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Chapter 1:

His Adam.

John looked down at the sleeping new born in his arms not knowing what to think, only 7 hours ago life had been normal (well normal for John Winchester anyway), he had just finished up a hunt, and was on his way home to his two boys. That was when Kate had called panicked and in pain blabbing on about how she was sorry but she hadn't known how to tell him. He had barely made it to the hospital in time, getting there just ten minutes before the baby was born, his baby, his son, his Adam.

The birth hadn't been easy on Kate; the doctors had said she had lost too much blood. And only a half an hour after bringing Adam into the world she had died, asking only two things from him; one that he take care of their son and two that he name the baby Adam after her father.

She had been the first woman since Mary that he had actually cared for, but he didn't once look back as he took Adam out of the hospital. He still wasn't quite sure how he had managed to convince the hospital staff to let him take Adam home straight away, but he wasn't complaining the quicker he got home to his boys the better.

He didn't know what he was going to tell his two oldest sons.

Dean would be angry that much John knew for sure. At first he would be angry, thinking of his youngest brother's birth as a direct betrayal of his mother, but John also knew that it would probably only take hours if not minutes for Dean's big brother mentality to sink in, and then he wouldn't care that Adam had a different mother to him or that he was going to have to help raise another child. All that would matter to Dean was that Adam was his baby brother and Dean would do whatever he had to do, to protect him.

Sammy would probably be excited, happy that he wasn't the youngest anymore, and that he could finally be a bossy overprotective big brother just like Dean. He was only seven, getting a little brother would be just like Christmas to him.

John arrived at the motel room four hours later; Adam was fast asleep in the car seat that the hospital had given him. When he walked into the room he noticed that both of his sons were asleep in separate beds, he knew that meant they had, had a fight. Sam could never sleep by himself when John wasn't home.

He went over to Dean first, shaking his eldest son awake with one hand. Dean merely mumbled in response.

"Come on Deano I need you to wake up for me buddy."

"Mmm Dad what is-"Dean cut short at the sight of the baby in his father's arms. It was minutes before he composed himself enough to talk again. "Dad, who, what… what's going on?"

"Dean, this is Adam, your new brother." John said as calmly as he could. He watched Dean as his face went from confused, to hurt, to anger, to acceptance all in the space of a few seconds.

"Can I hold him?" Dean softly questioned, his green eyes shining brightly.

John smiled handing the baby over to Dean maybe this wouldn't be as difficult as he first thought.

Dean looked down at the baby… his brother with curious eyes, taking in every detail of his tiny face he looked like a Winchester. This was his baby brother and Dean swore he would do everything in his power to make sure he stayed safe.

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The first few chapters will be before and after Sam leaves for Stanford and then it will follow the story arc of the first 4 seasons. I will do episodes you can suggest which episodes you want me to do; there will also be some of my own hunts as well.