"Look that's the Hogwarts Express!" Hermione said, pointing at the bright red train. Ron rolled his eyes; sometimes Hermione was a bit too enthusiastic about things like that. Hermione turned around just in time to see this gesture. She glared murderously at him. Jane sniggered, but quickly shut up when she got a death glare from Hermione, whose mood had turned very sour.

"You three better calm down and get on the train, it's going to leave in a few minutes you know," Harry pointed out. They nodded in agreement, and Ron and Jane proceeded to step onto the train, unaware of the world around them as they discussed their favorite quidditch team, the Chudley Cannons. Hermione, still sulking, followed after them. Harry glanced around, searching for Cyn, who had somehow disappeared during Ron and Hermione's little argument. His eyes widened when he saw where she was. She was standing next to the train, talking to a boy with light blond hair and grey eyes, a boy who Harry knew and hated, Draco Malfoy. Cyn brushed her shoulder length blond hair out of her face, her brown eyes twinkling.

Harry just walked right passed them and onto the train, though not without shooting Malfoy a scowl. Malfoy just smirked; Harry shouldn't have expected any other response from him. He just scowled again and stepped onto the train, joining Ron, Hermione and Jane in a compartment.

"C'mon we better get on the train, I think it's about to leave," Cyn said to Malfoy. He nodded and stepped aside.

"After you," he said, and smirked. Cyn laughed and stepped on, closely followed by Draco.

"Where are we going to sit? All the compartments are full…..oh wait here!" she said, stopping at the compartment Draco probably would least like to sit in. The same compartment as Ron, Hermione, Jane, and Harry. Draco was given no other choice though, as all the others were completely full. Cyn walked in and smiled at them all, unaware of all the bitterness Draco and the Gryffindors had towards each other. She sat down next to Hermione, and Draco sat next to the window, which was conveniently located across from Cyn,

Draco was very happy in this position, he could steal glances at her easily, which he could tell Potter envied him for. He could tell Potter had a thing for her, from the way he had scowled. Of course Draco knew he shouldn't be making fun of Potter for this, as he himself had fallen hard for her, though he had only known her for all of ten minutes, He found her fascinating, her beautiful brown eyes twinkled like stars on a clear night and her hair was a beautiful light blond, much like his own. She was also one of the few girls he knew who could keep up a conversation. His musings were interrupted when

Potter leaned over and hissed in his ear.

"Everyone can tell you're staring at her you know," he whispered. Draco rolled his eyes.

"Is that a crime Potter? I didn't realize there was a law against staring at her, if there were I am sure you would be just as guilty as me," Draco said with a smirk. Potter just glared, the others seemed oblivious to all this, they had gotten into a deep conversation about muggle music……