To your right stands EQUIUS, who has volunteered to stand guard alongside his COMBAT ROBOTS. He alone read and considered FUTURE KARKAT'S MEMO, and his preparations are finally complete. CULLING is one thing, but MURDER is unbecoming of a highblood. The thought of dealing JUSTICE to his blood superiors is enough to make him SWEAT PROFUSELY. He reaches for his stack of EXTRA-ABSORBENT TOWELS.

To your left is the TRANSPORTALIZER. Attached to it is a NOTE you have already read.


You step into the TRANSPORTALIZER leading to the LAB, having read the sad news on the NOTE left beside it warning you of the DANGER. Yeah, ERIDAN is a bit of a douchebag and you could totally see him doing what the NOTE claimed, but GAMZEE flipping out like that? No way. Something's amiss.

You transportalize into the LAB. The BODIES have been cleared. SOLLUX is bandaged up and unconscious but is otherwise alive. A COUPLE sits together, asleep, against the FAR WALL. You squint to see who they are, and your eyes widen in sudden realization and excitement. You quickly EXIT the LAB. This is no time for you to intrude, and in any case, you now have WORK to do.


You quickly make your way down to the lower levels of the COMPLEX. Finding the right place for it took a long time, and this was the only suitable space. It was a big project, but with so much space available, it had to be done. Your new SHIPPING WALL was finally completed not even an hour ago. The HUGE WALLS of the COMPLEX allowed for large, detailed portraits of all possible redrom ships. It is in every way superior to the one in your old hive, and it awaits its first update.

KARKAT ˂3 TEREZI. You dip a brush into the RED PAINT and circle the appropriate panel of the SHIPPING GRID. Not exactly what you were hoping for, but it's a happy occasion for mutual friends, and you couldn't be happier for them. A pale friendship becoming flushed is one of your favorite themes, after all. A warm, fuzzy feeling overtakes you and you can't help but grin like an idiot.

You consider reaching for the TEAL PAINT to reflect TEREZI's apparent injury, but decide against it. Having to recolor all of ARADIA'S panels again took long enough, and accounting for recent events will consume even more time.