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Chapter one...



A hero's rise...

"Hey you! Cell! How does it feel to be face to face with your doom?" Hercule boasts as he approaches the biological android.

Cell drops his crossed arm position and faces the large afro man. "Pretty dull honestly. You may die now."

Hercules face drops as Cell holds out his right hand at him. "Wha?"

From Cells palm a yellow orb forms and casts a deadly light on the current champs confused face. Without a word, Cell launches the attack at Hercule.

Hercule, not understanding the danger he's in, watches the beam as it nears him. The camera man catches everything from there. The beam consuming Hercules body, Hercules agonizing scream of pain, the few disgusting small remains. The camera man shakes in fear.

Hercule was dead, the world fell silent. Their hopes had died with him. The only man who still seemed to be able to speak now was the announcer.

"It, it's not possible! Ladies and gentlemen it seems out greatest hope for victory has just been blown to bits by this monster!" He drops the microphone to the ground and falls to his knees. "All hope is now lost." He keels over in a sobbing frenzy. Hercules students and promoter turn white. "What chance do we have now?" Caroni asks.

In a darkened room, a young girl watches helplessly. Her eyes glued to the screen and her heart shattering. It starts with a single crystal clear tear from the corner of her deep blue eyes. It glides freely down her face and crashes to the floor. It's soon joined by many more tears as the young girl breaks down.

"Daddy... no..." Her body trembles. "You were all I had... all I had left..." She clenches her small fists and grinds her teeth. She begins to hiccup as she struggles to breath through the sobs. "Daddy... you just can't... be dead." She leans back up wile still on her knees and screams to the heavens. "Come back!" But nobody would hear her, not today.

As her grief overwhelms her she falls backward and passes out. On this day, Hercule has died. On this day Videl died with him. On this day, the ravens would cry and a new hero would rise.

"Finally, that little pest is gone. Time for a real challenge." Cell looks over at the remaining fighters.

Goku snarls at Cell. "You murderous beast! How could you? He wasn't even a threat to you!"

"Your right Goku, he wasn't a threat to me physically. Mentally however, he was killing me. You should be thanking me." Cells lust for death was eating away at Goku but moreover, Gohan was struggling with himself now.

'How can someone be so heartless? He shouldn't be allowed to go on. I hope my dad makes him suffer for his crimes.' Gohan's energy slowly swells but with Goku taking center stage nobody around could notice.

"Cell, your actions will not go unpunished. I'll make sure of it." Goku's voice drops to a deadly low. Even his friends, knowing his rage is aimed at the insect before him, shudder at the seriousness of his tone.

Cell drops into his defensive stance and smiles. "Then come on Goku, show me the real power of a super saiyan."

Goku assumes his offensive stance and sets his angered sights on Cell. His golden aura whips up and ignites around him. The Earth beneath his feet shakes, wind begins to whip around in all directions as he screams with his power up.

The announcer looks up in shock. He quickly grabs his microphone and the camera man focuses in on Cells new challenger. "Ladies and gentlemen! It seems all hope is in fact not lost! This new warrior has taken the ring and is now challenging the evil Cell!"

A crowd of people watch a large T.V. At an intersection. "There's no way this guy can win. Hercule was the best we had."

Goku's power continues to rise. The tremors begin to worsen and rock formations begin to crumble from the relentless shaking. Cell just smiles in satisfaction. 'Yes. That's it Goku!'

Without warning, Goku vanishes. Cells eye lids rise slightly in surprise. Before he can react, Goku was behind him already snapping his leg out. His boot slams into the center of Cells back sending him flying across the ring. Goku intercepts him on the other side and springs back into Cell with his elbow up and braced with his other arm.

He drives his elbow into Cells gut causing Cell to double over. His saliva spits forth almost in slow motion. Goku pulls his arm back and spins around. With his momentum at his aid, Goku back hands Cell with the back of his fist. He cracks Cell across the jaw and Cell skids back across the hard tile floor.

Goku leaps into the sky and takes aim. He plunges back down with one leg extended. Cell opens his eyes just as Goku's boot eclipses the sky. He rolls left just in time, Goku strikes the floor so hard that he shatters the tile beneath him. He absorbs the missed attack by dropping to a knee.

Goku looks back up at Cell with his same angered expression as Cell eagerly springs back up with of all things, a smile.

"Very Good Goku! I had hoped you would start things off quickly. I will enjoy having some fun before I slaughter you." Cell dashes at Goku.

Goku leaps back but can't escape Cells pursuit. The two clash and exchange a flurry of attacks that can't even be tracked by the eyes of the saiyans below.

"Are you getting this?" The announcer questions.

The camera man stays focused on trying to stay with the sudden direction changes of the two fighters. "Barely!"

The announcer turns back to the battle. "Alright folks! I hope you can see what I'm seeing right now! It looks like everything we once thought we knew was wrong. This is not a trick, it's as real as it gets! This fight is incredible!"

Goku and Cell draw back and unleash a ground breaking straight into each others faces. The resulting concussion wave knocks back the news crew and former students of Hercule. The Z fighter hold their ground although some of them even have to struggle.

