Turtles Fan Fiction

What if the turtles weren't turtles?

The streets of New York have always been bad, April thought as she walked to her car parked in the Channel 6 car park. But things had gotten out of control. Gangs were openly fighting in the streets for territory, robberies of every description were on the rise and it didn't matter what or who got stolen, hell even the graffiti was worse. Graffiti in New York was already bad how could it have possibly gotten worse? All these things were flying around in her mind that she paid no attention to the group of kids loitering in the car park. She drove through the hustle and bustle of New York peak traffic to spend another quiet night home alone in her apartment.

New York had been the dream, she was going to make a million friends, go to parties and drink cosmopolitans just like the girls on Sex and the City. So far she had got a job reporting "fluffy" news at the end of Channel 6 news. But hey it was a step in the right direction... sort of. Her apartment was a nice two storey place above an antique shop. But her Uncle owned the shop and apartment above so it was really easy, one day she turned up with a car full of boxes and her uncle gave her the keys. As for the friends, well she was too scared to go, what with all the violent crime going on around New York.

So every night instead of finding the hottest parties in New York April sat home in front of her computer, trying to find any connections between the different crimes. She had taken photos of different tags, she had newspapers spread out in front of her, and through a friend she made in the police department she had even gotten witness statements. Slowly through weeks of work and research she had put together a compelling piece that she was going to take to her boss. Hopefully he would take her serious as an investigative journalist.

The next night April came walking out of the studio on cloud nine. Despite finding her car with a flat tyre in the morning, having to walk to the subway station in the rain and her boss making her still do the "fluffy" news after her detailed report on the crime wave. Her boss had been so impressed with her connections with the graffiti and a Japanese gang of thieves and assassins, plus the fact that all the crimes only had vague reports of young kids hanging around then nothing. Everything and everyone just disappeared. It was this kind of work that made her boss recognize her and promote her to lead reporter on site.

It was while feeling this self appreciation that April cut through an alley behind Channel 6 that cut five minutes out of her walk to the subway station. She jumped as six men appeared out of the shadows, they moved as silently as ghosts. They were dressed in black ninja suits.

"We have been waiting for you Miss O'Neil," one said even though April couldn't tell who it was.

"Well you guys are my first fans," she joked her voice breaking as she laughed. It was unnerving looking at six faceless men, their masked covered everything even with the mesh over their eyes.

"We are not fans. Our Master has sent us to silence you," The same one who talked before said, his voice so deadpan. With some unseen signal one of the six broke from the group, a knife appearing in his hand. He slowly stalked towards April. She screamed and turned to run but to her horror four more figures fell from the sky. Even in her panicked state a part of her mind thought about the three storey drop from the top of Channel 6's roof and how easy and quietly they landed.

The next thing April knew was that a nearby light shattered and in the semi darkness the four new comers rushed the six men. She saw flashes of figures fighting in the flashes of the broken light, only able to make out thin bands of blue, orange, red and purple. She heard sickening thumps as flesh struck flesh. The fight continued for what felt like an eternity but in reality was only half a minute and then was just silence. It was eerily quiet in the alleyway now.

A car pulled into Channel 6's parking lot spilling bright light into the alley, the driver saw April sitting confused there. Opposite her lying in a heap were six men dressed as ninjas all tied up with an assortment of martial arts weapons next to them and looking worse for wear. The police were in the alleyway five minutes later taking a statement from April and unmasking the ninjas. Each one was in his late teens or early twenties and all of them were bruised and bloody. The police took April's statement but had trouble believing that four "shadows" dropped from the three storey roof, knocked out the light and took down six armed men who had obvious training in martial arts. But with nothing else to go on they let April go.

April walked quickly along the street back to the subway, refusing to take any alley of shortcut that wasn't in plain view of the public and well, well lit. Her mind buzzed, she was terrified but also she was happy. She was on the right path and really struck a nerve with whoever was running this Japanese gang of young punks in ninja pyjamas. Even though she was relieved to be alive and on a high from surviving the attack she couldn't shake the felling of being watched, but every time she turned around there was no one following her. The crowds on the street had thinned most people were home by this time. She rushed down the subway stairs, she could hear the squeal of the trains breaks. And after her attack and the creepy feeling of being watched she didn't want to spend ten minutes waiting for the next train.

Just her luck April watched her train disappear down the tunnel the bright red lights the last thing she saw. April nearly fainted as about twenty of the ninjas from the alley poured out onto the subway station, where was a transit cop when you needed one?

"I knew someone was following me, you boys better brush up on those mad ninja skills of yours," April joked trying not to let the fear into her voice.

"We didn't follow you, we have been waiting here in case the hit team failed," came from one of the men surrounding her. Like the first group of ninja each man was armed either with sword, Bo staff or some even swung chains. April's knees began to shake.

"Get her," someone yelled.

A loud battle cry echoed of the subway station walls, it sounded like one of those kung fu movies. And bursting from the subway tunnel itself four more ninjas attacked the group of men. Each one of the new ninja wore a full ninja outfit as well but instead of mesh goggles like the bad ninja they each wore a different coloured bandana to hide their eyes. April knew that these were the four men who had saved her. They attacked the bad ninja with so much skill and grace that the bigger group was quickly reduced to numbers of unconscious men lying in heaps.

The ninja with a blue bandana cut mass through his opponents with his twin swords, anyone who came up against him felt the viscous sting of his sword. The Bo staff flowed around the ninja with the purple bandana as if it were an extension of his body. The ninja with a red bandana was brutal as he smashed fist and Sai into anyone he could get his hands on. And lastly the smallest one with the orange bandana twirled a pair of Nunchucks with such speed and skill that no one was safe from the deadly wood.

In no time at all every ninja except for April's four hero's lay on the unforgiving cement of the subway station. April just stared at the men who had made short work out of her would be attackers. If it wasn't for these guys she would more than likely be dead. She had fallen over in all the action that the four ninjas couldn't see her. She dare not move thinking maybe them a rival gang and want to silence her as much as the original gang had only these guys were way better at what they did.

But if she was going to be honest with herself she wasn't to move because she thought maybe, just maybe they would take of their masks and she would see the faces of her saviours. In a day that was both up and down with luck her luck looked up again. The blue ninja sheathed his swords as a pair on his back and pulled off his mask, each of the other ninjas followed his lead. April's breath caught as she saw how young each of the faces really was. The eldest would have been eighteen if lucky, the small guy with the nunchucks was sixteen and the other two looked about the same age as the leader. The other thing to shock April was how similar they all looked, they must be brothers.

"Whoa," exclaimed the little one.

"Can we kick butt or can we kick butt," the purple guy said while "chalking" the end of his Bo staff like it was a pool cue.

"These jokers didn't have nothing, not even fit to walk to stand toe to toe with us," the red one said with a thick Brooklyn accent.

"Master Splinter will be pleased," the leader said having trouble keeping the smile out of his voice.

"Hey where did the chick go anyway?" asked the orange guy sounding like a Californian surfer.

"She probably freaked Bro," the rough one in red explained.

April kept dead still but the leader spied her anyway, on pure instinct she got up and tried to bolt. But the ninjas were quicker, two blocked the door to the subway and the other two surrounded her with their gloved hands up. It was all too much for April and she fainted.