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Oh and Dalton (Fanfic) is so amazing!

Santana Lopez commented on Kurt's photo

Santana Lopez: Ooh some of those Warblers guys are cute. Any single?

Kurt Hummel: Santana no just...no


Santana Lopez: Oh come on, what about the one standing next to you? He's cute!

Mercedes Jones: Back off Santana, he's taken.

Santana Lopez: WHAT! He's your boyfriend?

Mercedes Jones: ohmygod NO you silly cheerleader. He's Kurt's boyfriend.

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Finn Hudson: WHAT?

Kurt Hummel: This is the first I've heard of this.

Tina Cohen: Well it's not the first we've heard of HIM.

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Kurt Hummel: I have no idea what you're talking about Tina.

Mercedes Jones: Really, because I do.

Tina Cohen: Shall we remind you?

Kurt Hummel: I repeat I have no idea what you are talking about.

Tina Cohen: Okay then. Mercedes?

Mercedes Jones: Oh his brown eyes

Tina Cohen: Oh his beautiful voice

Rachel Berry: His fascination with Katy Perry?

Mercedes Jones: Wait, he's been telling EVERYBODY about Blaine?

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Santana Lopez: OH wait is that dude Blaine? Oh sorry Kurt... lol he IS cute though

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Sam Evans: in a totally NON-gay I agree with Santana. Congrats bro.

Rachel Berry: Wait, I thought you just liked him. You're actually DATING him? Oh good grief I cannot approve of this.

Kurt Hummel: Rachel, GET A LIFE. You are NOT my mother. And we are JUST FRIENDS!

Tina Cohen: Mercedes?

Mercedes Jones: Oh his beautiful brown eyes.

Kurt Hummel: SHUT UP MERCEDES! Whilst I love you to death, I never said that, and if you keep saying that, I will NEVER, EVER go shopping with you again. EVER!

Mercedes Jones:...damn. I better shut up then.

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Kurt Hummel: That goes for all of you.

Brittany S. Pierce: Kurt? The Cheerios want to know if any of the other guys are single and straight.

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Kurt Hummel: ohmyGOD guys please stop hitting on my teammates! If they ever read this conversation not only am I doomed, but so are YOU lot!

Mercedes Jones: You mean YOU are doomed to embarrassment if BLAINE sees this.

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Santana Lopez: NO! Please don't because we Cheerios won't get to stare at those sexy bodies hidden under expensive clothing

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Noah "Puck" Puckerman: I can give you something hot

Mercedes Jones: Ugh, get a room.

Santana Lopez: You're just jealous because you don't have a boyfriend.

Kurt Hummel: HEY! My mouse is right over the delete button, so leave Mercedes alone or you know what will happen.

Tina Cohen: Blaine's lucky to have someone as sweet and protective as you

Kurt Hummel: Blaine doesn't HAVE me! So stop saying that!

Mercedes Jones: EVEN if it's as "just friends" Kurt. Tina if you make me lose shopping with Kurt I may just accidentally throttle you.

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Quinn Fabray: Kurt, what's stopping Blaine and the other Warblers from seeing this?

Kurt Hummel: I don't think they're stalkers Quinn.

Mike Chang: yeah but you've tagged all of them in this photo.

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Kurt Hummel: ...shit.

Wesley Louis: Come now Kurt. There are only 12 people in your old Glee club. Who made up the rest of the "likes"?

Mercedes Jones: ohmygod hahahahahahahahaha lol sorry Kurt.

Kurt Hummel: Wes please tell me you're the only one who has seen this...

David Cheng: HI KURT!

Nick Walters: Hey soprano boy!

Tina Cohen: Uh-oh...Mercedes I think your shopping has been temporarily disbanded.

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Wesley Louis: But that's not the real question is it Kurt?

Kurt Hummel: ?

David Cheng: You're wondering if a certain, how was it Mercedes? Oh that's right, beautiful eyed tenor has read this.

Rachel Berry: Don't forget Katy Perry obsession, Teenage Dream is all that Kurt's been playing in his car.

Kurt Hummel: RACHEL SHUT UP!

Wesley Louis: hahahahahahahahaha lol don't worry Kurt. Gaga is all we've heard for the last month. It has been banned from our dorm rooms.

Kurt Hummel: WHAT!

Finn Hudson: WHAT!

Tina Cohen: WHAT!

Mercedes Jones: Oh that's right you guys haven't seen firsthand how smitten they both are about each other. Nor have you seen the picture of just the two of them. It's ADORABLE! And Kurt, you'll forgive me when you two FINALLY get together.

Wesley Louis: OHMYGOD I KNOW RIGHT? David and I are so sick of them looking at each other like lovesick puppies for the last month!


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Kurt Hummel: I think I'm going to die of embarrassment.

Blaine Andrews: Please don't do that Kurt. You'd leave me heartbroken.

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Kurt Hummel: ...umm...meet you at your dorm?

Santana Lopez: Yep, he's taken alright.

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