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Chapter 8: A life less ordinary (part 2)


A Hair raising scream, clearly from the mouth of his baby brother, had Dean thinking just how wrong he had been. He had to find his brother, before it was too late, and there was nothing left to find.

"Adam!" Dean's screams were becoming hoarse; he had no doubt that he would have no voice tomorrow, possibly even in a few hours, but he couldn't think of that, his voice didn't matter, Adam did.

He couldn't quite believe how stupid he had been; yes his father was a stubborn ass and if he had of kept his promises they wouldn't be in this mess. But Dean had made the mistake, this was why he followed orders, why he was such a good little soldier, because look what happened when he didn't. His dad was going to skin him alive; he was due back sometime the next day, and he was going to be so far from happy when he found out what had transpired because really there was no way he could hide it now.

Dean wasn't exactly a hundred precent sure of how they had got into this situation, one second everything had been going good, they were getting ready to salt and burn the bones of one Adrian Lawson, a man who had enjoyed, for the good part of 20 years, chopping up people (preferably children) and eating them for dinner, that is until he was killed in a car accident, justice, Dean couldn't help but mutter under his breath, and then suddenly out of nowhere there had been a mini explosion, a puff of black smoke and Adam was gone.

He had burnt Lawson's body to within a crisp in a matter of seconds; he didn't want Adam, wherever he may be, to be stuck with that deranged mother fucking fucktard, looking back Dean now realised that was probably a mistake, for two whole precious hours he had tried to figure out where the freak had taken his baby brother, two whole hours to hear a scream and realise Adam had been underground the whole time. He was mistaken in thinking that it would be simple after he had figured that out.

It seemed that Lawson in his ten and a half years as a homicidal spirit had taken to building a maze of sorts in the sewer just outside the cemetery, a seemingly endless number of twists and turns, that Dean was now quite positive had eventually started running through the cemetery itself. He couldn't even remember how many tunnels he had been in, all he knew was that everyone had turned up with nothing, in a few of them he had found bones, small bones, and that wasn't exactly comforting him now when Adam had been missing for almost twelve hours, and this underground maze seemed to be endless.

"Adam," He called again but this time he received no response. "Adam, ADAM."

The silence only made Dean increase his pace; twisting and turning through the maze at a speed he wouldn't have thought his body was capable of reaching. He would not stop until he found Adam, until his baby brother was wrapped safely in his arms.

And his baby brother would be wrapped safely in his arms; Dean would make sure of it. He would not lose Adam, he had lost Sammy, and he would not lose Adam too. He didn't know what it was he was going to find, Adam had been in that freaks procession for only moments, but Dean knew that, that meant very little, Adam had been trapped for twelve hours in a cramped and confined space, without water and much oxygen, and knowing Adam that was most definitely the worst possible situation the kid could find himself in. Adam had been claustrophobic since he was eleven, and on top of that he could have acquired broken bones in his journey underground.

Taking a left turn, Dean briefly wondered how in God's name he was going to find his way out of here once he found Adam (and he would not leave until he found Adam), before calling for his brother again, the strain on his voice was proving quite painful now.

To his relief Dean got a response, a shrieking wail of his name, that let him know he was close, "ADAM?" Dean called again running at full sprint now, "Adam where are you? Bang on something will you Kid so I can…"

He supposed a rock flying at his head was better than a large bang anyway, Dean couldn't help but smile as he turned in the direction that the rock had been thrown from, but the sight he was met with pulled the smile from his face immediately.

Adam definitely had seen better days, although he was sitting up alert and breathing evenly, his skin was deathly pale, and the was sweat was all but pouring out of his skin, falling onto his legs in thick drops. His legs were the main issue, or more to the point his right leg, trapped at an awkward angle, underneath a large boulder….it was definitely broken, but Dean wouldn't be pointing that out to his brother in a hurry.

"Addy," Dean sighed in relief rushing over to his little brothers side, "Addy are you alright?"

"I want to go home Dean," Adam responded, his voice barely above a whisper and as hoarse as Dean's own. There were thick droplets of tears falling down his dirty face, and his lips were as dry as rough paper.

"I know Buddy," Dean soothed rubbing a comforting hand over his brothers forehead, " I just need to make sure it's safe to move you….is anything hurting?"

Adam looked at him as if he very much wanted to kill him; his bloodshot eyes glaring furiously as if to say 'are you serious?'

"Do you not see the massive rock crashing down on my leg?" Adam questioned sarcastically, rolling his eyes, and Dean let out an audible sigh of relief, the kid was not paralysed.

"You can feel that huh?" Dean quipped smiling brightly, he wanted to try and lighten the mood, get Adam thinking about something other than the terrible ordeal he was currently going through.

"You think?" Adam countered, but the effort of raising his voice sent him into a coughing fit, and Dean's mind was once again sent into overdrive.

"Anything else?"

"Ribs," Adam spluttered, "and my arm the left one."

Dean took a look and upon seeing no protruding bones sticking out of Adam's arm, audibly sighed in relief, but when Adam once again started coughing, deep and hacking, Dean decided he would have to move him… he had no other choice.

"De, Please," Adam begged, and the sound all but broke Dean's heart, "I just want to go home."

"Alight buddy, alright," Dean soothed gently.

Crouching down at Adam's legs, Dean wrapped his arms around the boulder and heaved, the thing weighed at least 30 kilo's but Dean had no trouble lifting it from Adam and throwing it to the side. Without the boulder covering him Adam looked, if it was possible, smaller, and Dean felt the need to wrap him up tightly and never let go, but that could wait, for now they needed to get moving and quickly…He wanted to get home before their Dad, that way, maybe they could come up with some story, but Dean knew the chances of that happening were more than slim.

