Chapter 5: Lector vs. Goku and Lucario

Lector drove a pickup truck to his house and barbecued some steak.

He was eating the stake when he heard a crash. He walked outside and saw Lucario.

"It's Lucario!" said Lector. "I could use the power of the Aura to resurrect my fallen teammates! Well, maybe not Crump." He was still sore about Crump taking the last chocolate chip cookie last time they were at work.

"You'll have to fight me," said Lucario.

Lector grabbed a device that Nesbitt had given him five minutes before his nightmare about the Joker. It was an elemental splitter. It could split or fuse elements.

Lector turned it toward the cannibal, Hannibal Lecter. He absorbed him and transformed into Jinzo.

"You can't beat me now," said Lector.

Lucario jumped at Lector and began punching him. Lector smacked Lucario into a tree.

"He's too strong!" said Lucario.

Suddenly Goku arrived on his Flying Nimbus.

"Who are you?" said Lector.

"My name is Goku, defender of Earth!" said Goku.

"Will you help me fight this evil monster?" said Lucario.

"Of course I will," said Goku.

"I've heard about you," said Lector. "You're that monkey who won the world martial arts tournament. But I am now more powerful than you ever were!"

"Goku has gotten stronger," said Lucario.

Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan.

"Shoot!" said Lector.

Goku and Lucario charged at Lector and beat him up! They both punched him in the gut, jumped a distance away from him and powered up.

"KAMEHAMEHA!" Both Goku and Lucario shot a Kamehameha at Lector, which hit him directly, completely vaporizing him!"

"You know," said Goku, "your voice sounds kinda familiar. Have we met before?"

"I'm not sure," said Lucario. "I've seen you fight evil before, though."


Yes... Goku, Lucario, and Lector all have the same voice actor. (The FUNimation one for Goku, that is)