Another Animal

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Chapter 1

Sweet, Spice, Blood, and Something Else

The November air was numbing, just the way I liked it. I was thankful for the bone chilling air that whipped across my face and body, keeping me alert and focused as I stalked my newest target. A middle aged politician that had many people who wanted him dead, which is where I come in. I've been a killer for hire a long time now, and I'm more than good at what I do. So good in fact, business is always booming. There is only one person that some consider better than me, one person who embraces their animal side as much as I do. His name is whispered by those brave enough to share his story, a story almost as gruesome as mine. If you ask me, Richard B. Riddick is nothing more than competition in the game of who's the better killer, a game I never loose. I don't know why I've been thinking about the man so much over the past few weeks. It's not like I've ever met him, or I ever will, but for some reason I can't get him off my mind.

Ah, but right now I need to focus on my target so I can choose the perfect time to strike. He walks lazily towards the bar he has been going to every night since I started observing him. Nothing too special, just another dirty little pub with cheap booze and cheaper women. I have a perfect view of him from my spot on one of the roof tops, I can watch his every move as well as look out for any wandering eyes.

I relax a little and let my senses drift farther out. I can hear the cars that drive by, the music from the clubs, his footsteps as he rounds a corner. I push a little harder and can hear his breathing, slightly wheezy from a life time of cigarettes and laziness, can hear his heart beat and the flow of blood through his veins.

I push my nose out further as well, catching the scents of the late night scene. Sweat, alcohol, smoke, arousal, cheap perfume, and excitement waft from the clubs and bars as I let my nose explore the surroundings. Finally I am able to lock onto my targets scent, one which, unfortunately for me, isn't a pleasant one. He smells of rotting breath and expensive cigars, not something I'm particularly excited about but force myself to work through. I can tell from the scents that cling to him that he hasn't showered in a few days, trying to use his cologne to cover up the whores he's paid for and the booze he's drank. The faint smell of office supplies and leather tells me he was at the office for a few hours today, but he spent less time there than usual. Probably wanted to get a few more hours at the bar tonight. I push even harder and can smell something fait mixed in with the indescribable scent of blood. I could almost taste the familiar numbing sensation of morphine as let my tongue slip out of my mouth for a brief second to taste the air.

By now he has entered the bar and probably gotten his usual whisky. I smirk cause I can still hear his every move, every breath. The poor thing doesn't stand a chance. I hear the air move as he turns his head, probably looking for a pretty face and long legs willing to spend a couple of hours with him.

Moving silently I get up from my kneeling position and get ready to start phase one of my master plan. Unfortunately for me, however, this kill would be nothing too exiting. Actually, it's gonna be rather generic, a damn shame if you ask me. Simply catch his attention and lure him out, something that will be more than easy seeing as he's desperate for a woman. Oh well, there will be more interesting kills soon enough. I quickly descend from my place on the roof, using my arms to swing myself from the bars attached to the side of the two story building and land silently on my toes, not a hair out of place.

It's dark out tonight, like a blanket over the city. I stand in the shadow of the building, making one last check to make sure I had everything I need before I go inside and finish my job.

For most people, the darkness that seems to suffocate the night would be an ailment, something they could not work in. I however can see rather well in the dark. Granted I don't have night vision, but I trained my eyes a long time ago to be strong even in the darkest of nights.

I can't help the shiver that runs up my spine as a few flashbacks from my past creep into my mind, ones I wish I could forget forever. Memories of pain and fear find their way into my thoughts and I quickly shove them back to the cell I've been keeping them in for the past two years. This is not the time to be getting distracted Raff, I tell myself, and continue getting ready.

The outfit I'm wearing isn't something I would usually wear; I'm not big on looking like a whore, but tonight my job requires me to wear the skin tight black miniskirt and matching black top that exposes enough of my neck and back to see my tattoos.

I've always wondered where I got my tattoos from, since I've had them for as long as I can remember. I can't help but admire them when I get the chance though, for they seem to hold such mystery in the dark ink. They wrap delicately round my body, from my neck, around my shoulders and arms, down my back and stomach, and finally down my legs. The simple lace work is as pitch black as the darkest of nights and contrasts sharply with my light skin. They leave enough skin untouched to make them subtle, but they hug my curves in the perfect places, adding a hint of mystery to my body. I couldn't help but stare a little at the design that wrapped around my right hand, couldn't help but wish I knew who put them there in the first place.

Ugh, I shouldn't be dwelling on the past as much as I have been, It's only going to slow me down further. I'm not very happy about the shoes I have to wear either. The high healed black boots won't help if I need to run, but I have to play my part perfectly tonight so I can be as efficient as possible. I check my hair and makeup as well as secure a shiv in my skirt and either boot before taking a big breath of fresh air and taking the first step towards the bar.