Adam's leg was not as bad as Dean would have thought, it was broken that much Dean knew for certain, but the brake was not that severe, there were no protruding bones to start with. Dean was not stupid enough to try and make the kid stand; the attempt enough might make Adam faint. So without much more than a grunt Dean picked Adam up as if he were as light as a feather, but then Adam always had been the skinniest of the three of them, and Dean resolved not for the first time that Adam was going to put on some weight.

"Dean, I'm not a baby," Adam murmured softly, his words slightly slurred. Despite his objections Dean noticed with a small smile that Adam was finding no problem resting his head against Dean's shoulder and sighing gratefully.

It took them over three hours to find their way out of Lawson's maze, and by the time Dean saw light Adam was sleeping, softly snoring in his arms.

"Dean," Adam yawned, when they were in the morning light, "You need to get m&ms."

"You hungry Addy," Dean questioned, he was sure he had a baby Ruth in his glove compartment.

"No, I mean…like Hansel and Gretel….breadcrumbs De." Adam said softly, yawning once again.

Dean laughed loudly, and as he did he felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from his shoulders, Adam was safe, everything was going to be fine.

That light fuzzy warmness lasted until Dean reached the Impala, were waiting for him, arms crossed and face red and angry was John Winchester. His Dad looked pissed, as pissed as Dean had ever seen him, it was a worse sight than when Sammy had walked out them, it was a sight that made his heart fall.

John didn't say a word to him, he didn't acknowledge his presence with anything more than a twitch of his eyes and the curling of his fist, and Dean knew without a doubt that if it were not for Adam in his arms, his Dad would have pounced.

Taking a deep breath, Dean moved to put Adam in the backseat of the Impala, but his Dad's voice, low and gruff stopped him in his tracks, "In the truck Dean." He ordered and Dean moved quickly to comply.

"De," Adam said once they were out of their father's earshot, "is Dad mad?"

"Don't worry about it Addy," Dean comforted, running a hand through Adam's messy locks.

"But it's my fault," Adam murmured weakly, Dean just knew the kid was going to collapse in exhaustion any minute now.

"Shhh," Dean soothed again, for it was not Adam's fault, Dean was to blame here, and for that he would take any punishment his father dished out, and he would take it gladly. It had been his stupidness that had almost got Adam killed after all; he would be surprised if his father didn't kill him right now.

Dean slouched back to where his father was waiting by the Impala with baited breath, not knowing which he would prefer violence or silence, both were as deadly as the other.

" Give me one good reason why I shouldn't beat your ass Dean, one good reason, because I swear to God I am one moment away from killing you were you stand," John growled in Dean's face as soon as Dean was within hitting distance. He had taken hold of the younger man's shirt, right at the neck, and was shaking Dean with everything that he had.

His children were not stupid, so it was a constant surprise to him when they did such stupid things.

"Dad, I…" But Dean had no excuse, he had no words of wisdom or enlightenment on the whole situation, he had screwed up and nothing he could say could possibly make up for that.

"You what Dean?" John roared, spitting all over Dean's face, but Dean didn't flinch, "Just decided it would be fun to get your fourteen year old brother killed did you?"

Dean's eyes filled with unwanted tears at that, his Dad knew how much Adam and Sammy meant to him, he knew how much Dean prided himself on protecting them, and so he would also know just how much of a slap to the face such an accusation was, no matter how sarcastic and rhetorical it was in nature, the words still pierced his heart like a dagger.

"Dad," Dean croaked, his voice on the verge of tears, "I'm sorry."

Looking at Dean's pathetic state John found that most of his anger subsided, his eldest looked at that moment some years younger than his twenty-five years, and John had to bite back some guilt when he realised that not all of the blame lay with Dean and Adam, he too was at fault, not that he would ever admit it of course, he had left them behind and because of that a fatal error had been made. Yet still, despite this John could not find it in himself to forgive Dean completely, not for now anyway, while John had made a mistake, Dean had made a choice, he had decided to disrespect orders no matter how wrong he knew it to be, and for that Dean deserved to be punished no matter how much it might hurt John to do so.

" I'm going to take Adam to the hospital," John said quietly, letting go of his son, " Go to Paster Jim's, there's a case out that way…I'll meet you there in a week."

"Dad?" Dean croaked not quiet believing his father's words.

"I won't say it twice Dean." John said slowly, patting Dean on the arm once before making his way over to his own truck, leaving behind him a startled and upset Dean, with not even a goodbye.

The sound of his father's truck had Dean jumping from Pastor Jim's couch in record speed. It had been an excruciatingly long seven days without his brother and Dad; it was not an experience he ever wanted to relive.

"Addy," Dean exclaimed, pulling his little brother into a bear hug the moment he was within reach, the kid was on crouches, Dean noted, but it was not the first time (and it certainly wouldn't be the last).

"De," Adam sighed relaxing into the hug, with relief, "Do not ever leave me with Dad for that long again."

Dean couldn't help the laugh that escaped his lips, but it only lasted for a second as John came striding into the house, his hands full with bags.

"Dean," He said gruffly, as a way of greeting.

" Dad," Dean responded, cursing his voice for the nervous edge it was exhibiting, he was twenty-five for crying out loud, he hardly needed to be scared of daddy's reprimands.

"Your brother's an annoying little runt," John said, trying to make his voice sound easy and light, Dean appreciated the effort, knowing that it meant he was, for the most part forgiven.

"You're telling me," Dean quipped back, to which Adam huffed in annoyance.

It seemed all was well in the Winchester household. For now.

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