Cell and Goku fall back from the impact. Cell quickly and easily recovers wile Goku still falls back, obviously shaken up. "Now your mine!"

Cell goes back on the offensive.

'Get out of there dad!' Gohan begins sweating slightly but it's not from worry. There was something else going on with him.

Cell is close now. He reaches out for Goku's leg but when he clamps down all he is left with is an after image. "Ha! Where did you go?" He growls.

A blue light forming above him quickly grabs his attention. When Cell swings his head up he instantly notices Goku hovering above with his hands cupped to his sides.

"Ka-me-ha!" Goku feeds huge amounts of his power into his attack.

Cells face scrunches up in worry. "You can't! You'll destroy the planet!"

Cell wasn't so much worried about the planet as he was his chance to fight everyone else one by one. This was his only chance for fun, after this there would be nothing.

"Me-ha!" Goku vanishes. "Ha!"

Cell is stunned when Goku suddenly vanishes from his sight but he is shocked when Goku re-appears less then a yard behind him. Goku throws his hands forward and launches his attack right into Cells unguarded back.

"Noooo!" Cell yells as his upper body is blown to bits.

Goku lets up on his attack. He falls forward and lands on his hands and knees. Drops of sweat rain down from his face as he tries to catch his breath. In front of him lays the body of the once mighty Cell.

Recovering from the surging attack, the cameraman and the announcer shake their heads to try and clear them a little. When the announcer has his bearings again he swings his head left and right in search of Cell and the warrior he was battling with. The second he locates them his eyes nearly pop from his head.

"L-Ladies and gentlemen! It looks as if we have a winner! Cell has somehow been blown in half!" He cheers.

The camera man manages to get a good shot of the scene, Goku hunched over in pure exhaustion with Cells twitching form in front of him. Suddenly, the camera man notices something strange and zooms in. Cells lower body wasn't twitching it was...

Goku snaps his head up. 'N-no way! How could he have survived that!'

"He did it!" Yamcha cheers.

Vegeta growls angrily. "No he didn't! That insect is still alive somehow!"

Piccolo leans forward slightly as he yells to Goku. "He has my regenerative cells Goku! He's still alive! Run!"

But it was to late. Cells lower half slowly floats back up and lands on it's feet. The gaping wound begins to pulse and swell. Goku can hardly believe his eyes and neither can the announcer.

"I don't believe it! Cell's body just got up and seems to be... expanding?"

"Daddy! Get away from there!" Gohan fearfully screams.

Cells body shoots out and once again becomes whole. Goku is to stunned to even stand back up. Cell towers over him with a sadistic grin. "On your knees where you belong I see." He frowns. "That was a dirty trick by the way." Cell brings his leg back and snaps it back up.

He catches Goku under his chin and flips Goku back. Cell leaps up and sends out an invisible wave of energy that slams into Goku. The energy hits Goku like a semi and slams him into the ground. Cell lands next to Goku still smiling sadisticlly. "This was fun Goku. But it's time to end this little game."

Goku can only watch as Cell forms an orb in his hand that is aimed at Goku's chest. Cell suddenly stops his action and scans the area as if a spooked animal. "What was that? I know I just sensed a spike in someones energy!"

Cell looks over at the tensed Z fighters. He could feel all of their powers rising but he couldn't tell who's power it was that shot up for a split second. He looks each one in their face but instead of finding who it was who's power is was that spiked he notices something else. "Where is android sixteen?"

A huge strong pair of arms wrap around Cells body and squeeze. Cells face twists around to shock. "Android sixteen! What the Hell are you doing?"

Android sixteen pulls back and lifts Cell off of the ground and lifts off into the air. "I'm going to kill you Cell! I still have a bomb inside of my body, it will be more then enough to defeat you!"

Goku quickly gets up and watches helplessly as the android once meant to kill him now plays his part at saving him and the world.

"Cell couldn't track his movements! He just might do it!" Trunks yells excitedly.

Tien comments as well. "What I'd like to know is what got Cells attention on us."

Gohan's fists were trembling as he watches sixteen rise higher and higher into the sky with Cell struggling in his iron grip. "Let go of me you lousy tin can!"

Sixteens body starts to glow brighter and brighter. The announcer does his best to try and explain the events that the viewers around the globe were watching but with each new event taking place his explanations do more confusion then anything.

Sixteen shuts his eyes tightly the moment before he detonates. Cell screams along with sixteen as the gentle android explodes in the sky along with Cell. Everyone below is forced to shield themselves from the shock wave of the massive blast. As the sky clears up it was obvious, nothing was left of ether of the androids.

Krillin falls to his knees. "No, he didn't have to die like that..." His friendly bond with the artificial human made Krillin sick when he watched sixteen sacrifice himself like that. "It's my fault. I should have just destroyed eighteen when I had the chance!"

Vegeta smirks. "Who cares. With Cell out of the way now I can focus on surpassing Kakarot again."

'Sixteen... no...' Gohan was still angered about the loss but the sight of his father floating over was bringing him some comfort despite the remorseful expression on Goku's face.