It's this breath that stops me dead in my tracks and makes me sink back into the deeper shadows of the night. Shit! How could I have missed that? The scent is hitting me in waves now, and I can tell it's getting closer. I immediately push my senses outwards, trying to find the owner of this scent before it finds me.

Normally, I wouldn't care if I smelled someone else out here cause' there are plenty of people milling around at this hour. However this scent is one I know all too well. There's only one person with a scent like this. A scent that is raw with its primitive nature, a little sweet with plenty of spice, and the small but unmistakable hint of blood. There's something else in it too, something I could never quite put my finger on, but that's not the point right now, because the only person with that scent is me and me alone. Sure, I've come across other's with a scent similar to mine, usually sick bastards who don't know when to back off, but never so close to mine. The only difference between mine and this strangers scent is that it's definitely male.

My nose tracks him like an animal would, and I can tell he's within twenty yards of me, most likely on the ground judging from wind. My ears prick forward and hear the whisper of footsteps, ones I would have surely missed if I hadn't been paying such close attention.

I can hear his breath, slow and even, his heart, steady and strong. He's big. Very big... Much larger than my five foot one inch frame. At least six and a half feet tall and well over two hundred pounds. But he carries his weight well, very muscular and surprisingly light on his feet. I can't tell if he's a threat yet, but if he has a scent like mine he has to be as least as dangerous as I am.

I hear him stop, not too far from where I was waiting, and not move. Watching me. I look directly at where he has stopped, and my dark green silver eyes fall upon a pair of pure liquid silver eyes that seemed to glow in the darkness around him. I looked at him for only a few seconds, damn he's huge, and walked brusquely towards the bar without looking back. I was relieved when I didn't hear him move or smell him come closer and opened the door to the shabby bar, my thoughts directed towards my target.

The inside of the bar smelled of cigarettes, sweat and cheap perfume, which would do nothing to help my sense of smell. I quickly and discretely scanned the bar for my target and found him sitting in a booth with a few cheap whores who looked like they'd rather be somewhere else. I took a seat at the bar and watched my target a little longer before talking to the tender'.

"Gimme a shot of Jack. And make sure that glass is clean before it gets here buddy." I said, propping my leather clad legs on the bar.

The tender' nodded and came back a second later with my shot, and lucky for him, a clean glass. I thanked him and tossed a couple creds in his direction. I downed the shot, my face remaining calm and my body relaxing as the fire spread through my veins and rested in my stomach.

Out of the corner of my eye I say my targets attention shift to me, no longer sweet talking the whores at his booth. I sighed and got ready to end this quickly.

Turning my body slightly I opened my cloak and let the side closest to him slide down my upraised legs. I could see him smile a sick smile and stand up, walking drunkenly towards my place at the bar. He sat down next to me, closer than I would have liked, and stared at my long legs that had lacework tattoos delicately wrapping around them, then my breasts through the very tight top I wore, and finally to my face.

I kept my eyes away from him though, for they were my secret weapon. So many men were drawn to my eyes, ever since they changed. They were always dark green and very clear, but as soon as I trained my eyes how to see better in the dark, they've has a mysterious silvery shine to them. One that comes out even more at night. Keeping my eyes down I smiled a little smile at him, waiting for him to speak.

"Well hey there. What's a pretty thing like you doing all alone in a place like this?" He asked, words slurring on their way out.

"Oh nothing, just looking for some company is all." I smiled sweetly, still keeping my eyes down.

"I could help ya with that darlin'."He said, placing a hand on my bare thigh.

I wanted to gag, pull out my shiv, cut his hand off and slit his throat for touching me but instead I smiled again and looked up, using my eyes to their full effect.

"Can you now?" I asked seductively, leaning forward slightly and smelling his rotting breath full force.

He was stunned for a few second, staring helplessly into my eyes before he was able to speak again.

"You bet. Let's go." He said, taking my hand and pulling me outside.

I contemplated how I was gonna ghost him while he walked around in an ally trying to find a good spot. There's always slitting his throat, but that was messy and didn't want to get blood all over my new clothes. I could go for the sweet spot, but then again that's also rather messy. Strangling him would take far too much time and energy on my part.

Hmm... Perhaps this would be a good time to ring his neck like a chickens, quickly breaking every bone and ending his life faster. This seemed the most appealing, so I cracked my neck and let the animal loose, preparing for the gratifying sound of bones shattering.

