Bomberman Sentai Force

Disclaimer: I only own Racer's family and Yukiya. Everyone else belongs to Hudson Soft.

Rating: T

Warning: Language, violence

Pairings: Shiro/Kuro, slight Shiro/Mach, one sided Mach/Racer, Gold/Cute Pink, Ao/Midori, one sided OC/Racer at begining

Author note: Hello this is HienFan the writer and artist of that whole Bomberman Land Parody Webcomic back on DeviantArt. I decided to write a more serious side of the Bomberman Land cast. I originally wanted to put comedy on this fic but I think it will detract too much from the original idea so all comedy scenes will be seperate one shots.



Dear Diary this is Racer Bomber here writing all his memories in here. I bought you with some of my spare cash after my Kart job but never really used you until recently. At the moment I won't let anyone read you. Except for one person who is my dear friend I met two years ago.

Well anyways what I want to start off with is how I got working so soon is because of an incident three years ago. I was sneaking out of my house trying to get away from a wedding my parents arranged with a certain Yukiya girl.

Urrg I can't stand that sugary pink girl in her pink dress and pink hair... But how did I get engaged? Well diary it all started five months ago after school when Dad announced that I was going to get married since they got married young and my mother's entire family also married young but I think it's just an excuse to get rid of me.

I bet they don't love me. I mean if they do they wouldn't just give me two yen a month allowance, take me to the park once a week with my twelve little brothers and sisters, let me use the old monochrome Window 95 and beat me up with their clubs.

Hell my brother Tracker gets to use the Window 95 to play his boring old Pong games, goes to the park with my parents and has fifty yen a month. And let's not even go to Engine or the others... How on earth does Dad get enough salary a week to buy eleven Window XP for those eleven I don't even know.

So anyways I managed to sneak out of the house and decided to hide in another part of the vast city. How my parents reacted to my absence I don't know and I don't care.

Unfortunately while I was near the park I got caught by Yukiya who apparently panicked at my absence since I can hear her wailing shortly before she caught me.

When she saw me she was so relieved and started to hug me screaming that she is so glad to see me and told me about the wedding next week.

So I told her 'Sorry but I'm gay.'

That little pink haired cootie heard my excuse and got really mad screaming 'No way you can't be gay!' and pinned me to the ground.

I tried my best to let go of her fierce grip on me but it was no use since her hands are suprisingly strong and she got her knees down my legs. I can feel her warm breath down my face while she undid my ponytail to feel my long dark hair, her own pink hair tickling my face...

After she undid my ponytail she lifted my face and told me she doesn't want anyone to tarnish it and started kissing me... Eww it tasted like cranberries... But during then my arms were free and I punched her in her stupid face.

She got up and started rubbing her badly punched face before getting out a knife out of her skirt and said 'So you won't weaken huh? Fine I'll just have to soften you the hard way!'

I panicked. Oh man this could be dangerous... I have to do something... When an idea got into my head. So I pretended to look weak and helpless and told her I am so scared of her knife and rather surrender. The girl suddenly went from scary to sickeningly lovey dovey apologizing and hugging me. Now's my chance! So I grabbed the knife from her hand and swung it.

The girl backed off and yelled at me while I did my hair up and told her to go away from my life because I do not want a wife at the present and never will.

So urr... I got into trouble with my parents when she ran off and told on me. Papa started hissing about how ungrateful I am and mama told me I am a useless son with my brothers and sisters all yelling at me.

Eventually I snapped and told them to shut up and snipped off my ponytail with Yukiya's knife.

Everyone was shocked (especially Tracker). Dad told me to get out of the house and never come back with everyone supporting him.

At first I shook at the idea at living alone but after remembering all the abuse Dad did to me I yelled 'I don't care I don't want to see all of you ever again myself! This family practises favourtism and abuse!'

I sniffed and turned away running away from this household for good. At least for now.

After walking several miles around the city I felt hopelessly lost... Worst still it started to rain... Eventually I saw some karts racing near a building and decided to follow them.

After getting close enough I saw a building which says Kart center. Open for everyone. bWOW.../b I ran inside the building and decided to sign up for this.

The signing paper asks for my name, age, height, weight, DOB and blood type. I do not want to be known from this part of the town as the son of the infamous Mame Tosaka so I used the false name 'Racer Bomber' and filled everyting else before practising on the light weight kart session.

After a few training sessions I earned around 3000 yen and decided to find a home.

Easier said than done since most of the houses around this area is friggin expensive ranging from 40000 to 200000 yen. It wasn't until I found a poor broken down wooden house with only two rooms (not counting the bathroom) that cost 1000 yen and decided to buy it. It may not be exactly comfy even by poor standard but hey at least it's a home albeit even more empty than my stomach since all I eat is the school's lunch

For the next few months I earned about 3000 yen a day spending seventy percent of it on water, paper, pocky, pencil and some new clothes keeping my old clothes tucked away in the bathroom room to collect dust. Eventually I save enough money to buy a computer to access Fanfiction net to write my Yaoi fics (I will explained later about how I got exposed to this beautiful genre), a few Yaoi manga, a small screen TV, some new clothes (though I wear my green racing outfit often) and a cabin to store my clothes in.

By then I stored my old lime green shirt, red pants, red scarf and cap inside the bottom cabinate.

Well I practised hard everyday after school to tune my racing skills and go home by evening to write Yaoi and eat the food the kart center gives to every user. (I didn't install a kitchen since my sense of taste is absolutely alien even for me of all ironies) Eventually I got promoted as one of the best Kart racers in the area earning me a yellow badge.

I never felt so happy in my live. I mean to earn something from working hard WOW...

Of course I tried my best to hide my secret so when anyone tries to talk to me I act like a cheerful little airheaded loon.

After earning that badge my only goal was to be the best Kart driver in the world and to face difficult challenges with risk as the biggest excitement.

That is until I met uhim/u


To be continued