Goku lands with everyone and drops immediately to a knee. Trunks is at his side in no time along with Gohan. "Goku!" Trunks grabs onto Goku. "Father!" Gohan helps him into a seated position.

"It's alright everyone, I'm just winded." His voice was sad. He didn't want victory to come at such a cost. He would have preferred it be him that was killed. He stands back up and looks over at the horizon. 'I'm sorry, sixteen.'

The moment of relief and pain come to a sudden halt. From the sky a massive gusting surge of winds whip around. Everyone looks up in horror, the power was unbelievable to them. A beam of light tears through the air, right for Goku.

"Look out!" Trunks yells as he rams into Goku to knock him out of the beams path. Unfortunately for Trunks, he cannot escape the beam in time. Gohan can't believe his eyes wile Vegeta can only watch as his son takes the full force of the beam and it explodes out of his back. Trunks lands on the ground, dead. His blood still pouring out.

'Trunks... my son...'

Laughter brings everyone's attention back to the sky. The humans pale at the sight wile Piccolo trembles in fear. Cell had returned.

"This is to rich! And here I thought I couldn't get any stronger!" Cell laughs in amusement.

Goku gets back up from being pushed out of the way. He looks over to Trunks and instantly feels a wave of remorse wash over him. 'Trunks, no!' He turns to Cell angrily.

Gohan was doing everything he could not to explode right now. Even with his friends and family getting hurt and killed he still represses his urge to rip Cell apart. At this point though, he was now trying to figure out why. He knows he doesn't want to explode for the fear that if he does then he may do more harm then good.

But another glance at Trunks bloody body laying coldly on the ground was making him think differently. 'What should I do?'

Goku wasn't about to sit back and let this happen. He powers back up to his current max despite it not being near where he was before and Cells power having grown substantially. He could feel Vegeta about to blow. Somewhere in the back of his mind he hoped that would be enough to win.

"Still have some fight left in you Goku? Fine by me. Now that I know that all I need is for just one cell to survive I no longer need to worry anymore."

"Dammit Cell! I'll make sure every last scrap of you is wiped out!" Vegeta roars as he explodes with power and rushes at Cell.

Goku follows behind. 'Now's my chance!'

Gohan starts to join in but hangs back again. 'No, I would only get in the way. I don't have enough power for this.'

"Final flash!"


Vegeta and Goku fire with everything they have. Cell just smiles and cups his hands back. "Ka-me-ha-me-ha!" He launches his own beam to meet with theirs. The moment Cells beam impacts with Goku's and Vegeta's it begins pushing theirs back. The two saiyans dip their chins as they force as much power as they can into their attacks.

"Perfect! Keep on trying!" Cell feeds more power into his blast and it quickly overwhelms Goku and Vegeta's attacks. Forced to abandon their efforts, Goku and Vegeta split separate ways.

"Dammit Cell!" Vegeta curses.

Goku lands back with everyone else. When he looks back up to where Cell was he becomes confused. "Darn it! Where did he go?"

A slight change in the wind alerts him just a fraction of a second to late. "Loose something Goku?"

What happens next only takes a second but for Gohan it was hours. His young eyes well with tears at the sight. Tears of pain, tears of sorrow... tears of rage.

Goku can't even turn to face him. He screams in pure pain as Cell stabs through his back and through his chest. His blood drains down freely as his life slowly leaves him once again. Everyone else around are ether to shocked or to frightened to act at first. Everyone, except for Gohan.

Cell chuckles as Goku's warm sticky blood drips from his hand as he pulls it free and pushes Goku's body down like trash. "I am invincible!"

Vegeta hovers close by. His face falls in disbelief. "He... He can't be beaten..."

Cell laughs insanely. His strongest opponent lay dead at his feet. His laughter ends swiftly when the power he had felt before suddenly makes itself known again. "What?"

Gohan arches back and screams as if being burned alive. "Daddy!" His golden aura swirls around him like a tornado. Another burst of power blasts from within him. "You killed him! Why?"

His gut wrenching cries of loss did little to effect Cells dark heart but the tremendous powers escaping him were striking fear in him. "Where did you get this power from!"

Piccolo quickly turns to everyone. "Grab Trunks and Goku and get away from here now!" He yells.

Without a word, Tien grabs Trunks wile Krillin and Yamcha grab Goku. They fly as quickly as they can away from the turmoil taking place.

Gohan straightens out his body and faces Cell. His hair was pointier, his muscles slightly larger, his eyes sharper but his aura now had sparks all around it. His power had finally awakened, his sights were now set on Cell.

Cell backs away nervously. "How did you get so strong?"


(A/N: And so another one begins. These three stories should keep me pretty busy. If your wondering, yes I slightly rushed this along. It's really just a slight change of what happened already but the important part was where Hercule dies. It wasn't because I dislike him, it actually plays a big part. This story, to my knowledge, hasn't been attempted like this yet but if it has then let me know.

You'll see the major changes I've made in the next few chapters but for now I hope this one is a decent stage setter. If your wondering why I didn't involve everyone more, it's just freaking hard to do! Anyways, I'm off to work on my other stories and my book some. Enjoy!)