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Chapter Seven...



A good start...

It was late in the morning by the time Bulma had finally woke up. If it wasn't for the fresh smell of coffee in the air then she probably would have stayed down for a few more hours. It had been a long time since she was allowed to sleep through the night, even if it was sleep on a couch. She sits up and stretches her muscles while yawning wide. She glances over at a wall clock and nearly screams.

"What on Earth? It's almost noon!"

She leaps from the couch and runs as fast as her legs will take her into the kitchen. The smell of coffee had to be because of her parents. Sure enough, as she crashes through the door and slides to a halt at the kitchen table she finds her father casually sipping a hot cup of coffee while her mother cleans the appliances and hums a happy tune. Why she cleaned was anyone's guess. They had people and robots that did that for them.

"Ah. Good morning there muffin. Nice to see you up." Bulmas father says.

Bulma catches her breath for a moment then all but yells her questions to her parents. "Wheres Vegeta? Why isn't he blowing something up yet? Did he ever make it home last night? Tell me!"

Dr. Briefs chuckles to himself at his daughters antics as he looks up at her from the days paper. "I guess you haven't seen today's news yet, have you?"

"Do I look like I've read the paper yet? You practically wait for it to be dropped of dad!" Bulma yells.

"Vegeta made it back around the time the paper was delivered dear. He should be resting upstairs in your room actually. We thought you knew." Bulmas mom cheerfully states.

"Then, why didn't he wake me up?" Bulma questions to herself.

"Perhaps he just wanted to surprise you sweetie." Dr. Briefs folds the paper over.

Bulma watches him with a curious glare. "Surprise me? What are you talking about dad?"

Dr. Briefs tosses the news paper over to Bulma and lets the front page answer for him. Bulma looks down at it, then picks it up, reads the title then reads it a second and third time. After a few moments Bulma calmly puts the paper back down on the table and looks straight ahead blankly.

"Sweetie?" Dr. Briefs speaks while tilting his head to the side.

After a second or two more, Bulma falls straight back as she faints. Her mother and father simply watch her fall.

"Oh my." Her mother comments.

The title of the news paper reads simple. 'The Dark Prince of West city.'

Bulma had hoped Vegeta would catch one or two crooks or maybe stop a robbery or something. She never expected Vegeta to not only spend the whole night doing what she asked, but apparently enjoy it while doing it. Him doing something she asked like this was like him dropping down to a knee and proposing in front of everyone and them having an actual wedding. She just couldn't believe it.

Back in her home, Videl squeezes her eyes tight as the rays of sun light pierce through her window and sting her closed eyes. Her head was pounding and she felt like hell. It was almost embarrassing how she was so hungover from so little to drink. Maybe with some luck today Erasa would be just as bad off if not worse. She could use some extra sleep today.

"Wake up, wake up sleepy head!"

"Why?" Was Videls only response.

Erasa cheerfully dances her way over to Videls bed. "Do you even remember last night Videl?"

Videl rolls over and squints her eyes open. Her mouth was dry as ever. "I remember enough. What on Earth was I thinking?"

Erasa giggles. "You weren't thinking, you were relaxing. Something you haven't done since high school. With Gohan."

At the mention of his name a wave of memories flood back into Videls head. What she thought was only a dream was, in fact, real. She had seen Gohan last night and that meant... Videl nearly falls out of bed to check her phone. The screen lights up but reads normal. No new messages or missed calls. She sets her phone back down and quickly regrets the hurried movements. Her head begins to swirl and pound.

Erasa only smirks. "Waiting on a phone call there Videl?" She asks knowingly.

Videl covers her eyes with her hand. "Just shut up and give me something for this headache. Honestly Erasa, how do you drink so much more than me but still act just fine the next day?

Erasa brings Videl some aspirin and water which Videl downs in an instant. "Probably because I've been drinking since junior high. You on the other hand spent all of your time ether training or going out with Gohan."

There was his name again. Videl was getting tired of the mixture of butterflies in her stomach and jackhammers in her head. It made trying to get out of bed one hell of a task. "Erasa, is there some reason why your here? I'm not aware of any business I have to attend to today."

"Well. Actually, there is a few things." Erasa lowers her usual hyper tone to one of slight concern. "There was some stuff in the news today you probably need to hear."

"Oh crap... I totally forgot about that hotel incident." Videls eyes open wide as she looks over to Erasa.

"Yeah... Videl."

She really hated that tone. "Whats wrong Erasa? Spill it."

"It wasn't just that hotel that got hit. It also wasn't just our city." Erasa grabs a remote control and flips on Videls television. There was no need to change the channel. Videl only really watched the news.

