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Disclaimer: I really do wish someone taught Ryan Murphy to share when he was little…or I wouldn't have to write this.


A warm buzz spread through Kurt's stomach and abdomen. He moved every so slowly, arching his back upward. The lips moving against his were soft- unbelievably so. Kurt was overcome with the desire to deepen the kiss but honestly he was in sensory overload- it was so warm and sensual and everything was just delicious. He wanted to simply be consumed by the warmth radiating all around and bask in it forever. That's why the annoying, repeated robotic sounds coming out of Sebastian's mouth were starting to get old…


Kurt glanced at the offending device sitting on his bedside table. He barely lifted his arm to swipe the snooze bar and mentally thanked himself for buying a clock specially made for the elderly. Because honest to God, he was just not a morning person and if the buttons had been any smaller than their current inflated size there was no way he'd being able to quit the monstrous piece of technology. Seriously, it was pure lethargy that was keeping him from dismantling the electronic reality check via hammer.

Some 45 minutes later Kurt took his first sip of coffee and he realized he'd managed to shower and ready himself while being virtually entirely asleep. Musing his apparent skill at basic grooming skills even in varied states of consciousness, he remembered what day it was. A week till Regionals! And date night! Kurt perked up and skipped to zero hour feeling more and more awake with every sip of the life giving beverage in his tumbler.


Blaine stifled another yawn sarcastically. He pretended to desperately try to cover his theatrical yawn all the while drawing ridiculous amounts of attention to himself and widening his eyes self deprecatingly. Smiling lightly in the direction of the amused half chuckles he heard from various members of his fan club- sometimes known as the Warblers- he ignored the death looks he was getting from all three of the council members of said club.

"Blaine, do you mind telling me when it became ok for you to out diva Cher at every Warbler meeting?" Wes asked him in a haggard voice.

"Aww poow Bwaine! Looks like little mister sunshine didn't get his beauty rest, did you Blaine?" Riker sneered, while shooting Blaine a look nastier than the one he'd gotten from that fat woman in Wal-Mart after asking about the apparently nonexistent due date.

"Oh sorry, I couldn't sleep because I smelled the chemicals of your fake tan all night. And, beforeI forget, Farrah called. She wants her bangs back." Blaine replied in a condescending tone, relishing being able to lash out at someone.

Riker gasped and lunged for Blaine. Thad held back his flailing limbs while the rest of the room erupted into a mixture of laughter and shouts.

Kurt was awakened from his reverie and rapidly blinked in the direction of the offensive noises

"That rat bastard! I got a lot of sun this week you inconceivable fool!"

"…You know he is really tan"

"Blaine thinks bangs are ugly? Am I the only one who remembers his bangs last year?"

"God! Look at that vein in Riker's neck! Dude that can't be healt-"

"SHUT UP! By all that is holy GET A GRIP MEN!" Wes's voice sounded out loudly and the din quickly silenced, save for Riker's incoherent mumblings.

"Okay, obviously we're all a little on edge-"To put it mildly-" "Shut UP Nick! So here's what were going to do. Practice is canceled for now. I want you all to use this period to unwind and relax. Take a nap, do some yogalates, drink some tea. I don't care what you do, but please just finish out the school day and we will meet back here at 4:30 and practice until dinner. No hissy fits, no ridiculous dramatics. Now go." Wes finished and then proceeded to start a vigorous temple rub.

Kurt shuffled out with the rest of the Warblers feeling more than a little confused…He'd been musing the meaning behind Gaga's latest music video-really what does vaginal birth to a machine gun really mean?- when the chaos had erupted. He was interrupted from his confused musings by Blaine, who fell into step beside him.

"Ready for French?" The dark haired boy asked.

"Always! Ready to be bested again on today's inevitable pop quiz?"

"As if. Don't make me embarrass you Kurtie Elizabeth"


Eyes wide, cheeks red and jaw clamped shut, Kurt stifled the eruption threatening to explode from his esophagus. He and Blaine had used their free period to get coffee and whilst in the middle of a debate about who loved coffee more they had ordered penta-shot espressos, much to the amusement and confusion of the barista. They had then proceeded to drink the liquid energy as fast as they could, and though no words were exchanged on the matter, it became a silent competition. It had been a tie then, but fast forward 47 minutes and they were both about to be in trouble.

Blaine had drawn a very unflattering portrait of their French class substitute…Mr. Dicke. He pronounced it "Dichhkkey" but that did nothing to deter Blaine from drawing a very phallic oval with glasses, a swirly comb over, a braided goatee and a ridiculous handlebar mustache on the corner of Kurt's paper and labeling it "MR. DICK".

Both boys were over caffeinated to the extreme and, trying to look anywhere but each other and Mr. Dicke, were growing increasingly red faced and frantic while trying to hold their laughter in.

Kurt kept his hands firmly in place over his mouth, trying desperately to ignore his surroundings. He thought he had it under control until Blaine held up his pinky with a mustache drawn on and-"BAHAHAHAAAHA! Hahahahahahahahaha!"

Kurt was in stitches, holding his sides and bright red as a tomato. Blaine was grabbing Kurt's shoulder and resting his head on his desk laughing harder than he had since he and Wes had put that raccoon in David's sock drawer.

He saw the square toe of a brown dress shoe tapping impatiently on the ground in front of his desk and he raised his head slowly.

Glancing briefly at Kurt, he saw the blue eyed boy absolutely crimson with suppressed laughter and embarrassment. Suspecting he looked much the same, Blaine raised his eyes ever so slowly in an attempt to meet the harsh gaze but he knew immediately it was the wrong thing to do.


"Three detentions! Do you know what this means Blaine? Lord, my dad is gonna flip his shit! And now I have to cancel date night. Awesome." Kurt said. They were walking back to their dorms after having been giving a fierce talking to by the dean. Kurt watched the grin fade off Blaine's face and wondered what had caused it. Remembering the Warblers disastrous practice today Kurt decided to ask Blaine if he was doing alright…he'd look bright red and a bit angry following the incedent..

"Hey, Blaine..are you o-"He was interrupted by the loud outpouring of Sir Mix A Lot's old hit I Like Big Butts. Kurt flushed and answered the phone swiftly.

"Sebastian! What the hell? I told you not to change my ringtone to that song ever again!"

Blaine cringed lightly at the sound of loud laughter he could hear faintly from Kurt's iPhone.

Kurt smiled and kept a stern tone, but turned away from Blaine and mouthed I'll talk to you later while walking in the direction of the parking lot.

Blaine stood dumbfounded and watched the lithe countertenor practically prance across the school grounds.

Dammit! When the hell did hearing Kurt mention date night with his flipping boyfriend make me want to punch something? Well..whatever the cause…I know jealousy when I feel it. Oh, Blaine thought, you dolt! You like Kurt. Well, Blainey- Boy, looks like you found yourself a new prey. How did I not see it before? He's perfect for me. We'd be like two little salt and pepper shakers…Not to mention how this explains all my aggression and rage at everyone and everything lately..

And with that, Blaine headed off in the opposite direction from Kurt's retreating figure, renewed vigor in his step and a plan brewing in his mind.


a/n…I know its short. I'll keep going if ?you? desire it..