my fathers, the one that Vincent claimed works with him, had a very startled look on his face. He turned from the window, looking for all intents and purposes as though he were walking away.

Well fuck dad, okay, totally walk the fuck away when you see a complete stranger (to me) in your car cuddling my boyfriend. Thanks for caring so deeply about your own child's well being. Okay, fine, technically I'm not his, but whatever, that's just by blood.

I pulled into our little parking lot that was in front of our house and killed the engine. I shifted myself to look into the back seat. The moment that our eyes made contact, Vincent moved, and gracefully had Sora lying across his lap. He was maneuvering around to get the door to the car open. As he opened the door, and managed to get Sora out of the car, bridal style, without bumping his head or waking him up, I heard a soft whisper coming from the brunette's lips.


It was a strange, and slightly alarming afterthought, knowing it was not my embrace that he was getting warmth and comfort from, but from someone that has nearly threatened to kill me for reasons that I still don't understand. Kind of like how I wasn't in total freak out mode right then. I mean, after all, the guy had a gun, and he was hostile. Who in their right mind wouldn't be freaking out about that? But I just have to say that I never said that I was in my right mind, now did I?

I was a little stunned that Vincent just up and walked out of the car, and did not make any remarks or threats to me. You could say I'd grown accustomed to them already. I found it almost fitting at that point to just follow in pursuit of the man. He had treated everything that night as though it were his, so it was fitting that he walked right up to my house and entered it, as though he had lived there himself the whole time.

I think it was at that point that I hit my internal panic button, and ran up to get to my father before Vincent had a chance to. Something was wrong, if that wasn't already obvious, but something seemed even more strange: Why go after Sora?

"Dad, what's going on, do you know this man?"

"Riku, just sit down." Vincent's voice behind me mixed with my father's voice in front of me, making it unpleasant, and a little eerie at that.

"But father, this guy has a gun! I think he's the one who drugged Sora."

"You can continue to speak, or you can be wise, and shut the hell up."

I could tell that I had pissed Vincent off, so I did as he said, shut up, and sat down for good measure. He passed Sora over to me and took my father off to the other side of the room to have a "private, adult conversation."

I brushed Sora's hair out of his face. He felt very warm to the touch, and I gazed into his now open blue eyes. They were duller than normal. It was weird…my heart skipped a beat. I couldn't figure out if it was just the excitement of the night, or if I might actually have had real feelings for him.

Conflicted with my emotions over the boy in my arms, and not wanting to deal with them right then, I put all my concentration into trying to eavesdrop in on the conversation going on across the room.

I only managed to hear a little bit, but what I did hear made my heart stop and my mouth hang open with pure shock, considering the circumstances.

"His father hired you to find him?" My father said.

They talked a little bit more but it all I heard was Vincent say:

"He wants his son back."