Videl could hardly believe her eyes or ears as the news reporter spoke.

"These are the latest images coming in now. As you can see, the attacks last night occurred all over the globe in several different cities. There does not seem to be any particular pattern to the attacks, however, the results are all the same. Multiple victims each seem to have been completely drained of energy. Some were drained so much that their bodies just could not support them any longer and regretfully those victims did not survive. Officials have not released any information on the attacks but several eye witnesses have reported that the assailants all had the same tattoo of the letter M on their foreheads." The images on the television flash from destroyed buildings and overturned cars to cordoned off locations with body bags.

Videl was speechless. Could there actually be a gang out there that was using ki to actually start some sort of war? Not only that, but, how were they steeling peoples energy and why? She may have mastered her own ki but there was just one person she could think of that might posses some answers in all of this. She needed Gohan to call her and fast.

"Erasa, I think Ravens gonna be busy for a while. Can you help keep my schedule as open as possible for a while?"

Erasa perks up slightly. "I might not have to. It looks as though you may be getting some help now." Erasa pulls out the morning paper and holds it up to Videl with her finger pointing to a certain article.

Videl squints to read it then takes the paper from Erasa. "The Dark Prince?"

Erasa pulls the paper back from Videl. "Yep. He's apparently camera shy like the dark fighter but he's not quite as nice. From what I've been able to gather, he could be stronger than you!"

Videl smirks. "Oh please. The only people that might be stronger than me are the ones from the Cell games and without actually fighting against any of them even that's up in the air."

"Well... I'm not good at knowing how strong people are, but, this Dark Prince guy must be strong if he pushed a bus out of his way without touching it."

That had Videls attention. "He did what?"

"He pushed a bus that some criminal stole out of his way by just holding his hand out. He also threw one guy so hard that the guy went right through a brick wall across the street. I'm telling you Videl, I think this guy is stronger than you." Erasa's informative tone let Videl know she wasn't exaggerating.

'A bus? Sure I can do that but... only the Dark fighter has done something like this. Nobody else that I know of can.' Videl thinks over all the possible fighters while biting her thumb but ultimately she keeps coming up short. "Look, if this guy is fighting crime then I wont worry about him. Plus he's all the way in West city so that means that he can just handle things there for me. My first priority is these... M guys."

Erasa walks over to Videls door. "Well, I'll let you do all the Hero stuff. If you need me, I'll be in my office trying to rework your schedule." With that, Erasa leaves Videl in her room.

So much to think about now. Super gangs, new fighters, the upcoming WMAT, Gohan... So much going on in her life and right now, all she could think of was is Gohan would even call her. She was stupid for feeling like she was but she couldn't avoid it. All she could do was try to distract herself from her thoughts. The best way for her to do that, was by training.

"Time to hit the gravity room I guess."

On the other side of the city, Gohan was just waking up as well. He wasn't hung over but he carried heavy bags under his eyes.

"Oh man. I haven't felt this tired in years." He says to himself.

He had stayed up much later than normal trying to trace the movements of those guys that randomly attacked throughout the night but for whatever reason, he simply could not trace them. Were they using ki masking technology or had they somehow advanced to knowing how to do it on their own? He needed to catch one to find out but that was obviously going to be hard.

He was gonna have a hell of a time trying to catch these guys while still conducting research at CC. God knew they were gonna want to see some serious progress at this rate. If these attacks kept up then the government was sure to dispatch their new special forces unit. They were itching for something like this to test their new abilities. Those guys made most of the fighters at the WMAT look like children.

Even Gohan was impressed by their level of progress though. They had adapted a whole new fighting technique that allowed for unit cohesion in combat. They were powerful for humans and were quickly becoming something that only he and the other Z fighters would be able to handle. The humans special forces were good but against a single saiyan? They had a lot to learn still.

Pushing himself up from his bed Gohan moved about his home with the speed and grace of a snail. He just wasn't ready for anything today but the end of it. He hoped this new gang or whatever would rest some so he could do the same. He lumbers his way to the bathroom to brush his teeth and shave. A short while later and he was ready for coffee. He knew it had to be near or past noon but he knew Bulma wouldn't care. After all, she probably was hoping he would be to caught up with a certain someone to even make it to work at all.

Now that woke him up a little. "Oh right!" He says with a snap.

Gohan hurries over to his vest and pulls the little slip with Videls number on it out. He didn't have time to call her but he wanted to at least put her number in his phone before he lost the damn thing. He punches in the digits on his cell phone and hits talk. Before the phone can ring though he ends the call. Now he had her number safely in his phone.

