The Soul of the Universe
Chapter 9

"Owww my poor head." Nosedive whined rubbing his head, he opened his eyes and gasped taking a
step back. "What the hell!" He was in the middle of a large forest, or whatever. The trees
were Huge! About three no make that four Grins put together, and that was the smaller ones. His
eyes nearly bulged as he whirled around looking.

"Ahhhhh!" He screamed nearly having a heart attack when he turned around to be facing a person,
or a being what ever. Nosedive Froze as did the other creature and they stared at each other.
The other being was Humanoid in shape, but his skin had a dark blue tint to it, and a - A TAIL!
Nosedive Blinked and continued to gaze at the other creature, He, or he thought it was a he
had long silvery blue hair that ran down his back, large blue eyes. He was wearing a Long
brown vest, that attached at his waist and ran down a little past his knees. The Vest was
decorated with beads and feathers, little pieces of ribbon like string that was a darker brown
than the vest. Large baggy pants finished the out fit off He couldn't see what type of shoes
the other had on if any.

Nosedive decided to break the silence, by looking up at the others eyes, His eyes were larger
than dives and his mouth flat to his face. Nosedive took a breath, "What are you?" He asked
the other.

The other being cocked his head slightly, peering at dive with his large blue eyes.

"Great you cant understand me! this is just perfect!" He threw his hands up in the air forgetting
that he should have been cautious being in front of a stranger.

"Alef, zu ema catta dowrite." The other said at last breaking his own silence. Dive stood
and gave him a weird look.

"I cant understand you." Nosedive looked exasperated. He looked down at the weight that was
laying on his chest. The Jewel, no the Soul of the Universe. He sighed, How was he suppose to
protect this thing if he couldn't do anything. What the hell was he suppose to do with it any
ways?! And another thing Where the hell was he!

He put his hand up to it and looked at it deeply, There was a swirling in side of it that caught
his eye. It looked as though there was space inside of it. Stars! The next thing Dive new was
he was on his back staring up at the sky, the being stood next to him talking very fast.

"Anat wel Alef ema ta kata all es ight can you here me, are you all right?" His blue eyes
looked curiously at Nosedive and nosedive gasped.

"I-I can understand you!" Nosedive looked at him with large eyes. "I can understand you!"
He sat up and held looked at the other. "Can you understand me"

"Yes, I told you, before that I could." The blue man answered him. Nosedive looked strangely
at him.

"Well I couldn't understand you then!" He said. "H-how!" He asked, The blue being looked at him

"You say you couldn't understand me then you looked at that." He pointed at the jewel, "And now
you can." He shrugged. "What are you?"

Nosedive gaze locked on the Jewel, "I don't believe it," He said quietly gazing at the Jewel. He
looked up to see the other gazing at the jewel as well, and he felt a small fear arise in him.
He was lost, alone and in the company of an alien.

"Who are you?" He stood up and backed away his hand clutched the jewel, "what are you and
ware am I?" His voice was rising as panic arose in his gut.

The other put his hands out in front of him as if waving off a blow. "I should be asking you
those questions Stranger. Your the one who fell out of the sky!" His tail whirled out behind him.

Nosedive was speechless for a second and looked up at the sky, 'I did come out of the
dimensional gate way after the star eyed deity sent me through.' He looked down almost dejectedly,
Could he trust this being? 'well he hasn't tried to kill me yet' he thought.

"My my name is Nosedive." He said suddenly, looking up from the ground. "What you saw me come
through was my uhhh my dimensional portal! Now If you don't tell me what you are and wear I am
I will bring it back and destroy all your land!" He cringed at what he just said. 'Im such an

The blue being looked at him and cocked his head for a second and then started laughing.

Nosedive stood there for a second, "Hey hey- what are you laughing at!"

"You cannot control that, or you would know where you are!" The blue being said. "There is no
need to threaten, I will gladly tell you where you are." He said while whipping a tear from his
eyes. "I am Lakeen, And you are on the 7th planet in the Rock Nest Solar system Survoya, I am a
Survoyan." He said simply.

Nosedive grumbled, "How can I trust you?"

"I haven't attacked you." Lakeen said.

"Oh." Nosedive looked up at the sky for a second his face betrayed his emotions, He was lost
on a planet he had never even heard of, in a solar system he had never had a notion existed.
His big brother was nowhere to be found and he was alone, the star eyed deity's had entrusted
him to protect the most precious thing in the Universe, The Universe. He sighed.

This sucked.

Lakeen saw the look on the ducks face and felt a wave of sympathy for him, though he couldn't
read the aliens face very well he read his eyes, and saw a look in them he knew very well
Sadness. "Look, I saw the portal thing open up and saw you fall out of it, that's how I
found you." The other looked up at him. "I don't know how you got here, or why your here but you
can stay with me I guess." 'If this was all a hoax and the innocent look he has is acted then
I'm as good as dead. but I don't know that and I cant leave him here.' Lakeen tried to smile at
the other.

Nosedive looked at him, they had just met he had fallen out of the sky and this guy was inviting
him to stay with him. He looked thoughtful for a moment. "O-okay." he said finally.

"Come," Lakeen said simply and started off in a different direction. Nosedive nearly blinked and
he was gone.

'Damn he's fast!' "H-Hey wait for me!" Nosedive took off after him. 'this should be interesting.'

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