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Homecoming Dance. October 24. First Semester. Freshman Year.

Roxas stood in front of his hallway mirror, proud of the tie he tied around his neck; only moments before, Roxas had not known how to tie a tie and after a few Internet searches, he was soon able to tie one. It was the night of the Homecoming Dance – Roxas' first real dance. This was his chance to really show the girl he had been crushing on that he, Jonathan Roxas Way, was more than the worthless nobody everyone deemed him to be.

"Jonathan Roxas, your friend's here!" Mrs. Way called from downstairs.

"I'll be right down, Ma!" Roxas said loudly as he rushed to the bathroom to spray on some cologne. "Dear Lord, please let me freakin' impress Rachel!"

Roxas exhaled shortly before striding downstairs with confidence. He made his way down the steps only to meet the emerald green eyes of Olette Anderson. "What're you doing here?" he wondered as his mother searched the other end of the living room for the camera. "I thought you and Hayner were gonna meet me at the dance."

"Pence called me," Olette stated, "telling me that Hayner wanted me up with you first."

Roxas eyed Olette curiously before turning to his mother. "Mom, you really don't have to take pictures; Olette's not my date."

"Nonsense!" Mrs. Way cheered. "Olette, stand next to Roxas."

"Mom!" Roxas whined.

"Just one picture, please!" Mrs. Way begged as she focused the camera on her son and the girl she saw as a daughter.

"Fine!" Roxas gave in.

Placing his arm around Olette's waist, Roxas tilted his head to the left slightly with a smile. To the right of Roxas, Olette plastered a smile on her face as she snaked her left arm around her friend's body. Once the camera flashed, Roxas quickly let go of Olette with a chuckle.

"What's so funny?" Olette wondered as she adjusted the bun her hair was in. "Does my dress look stupid?"

"I was just thinking what Hayner would say if he saw the position we were just in," Roxas replied. "And no, your dress looks amazing on you... fits the theme actually."

Olette blushed at Roxas' comment; she had spent hours trying to find a dress that was beautiful, yet cheap. She had finally decided upon a light blue dress that reminded her very much of Alice's dress.

"Thanks," Olette said as she and Roxas headed out the door.

At the dance, the loud music blared through the doors of the school gymnasium. The strobe lights lit up the darkened gym as the many teens from Twilight Town High School danced the night away. Roxas now stood with Olette and Rachel at the table furthest from the DJ. The three had just arrived at the dance and now they were on their way to the dance floor – well, Roxas and Rachel were.

Olette, on the other hand, wasn't much of a dancer as it was and without her date, there really was no reason to get out and onto the dance floor. As usual, Hayner had flaked out on Olette and asked Pence to break the news to her. Olette, however, wasn't stupid enough to believe that Hayner wanted to "meet up with her at the school"; she knew she was being stood up, but she said nothing to Roxas in fear of ruining his night.

Song after song, the teenagers of the dance were enjoying themselves on the dance floor. Roxas, however, stood in the far corner of the gym, trying to find his date.

"Olette," he tried shouting about the blaring music, "have you seen Rachel! I lost her after the first song!"

Olette rolled her eyes. "Are you joking? It hasn't even been an hour and you already lost your date!" she shouted against the music. "But, no! I haven't seen her!"

"There she is!" Roxas pointed out after spotting Rachel with the Ashleys. "She and I still have to take our picture!"

Roxas ran up to Rachel with a smile. "Oh, there you are!" she called for him. "We still need to take our picture!"

The boy in the black slacks nodded. "That's why I came looking for you! I wanted to know if you were still up for one."

"Of course!" she responded loudly. "Can we go outside? It's too loud in here!"

Nodding once more, Roxas took Rachel's hand and led her past the DJ.

"Finally," Rachel breathed. "Fresh air."

Roxas laughed. "Yeah... so let's go take that picture?"

Just then a slow song had come on. Remembering Sora's complaints about school dances, Roxas knew that they only played one slow song.

"Actually," Roxas said, "may I have this dance?"

Rachel looked at Roxas uncomfortably. "Sure..." she sighed.

