Turtles Fan Fiction 3

April watched as kids filed out of Mid Town High, home to the Mid Town Leatherheads, one of New York State's best high school football teams. If she hadn't been looking for her four protectors she wouldn't have noticed them.

A tough looking kid with light brown hair lazed on his motorbike, he looked to be about seventeen, and was wearing red framed sunglasses.

He nodded to one of his brothers, who could be his twin, wearing a purple beanie and carrying a bag full of books and a laptop case slung over the other shoulder.

A younger brother with lighter hair but more of a tan came barrelling out of the crowd of students on a skateboard, his orange cap turned around backwards.

Finally the eldest brother calmly walked over to a van parked next to the motorbike, April couldn't see much of his face hidden under a blue hoodie.

If their colour coding didn't give them away, the way they all jumped into action when the youngest brother was pushed off of his skateboard by a behemoth of a student wearing a leatherhead jersey would.

The young brother lifted himself off the ground laughing as he dusted himself off, the jock was laughing too but it wasn't in good humour. April watched as he pushed the brother down again. She had watched this teenager take on a small army of armed ninja no problem but he was taking it from this over grown bully. Maybe she had the wrong kids. She got up to leave before the bullying really started.

The brother with the red sunglasses ran over to his little brother and threw his helmet at the jock who caught it with ease with a dumb grin on his face. The helmet was just a distraction as the brother buried a fist deep in the jock's gut. With lightening speed the sunglasses wearing brother swept the jock's feet out from under him.

One of the jock's team mates jumped at the brother from behind but with superhuman reflexes he turned and caught the jock mid air and flipped him to the ground. As the first jock got shakily to his feet he swung the helmet at the older brother but his arm stopped mid swing. The little brother had kicked his arm.

The jock swung again in frustration but again the little brothers quick foot work stopped his older brother from getting a helmet to the back of the head. With a quick kick to the back of the knee the jock was on the ground again.

The older brother quickly dealt with the second jock attacker and threw him at the first jock not realising that his little brother was still fighting with him.

"Mikey," was all he yelled and with a quick glance the little brother, Mikey, back flipped over the incoming jock and landed gracefully on his feet. The jocks were a lot less acrobatic, landing in a mess in the dirt.

A few more linebackers who had been on a school bus came bustling over after watching two of their team mates get beaten in a fair fight, the odds were about to go from two on two to two on six. The other two brothers appeared out of thin air next to their siblings.

"Raph, Mikey what the hell are you doing?" asked the eldest brother pulling down his blue hoodie.

"It's not Raph's fault, gigantor over there pushed me off my board," Mikey defended his brother.

"Nice of you to stand up for your brothers Leo," Raph said sarcastically.

"Bros just chill out," said the last brother putting down his laptop bag.

"SHUT UP DONNY," Leo and Raph yelled at the same time.

The four brothers stood back to back in a circle facing the oncoming Jock's from the bus. April watched in morbid curiosity, she didn't want to watch teenagers fight but the way the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' moved was like watching poetry in motion.

"What's going on here," a fat little man with a baseball cap with the leatherhead crocodile mascot on it yelled standing between the brothers and the football team.

"We were just showing Ryan and Chris the finer points to defence," Raph joked.

"Yeah. And the finer points of the ground," Mikey piped up but was quickly silenced when Donny drove an elbow into his gut.

"I'm sick of you Yoshi boys giving my team hell. Don't think because you're parents are dead..."

"Don't think because you're the coach I won't kick your ass," Raph growled clenching his fists. The coach took a step back, Raph was boiling with anger.

"Hey Coach, it was Ryan and Chris, they started on the little guy and his bro helped him out," said another student with long dark hair.

"If I want your opinion Jones I'll ask for it. And don't think because you're our star Quarter Back, Ice Hockey captain, Second Base man and Lacrosse lead attack, that I won't kick you off all those teams," the Coach yelled at the new comer.

"Whatever," Jones said and shouldered his way through the crowd.

The Coach turned back to the brothers but they had disappeared into the crowd. April who had been watching the whole event unfold hadn't seen them leave and was searching frantically for the boys. It was the roar of a motorbike that made her turn, quickly she was in her car and following the bike with a van just ahead of it.