Kurt watches as Blaine makes his way around the Gap. He isn't really focusing on his harmonizing, even though he knows he should be. "Who do I think I am, nobody will notice me absence much less a sharp note in a twelve part harmony" Kurt inwardly sighs to himself.

"Well, screw that kids!" He thinks to himself while watching Blaine converse with that shaggy hair wreck at the counter. "Oh- they'd stopped singing..I guess I did too..Praise gaga for autopilot"

Blaine's leaning over the counter, raising his triangular eyebrows and doing that mega-watt smile thing, that everyone just loves. He's got to be at least 4 inches shorter than the mysterious Gap heartbreaker yet his stage presence seems to be in full effect and Kurt can't help but feel a twisted sense of satisfaction as the confused/ freaked out employee leans away slightly from all of Blaine's 5 foot 3 front man glory.

"That nappy little Bitch! For shit's sake, if that's Blaine's taste in guys maybe I should be flattered he isn't into me..although if he got a haircut..and shed that sweater that looks exactly like a larger and hooded version of the hairball Wes's cat coughed up Thursday after licking Blaine's sleeping, ungelled head for an hour.." Kurt Mused. "Wow boy you are D-E-S-P-R-A-T-E. Considering beach boy gone hobo attractive..thats just emberassing."

"Uh hey, Kurt…?" Kurt looked at the blonde warbler.."what was his name..? Ryken? Riken? Oh shit!" "Riiiiiiiikkk…..er! Hey!" "Oh please let it be Riker..Speaking of what the fuck kind of name is that..did I just think the F-word? Oh leave it alone, its been a rough day clearly. OH MY GOSH am I having an argument with myself? What if I'm developing multiple personality disorder? I can't go to a mental institution, fluorescent lights and cheap moisturizers. Caaaalmmm yourse-" "And so uhhh I just think ?" Riker bit the inside of his cheek half hoping Kurt would get the fuck out of his Blaine obsessed thoughts for just a second and actually listen, and the other hoping Kurt just kept nodding absentmindedly like he did every time he tried to talk to him.

"Yeah, thanks Riker. I'll… uh.. remember that" Kurt said, not really caring enough to try to not be as transparent about "not giving two shits as to what "Riker" had to say."


4 and something monthes later, Kurts back at that Gap, yes, the very same. That fateful February 14th he'd been in the same one watching "a perfectly harmonized heartbreak play out in front of him. Not so different from the majority of taylor swift songs" He thought to himself.. Sipping his "Screaming O" Jamba Juice Kurt looks around the store. Despite that sinking feeling in his gut, He just cannot resist the jeans here. Sparing a glance at himself in the mirror, Kurt shakes his head slightly. "Loose tie, no blazer, rolled up sleeves. And-*gasp*- mussed hair..wow Kurt. You've really got it going on today. No wonder you cant get a fuckin boyfriend you sloppy little-" "A-hem!" A voice loudly goes behind him.

"Oh, I'm sorry, my inner monologue went a bit rampant, excuse m-…."Holy shit its frizzy- homeless -man Ken!" Kurt thought looking straight into the eyes of the prick who'd smitten Blaine so easily.

"No problem. Can I help you find anything?"

"Uhhhh…""Don't let him help you Kurt, it'll be weird! You'll say something or start crying and bust out into Rose's Turn or-" "Sure, thanks!""Oh fuck, I've I've finally lost control over my faculties."

"What can I help you find? I might be wrong, but I think skinny jeans would be perfect for your body..erm..type"

"Yeah, that'd be great!" Kurt smiled back genuinely, "but seriously what the HELL, homewrecker just blushes and OH SHIT" though Kurt as he recognized the spark of realization in the taller man's caramel eyes. "Double shit..I just used delicious ice cream topping to describe his eyes.."

"Hey…that's the Dalton uniform sans Blazer and general uptightness, isn't it?" Caramel asked him.