His back was still turned and I was getting ready to pounce when I felt him watching me again. I lifted my nose in the air and sniffed, trying to find where he was in the night. My head snapped to the right as I locked onto his scent but didn't see anything at first. I growled softly in warning to whoever was watching me and heard a ghostly chuckle in response. I was starting to get pissed off and the urge to kill something was building inside me as the animal in me fought to pounce and wring my targets neck. However that would leave my back open and the urge to protect myself was momentarily stronger than my urge to kill.

I tuned my target around, still very aware of his scent and looked him straight in the eyes. He leaned forward, one hand resting on my ass and the other supporting himself on the wall, and buried his face in my neck. I suppressed the urge to gag and slowly reached for my shiv, having no other options. Just as I was about to stab him in the sweet spot when I saw him out of the corner of my eye, distracting me and accidentally pressing my shiv lightly into my targets skin. He jumped back and looked at me, shiv in hand, with an angry look on my face.

"You crazy bitch!" He yelled taking off running down the alley.

I growled loudly and took off after him, feeling him moving close behind me. I didn't have time to stop and confront my chaser, for I had to secure my kill before he took it from me. I pushed myself faster, letting his scent pull me through the night.

Lucky for me, he ran into a dead end and paused, out of breath and not knowing what to do. I simply ran towards him, never breaking stride, and pounced, using my legs to hold myself up while I quickly and professionally wrung his neck. He dropped instantly and I used his body as a cushion, absorbing all of our impact.

I got up and took a defensive pose over my kill, looking around for my chaser. He stood not too far off, looking at me with mild amusement and curiosity. He walked closer and I hissed at him, all of my animal released and ready to fight.

"My kill! Mine!" I yelled, still standing defensively over the heap of a man that was my target.

My chaser looked at me, his silver eyes still holding that same look of amusement and curiosity, before speaking.

"When I came to this rock, I was hoping to kill my target and cash in, but it seems someone beat me to it." His voice was impossibly deep, and I could feel the vibrations through the air.

"Goddamnit, I told him I worked alone! We made a deal he wouldn't hire anyone else if I killed within a weeks time." I growled, kicking the useless body and standing up.

I finally took a good look at my chaser. He was extremely tall and built, his muscles the proof of a hard lifestyle. He dressed similarly to me when I wasn't busy dressing like a whore, all black. Black boots, black cargo's, and black wife beater. I'm sure he has a few shivs hidden somewhere in his clothes too. It takes me a second to realize who I was talking to, my brain hadn't linked the silver eyes to the fact that he actually cornered me, something that until this day has never been done.

"Aw hell your Riddick." I said, clear disgust in my voice. "This is the last Goddamn thing I need right now!"

I paced in front of my kill, trying to figure a way out of this sticky little situation I got myself into. Riddick walked closer to me, and I automatically took just as many back.

"Watch it." I hissed at him, making it clear I wanted him to keep his distance.

He kept advancing and I turner to run, only to be reminded I was at a dead end. He was on me faster than I thought possible, pinning me to the brick wall, both of my wrists above my head in one of his large hands.

He leveled his face to mine, looking right into my eyes before taking a curios sniff. The situation would have seemed almost comical if I hadn't been in the position I was in. He sniffed again, this time burring his face in my neck. I faintly heard him mumble what sounded like "Interesting." into my neck. I struggled against him harder, trying to get away from his unnerving closeness. He only chuckled and tightened his hold on my wrists, making me hiss in pain.

"Wanna explain why you smell like me?" He asked, and I could feel the vibrations coming off his chest as he talked.

"You mean why you smell like me?" I countered, still trying to get free.

He chuckled at that and took another whiff, closing his eyes and seeming to enjoy it.

"How could something so tiny be a killer like me?" He mused, still breathing my scent in heavily.

"I'm nothing like you asshole! Now, do you mind getting the fuck off me please? Your invading my personal space." I said, looking him dead in the eye and giving him a death glare.

He leaned in close so he could rumble his response right in my ear.

"I don't think you're in the position to be making demands, so I suggest you shut the fuck up." He emphasized this by tightening his grip even more, making me have to bite my tongue to resist whimpering in pain.

"What do you want Riddick? Just leave me and my kill alone and we don't ever have to see each other again." I said firmly, trying to negotiate with him.

He chuckled again and took yet another whiff before speaking.

"Like I was saying before, I came here to kill my target and get my money. But judging from your scent, you must have a sizable bounty on your head." He smirked, looking like he was enjoying making me squirm.

"Seems like a better idea to take you both in, and see what I can get, dontchya think?" He spun me around so fast I didn't have time to react before he had his arm around my neck and was cutting off my air supply.

I flailed uselessly as he tightened his grip so that stars formed in my vision. It wasn't long before I passed out. The last words I heard before the blackness swallowed me came from a deep, rumbling voice.


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