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Friday. October 16. First Semester. Freshman Year.

The boy with the blonde hair stared intently at the raven-haired goddess that stood at the other end of the quad. Her hair kissed the gentle breeze as the autumn wind began to kick in. A smile slowly crept on onto his face as her hazel eyes met with his blue ones. Jonathan Roxas Way sighed as he imagined himself beside the girl, holing her hand and whispering sweet nothings just for the heck of it.

"I suggest that you just ask her to Homecoming," Olette chimed happily as she and Pence sat down at the lunch table. "I'm more than positive that Rachel Daniels would love to go with you, Roxy."

Snapping back to attention, Roxas turned over to his two best friends. "What?" he asked, still a little dazed. "Ask who to where? What're you talking about, 'lette?"

The brunette rolled her eyes as Pence carefully peered into the brown paper bag Olette had filled for him only hours earlier. "Roxas, I may have just met you only two years ago," Olette stated, "but you're literally like my twin from another kin. When I see you staring off into space with a goofy grin on your face, you and Hayner are either up to something or you're thinking of her-."

Pence nodded quickly. "Yup!" he laughed pulling out a water bottle. "That's the same stupid look that Olette has on her face when she's thinking about Hayner."

Olette immediately turned to the black-haired teenager who sat across from her. "What!" she practically shouted. "That is not true!"

"Admit it, Olette," Hayner whispered as he brought his lunch tray over to their usual table near the band room. "Wait... what exactly are you admitting to now?"

Pence chuckled before answering his friend. "Olette and me were just trying to convince Roxas to ask Rachel Daniels to Homecoming-."

Hayner carefully eyed Roxas before slightly turning his head in the direction of the popular girl. "Rachel Daniels?" Hayner hissed as he turned to face his friends again.

Roxas looked closely at Hayner's disapproving facial and then he turned to face Olette and Pence; both looked over-excited. "Guys, look... I don't even know if I'm going to this dance," he whined. "Why should I bother asking Rachel if that's the case?"

Olette stared at her friend in confusion. "Roxas, you have to go to the dance," Olette reminded as her smile fell from her face. "You and I are Freshman Class Officers; it's mandatory that we be there."

Pence hastily opened the carton of chocolate milk that sat in front of Roxas as Hayner stood up to go to the vending machines across the quad. "Dude," Pence said after chugging the carton of chocolate milk, "you have got to stop lying to yourself... You know you want to ask Rachel to the dance; we know you do. You know you do, too!"

"No... no, I don't!" Roxas urged his friends to believe Hayner walked back with an cold bottle of sweetened iced tea for Olette.

"You don't want?" Hayner wondered as he handed the bottle to his girlfriend. "Are you still trying to convince us that you don't want to go to the dance with Daniels?"

Shaking his head, Roxas replied, "I shouldn't even be trying to convince you guys; you should already believe me!"

"You want us to believe your silly little lies?" Olette teased as Roxas buried his head beneath his arms. "Hayner practically lives with you on the weekends. Pence has known you for probably more than half of his life. And I'm like your twin sister! I think by now the three of us know when you're lying, Roxas..."

Pence watched as his childhood best friend fidgeted with his barely eaten food. The raven-haired boy stared as Roxas apathetically stared at Hayner and Olette. "You really don't want to ask her to the dance, do you?" Pence asked as Roxas turned to face him.

Nodding, Roxas sadly pushed his tray of food toward the couple that sat before him. "Hayner... Olette, have it. I know you two don't really have much of a lunch anyways; you two always share as it is so make this lunchtime a meal for the both of you rather than a stupid snack..." the blue-eyed boy groaned. "Besides, I'm not hungry..."

Hayner stared curiously as Roxas slouched and continued to bury his head beneath his arms. "Dude, what the hell are you saying about? You've been crushing on Rachel since I met you in the seventh grade!"

"You've been infatuated with her since even before Hayner and I met you," Olette said gently as she pushed the tray of food aside. "You really don't want to ask her to the dance next weekend?"

Roxas looked up from his original position. Shaking his head, the teenager groaned moodily. "I do want to ask her!" he admitted sadly.

"Then... there's obviously a reason as to why you don't want to ask her though, right?" Pence questioned as Hayner began to pick out the olives from the pasta he and Olette were sharing.

"Those are good for you," she nagged.

Roxas looked toward his dating best friends and laughed at their little fits. He then turned to Pence, mumbling words incomprehensible to his friends.

"What?" Hayner asked, still ignoring his girlfriend's comments. "I don't think any of us understood a word of that."

Again, Roxas sighed and repeated quietly, "I can't dance..."

Olette smiled sympathetically toward her friend and reached out her hand out to gently pat his; she knew what it was like to be in a world where only one thing, such as dancing, mattered and to not have to ability to do that one thing... "It's okay, Roxy-."

"WHAT?" Hayner and Pence laughed in unison, causing a group of gigging girls to stop and stare at the quartet of misfits.

Pence continued to laugh as Hayner stared embarrassed at his blonde friend. "What do you mean you can't dance?" Hayner whispered to Roxas with a smirk, "Your older cousin is captain of the school's dance squad! And you're telling us that you can't dance?"

Olette glared at Hayner and Pence. "Your older sister was lieutenant, co-captain and then captain of All Female; you can't dance, Hayner. What's up with that?" she scolded as Roxas began to stare at Rachel once more.

Pence snorted in laughter at Olette's remark toward the blonde teen in front of him. "Why didn't you just tell us before, Roxas?" Pence asked, more sympathetically.

Roxas raised as eyebrow as he turned to face his friends again. "Exhibit A," he gestured toward Hayner. "Just because Sora is captain of All Male and Coed, everyone suddenly assumes that dancing is in our genes... it's not!"

Olette nodded briefly. "We understand Roxas," she said, glancing more toward her boyfriend.

Hayner was still picking at his pasta as he scratched the back of his head. He looked toward Roxas with a half smile. "I get what you mean... I guess," Hayner sighed. "Aelita's the all-star child; I've always just been second best..."

Roxas ignored Hayner last comment before turning to Olette with a sly grin. "Olette," he choked out, "I'm asking Rachel to Homecoming."

Olette smiled and nodded; she knew her "twin brother" all too well. "There's a catch, isn't there?"

Roxas smirked, mirroring Oeltte's nodd. "You have to teach me how to dance..."

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