This is the second chapter, and it's in another one of my stories so this is just by itself.

Enjoy! Klaine forever!

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Mercedes Jones: OHMYOGD you two are so CUTE! I'm so happy for you!

Rachel Berry: Although I should strongly advise you not to date the enemy...anyone who can make you screw up your face in such utter happiness is worth it.

Finn Hudson: Who are you, and what have you done with my girlfriend?

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Noah "Puck" Puckerman: Someone's gonna get laid tonight...

Santana Lopez: Yes ME! Damn Kurt, why are the cute ones always gay?

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Tina Cohen-Chang: Awwww that is the sweetest thing ever. Now, details Kurt?

Kurt Hummel: thank you guys so much...Tina Skype me.

Tina Cohen-Chang: :D

Blaine Andrews: What's this? Giving away the details of our love life, Kurtsie?

David Cheng: Blaine, just because Wes and I are sick of hearing how beautiful Kurt's eyes are doesn't mean Kurt's friends are sick of him describing yours.

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Noah "Puck" Puckerman: Kurt, your boyfriend got told.

Kurt Hummel: I love him anyways. :)

Wes Michaels: Love you too Kurtsie

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Blaine Andrews: Back off bitch, he's mine!

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David Cheng: No, he's mine!

Blaine Andrews: It's on.

Finn Hudson: Technically I can claim Kurt...he is my step brother after all.

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Sam Evans: Wow Kurt. I didn't realise so many people wanted to get in your pants.

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Quinn Fabray: Would you be one of them, darling?

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Brittany S Pierce: Kurt? How are you and Blaine going to have babies?

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Blaine Andrews: ...awkward...

Wes Michaels: ROFLMFAO!

David Cheng: Wes.

Wes Michaels: Yes my darling?

David Cheng: It's not that funny.

Mercedes Jones: No...its freaking HILARIOUS!

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Wes Michaels: I love this girl!

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Rachel Berry: Flirting with the enemy huh?

Finn Hudson: I found my girlfriend.

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Tina Cohen-Chang: From what I've heard, Kurt is going to need some tips on how to cool down boys.

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Blaine Andrews: Who said we wanted to cool down?

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David Cheng: Okay this is REALLY where there should be a dislike button. Wes and I live next door to Blaine's SINGLE. DISLIKE DISLIKE DISLIKE!

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Finn Hudson: Should I tell Burt?

Mercedes Jones: Only if you want his shotgun pointed at your head!

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Andy Berry: Young love...enjoy it boys.

Rachel Berry: DAD?

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Kurt Hummel: Now you know what its like, having your dad spy on you.

Jack Berry: No, now she knows what it's like having 2 dads spying on her.

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Brittany S Pierce: Nobody answered my question...

Kurt Hummel: Go talk to Rachel's dads. They should know. They had Rachel.

Blaine Andrews: Darling, are you sure you want our kid to turn Rachel?

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Rachel Berry: Oh go dive into a rabbit hole, Andrews!

David Cheng: I wonder whose rabbit hole that'd be...

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Finn Hudson: ...eww.

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Kurt Hummel: I'm sorry ladies and poor-excuses-for-gents but I must go and find my boyfriend.

David Cheng: Kurt, when I said Blaine was going to dive down a rabbit hole, I didn't mean tonight, right next door to Wes and me.

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Kurt Hummel: Who said Blaine was the one diving down a rabbit hole?

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Noah "Puck" Puckerman: Dude just got told. Have a noisy night Dalton.

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