He looked forward to speaking with her again. They had left off on such a bitter note when they were younger, but now? Videl seemed so much more relaxed. At least at that social event. Maybe she wasn't so obsessed anymore. Maybe she was happy knowing she was the strongest unmasked fighter on the planet that she didn't worry about being stronger then the guys from the Cell games.

He could easily tell she wasn't really close to their strength at all but for a human? She was stronger than Yamcha and Krillin and that was saying something. With a little more time she could easily even pass Tien up. The only human Gohan could even think of that would be stronger than Videl, was Raven.

Thinking of her, he did accomplish one thing last night. Raven was definitely using ki masking technology. That explained why he could never track her movements at least. As long as she stayed on the right side of the law though he would have no need to pursue her. Even if he wouldn't mind getting a good glimpse of her backside again.

Gohan shakes his head. He clearly still wasn't all there this morning. How could he go from thinking of Videl to Raven so carelessly? Thoughts like these were what got men in trouble and that was not something he needed. Besides, Raven may have had a nice ass, but Videls was just as good in his opinion. With those and other thoughts filtering through his tired mind Gohan soon realized that he wasn't the only one awake now.

He looks down at himself chuckles. "At least you still work. I was wondering if I was ever going to get one of these again."

Gohan reaches down and adjusts his cock so that it wasn't just trying to fight it's way free from his boxers. A few years ago this would have embarrassed him to tears. Now, however, he came to accept it was just part of growing up. He had used it before anyway and was quite confident in himself now. Although it had been a while and he was in no rush to have sex again. He had very good self control and although he could pick out any type of woman to take to bed, he wouldn't.

Besides, even if he wouldn't admit it, there was only one he really yearned for.

Pushing those thoughts to the side Gohan began getting ready for work again. He flips on the television even though he knew what he would hear. He already knew the new gang in town was all over the place but maybe one of the victims had come to by now and released something he didn't know. Instead, he heard something else that nearly made him keel over.

The reporter on the television had just gone from the top story about the M gang and moved on to their side news.

"In other news today, it seems as though West city may be safe for the time being from this new gang threat. Police and eye witness reports have been coming in about the new Hero in town called 'The Dark Prince.' Police do not have any further information and no photos are available at this time. Police have said however that this new fighter is unlike Raven or the Dark fighter in that, he leaves the crooks cowering in terror instead of apprehended."

Gohan's eyes couldn't have gotten any wider. He thought Vegeta was just training last night. What on Earth did Bulma do to convince him to fight crime? Not only that, but, what the Hell was she thinking? Sending Vegeta out into the city to fight was like turning a pit bull bread to do nothing but fight loose around kittens.

"Oh man... Whats next?" He asks himself.


Back in the wasteland the four figures had returned long ago. Their master had let several other out after the first successful attack to try his hand at attacking multiple cities at once. The same large, dark figure from before returns to the exact same spot where he was before. He descends to a knee before his master.

"Master. All of our soldiers have returned with precious pure energy." He says in his deep voice.

The short yellow alien opens his eyes and smiles. "Very good. Have the energy delivered to the pod then. I want to send more men out tonight to recruit and gather more energy."

The large figure smiles. "The energy has already been delivered. It had very little effect I'm afraid."

"It doesn't matter. I have waited a very long time just to be able to start gathering energy. I'm sure I can wait a few more days." He lets his eyes slowly close again.

The smile on the large figure quickly fades away and his silent presence soon begins to annoy the yellow alien. "Is there something else?" He snaps.

The large figure rises to his feet as if to reassure himself. "Master, at the rate things are going it would take well over a decade to fill the pod with enough energy."

The yellow aliens eyes bulge open. "How long? Dabura I had more faith in you than that! How could the soldiers have gathered so little energy?" His high pitched voices stings Daburas ears but he refuses to let the pain show.

"The humans they attacked last night were weak. There are stronger ones but it would be wise to send more soldiers in each group. Some of these humans are not to be trifled with." He informs.

The alien eases off slightly and relaxes. "So be it then. I want two groups of ten soldiers dispatched in twelve hours to gather energy from stronger humans and you go out with two more to recruit. I want my army as strong as possible before his resurrection."

The large figure crosses his arm over his midsection and leans forward. "As you command master Babidi. I think I might know just where to go to gather information on some prime recruiting locations."

"Very good then. Today was a good start after all. Keep up the good work Dabura. I just might even give you command of part of the army at this rate."

Dabura responds with a scowl and nothing more as he takes his leave to prepare the Majins. He was not pleased with his masters words but he knew better than to double cross him... yet.


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