"Yep, that's the one. You know what, I wear a uniform all the time, I don't need jeans right? God knows I could use a little retail therapy but hahahaha c'mon, I'm probably just being dramatic! You've been so very helpful but I am done here, in fact I'm don-" "Hey, its cool. Actually I'm just getting off..Uh..would you like to grab like a coffee or something….?" Kurt stared, trying his Gaga-darndest not to gape at the smiling employee. He surprised himself a little when he heard his voice say Sure! And felt himself walk side by side Caramel.

"So, slacks, -I'm gonna call you that ok? - what brings you to the mall this fine May evening? I was pretty sure Dalton boys only traveled in groups of 3, 8 or 12 to optimize random performance potential."

Kurt laughed and blushed oh so lightly "Yeah, that only the more douchey ones, really."

Carmel smiled and let out a surprised laugh. "Ok I seriously need to learn his name" Kurt thought, still smiling.

"Hey, are you hungry? I just got off an eight hour shift and I think my stomach just ate my kidney"

"Yeah, actually. Is this an invitation to accompany you, fine sir?" Kurt said, finishing in a snobbish tone so similar to Wes' or David's or basically every Goddamned stuck up warbler out there.

"Why, yes. Yes it is" Said Frizz (just trying to stop calling him sauce-y names, OK?) While offering his arm to Kurt who accepted, linking arms with him.


Blaine frowned, watching Kurt from behind. It wasn't the fact that he'd stolen the lead from him, even though that was *slightly irking* since it was the first time since Wes and David had hurt his Hot'n'Cold audition. It wasn't that he sounded admittedly really good guiding the Warblers through "Baby It's Fact", or that his slacks were more than a little tight watching Kurt lightheardedly dance and smile happily at the surrounding Warblers. He'd just felt this….distance lately. Kurt was always giggling into late night phone calls or going out for unknown reasons around 6 pm. 3 times a week. He knew something was going on, but what this something was a complete mystery to him.

That's why he didn't feel guilty when he hopped in his admittedly pretentious Lexus and followed Kurt as he headed out one Tuesday night. Or when he sneakily stalked, no *casually followed* Kurt into the mall. He did-however- feel a little funny as he watched Kurt walk into Gap and suggestively trail his finger down the chest of one employee…


Grabbing Kurts trailing finger, Sebastian intertwined his fingers with hand of said blue eyed boy. "Hi, you."

"Hey" Kurt breathed back blushing at the visible lust in his *boyfriends* eyes.

"You look…divvvvvine Kurtsie" said Sebastian adopting a so very gay lisp and spinning his fairer half dramatically.

"Sebastian! Hahaha stop were in pub-" Kurt was cut off as his boyfriend swept him up in his arms wedding style and nodded in a very business like manner at his manager.

"Put me down! This is humiliating!" Kurt complained. It wasn't very convincing, though because who was he kidding- he was loving it.

They walked out into the public square and swung hands, conversing with laughter and wild gesticulations.

As they neared the curb to the parking lot Kurt jumped happily onto his boyfriend's back- piggy back style. Laughing, they made their way to the outdoor seating of the restaurant they'd had their very first dinner together.


Blaine took another bite of his third Cinnabon in the last hour. He'd watched his unrequited love carry the boy he knew he carried the same title out of the mall- same one HE'D been REJECTED in. He remembered the skittish and distant refusal-

*'Uh….yes I am gay. But no,,your not really my type..woah..those.. blue eyes…he's beautiful.."* Blaine had quickly snapped his head in the direction the light brown eyes were pointing to try to spot the blue eyed bitch that his future husband had referenced in a small, longing voice, but all he'd seen was a distant and cold looking Kurt and a red faced Riker.-

It all made sense now. Damn him and his skintight Slacks!

They'd both looked perfect..Sebastian every bit the finely chiseled hipster he'd fallen for, and Kurt flushed, slender, glowing, beautiful boy he loved to talk musicals and jeans with.

The only thing he could think was "This is going straight to my lonely ass" As he took another bite of his frosting covered friend.