Carefully, Roxas placed his arms around Rachel and pulled her close to him. He felt the cool autumn night breeze hit his face as he and Rachel swayed to the feel of the music. The lighting, the atmosphere, the timing, everything was perfect; it was like a scene from a movie, but Roxas just wasn't feeling it anymore. He looked down at the girl who swayed with him; Rachel was more than uninterested and uncomfortable with her current position.

Once the song had ended, Rachel pushed away from Roxas. She looked at him and then turned looked at the silver chained watch on her left wrist. "I have to go... my mom and dad are waiting for me outside."

"But..." Roxas muttered as he watched his date run off into the gym, "the dance started only an hour ago."

Just then, Olette raced to where Roxas was standing. Her heels clicked behind her as she rushed up to her best friend. "What's wrong?" the brunette wondered. "I just saw Rachel run out without a worry or care."

"I think I scared her off," Roxas laughed, leaning against the wall behind the gym and sinking to the floor.

"How?" Olette wondered as she collapsed to the ground beside Roxas.

"I asked her to dance," he explained. "We danced out here and well... yeah... there you go."

Olette stared at the blonde with care in her eyes. "What happened? Was it that bad?"

Shrugging, Roxas chortled. "Honestly, that was the worst dance I've ever experienced; it was so awkward!"

"And you're okay with that?" Olette wondered.

For a moment, Roxas sat to think about Olette's question. What he "okay" with that? The girl he had liked since elementary school had just run away from him after sharing what seemed like an awkward slow dance with him... The girl he had liked even while dating Namine had left the dance because of something he did...

"Yea..." he replied truthfully. "I'm okay with that."

"You are?" Olette was surprised. "But she just ran away from you!"

"And in her doing that... I realized something," Roxas admitted. "Maybe she's just not the one..."

"You said that about Namine, too," Olette reminded, "but I know somewhere in that mind of yours, you still want her. And I know that's how you feel about Rachel, right!"

Roxas shook his head. "Geez, Drama Queen," he joked. "I'm okay with her leaving... while she and I were dancing with each other, the moment was perfect, but I just wasn't feeling it. It's not the same feeling that you probably get with Hayner or the same feeling that I used to get with Namine."

"So you're telling me that-?"

"Do you want to be my picture date?" Roxas pondered, cutting Olette off.

"What?" she asked startled by his question.

"Well, I figured that Hayner's not showing up anytime soon," Roxas said, watching as Olette hung her head down in defeat. "And my date just ran off like I was gonna eat her or something... you and I might as well make the most of this dance. So... what'd'ya say? Let's go into the Activity Room and take our picture?"

Roxas stood up and put out his hand for Olette. The brunette looked up at her friend and took his head gracefully.

"I would be honored to be your picture date, Jonathan Roxas Way," she said in a fake British accent.

"The pleasure is all mine!" he mocked back.

With that Roxas and Olette made their way to the Activity Room. The line for pictures had died down shortly after the slow dance. Soon, Olette and Roxas were in front of the camera, posing the same way they had at Roxas' house.

"Thanks, Olette," Roxas said as they left the dance.

It was only ten; the dance ended at midnight, but Roxas and Olette figured that they were better off at the Usual Spot. Roxas and Olette entered their secret haven and flipped the switch beside one of the Twilight Town 'WELCOME' posters. In a flash, three lights were shining in the Usual Spot.

"For what?" Olette wondered as she plopped herself onto the couch. "You and I just took one picture together."

"It wasn't just the picture," Roxas said with a smile. "You gave me the courage to ask Rachel to the dance. In doing that, I was able to see that she and I just wouldn't mix... regardless of what my heart is telling me now. HAHA."

"Roxas," Olette said as she took her heels off, "I'm sure that you would have figured that out ev-."

"I also want to thank you for saving my night and attempting to teach me how to dance," Roxas smiled. "I don't know of any girl that would do the same."

Grinning, Olette stood up from the couch and walked over to Roxas. She threw her arms around him and pulled him into a hug. "Don't you ever forget that I will be ready to do just about anything for you, Hayner and Pence," Olette whispered into Roxas' ear. "I love you, guys."

Roxas returned to hug before turning to his best girl friend. "Olette, I just have one more thing to ask you..."

"What's that?" Olette asked, pulling away from the hug.

Roxas then put out his right hand. With a small bow, he lifted his head in Olette's direction. "Can I have this dance?"

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