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This story slots in at the end of Bella's Dawn. This will be short, only a few chapters, and will tell the story of how Emmett and Rosalie came to have a baby of their own. It is required reading if you would like to go on to read the next book, Book Four (Which as yet has no name) in the Cullen's Pride, Phoenix Rising, Bella's Dawn series.

Thank you to Patchar for her inspired advice and for the great idea that is this little story.

Chapter 1 – Prelude to Bliss


"You have to go now." I hissed right into my brother's face. "Don't go home first, go now, to the airport. There are tickets and clothes and shit there already. Call when you can, but go now." I was pushing Emmett away from me and towards the opening between the trees that would point him in the direction of Port Angeles. I was hoping he'd take seriously what I needed him to do without me having to spend an age explaining it.

"What the fuck are you on about Ed?" He asked. "Where the fuck am I going and why?"

Rosie approached us then and I knew that Alice had told her what was going on because the look on her face was horrified and excited all at once. "Good luck." I told her as she came to collect her husband.

"Thanks." She said to me quietly then turned to Emmett. "Come on babe, we need to run." She reached out her hand for his and he put it in her palm without question.

His devotion to her was unconditional and he trusted her implicitly. He just had no idea where he was going and why. Rosie did and she planned to explain it to him as they ran for the airport.


"Just run big guy, come on, I'll explain while we run." I told my husband as we sped through the forest.

"Yeah, okay, but tell a guy before he dies wondering." He whined.

We sidestepped the fallen tree at the mouth of the clearing and ran towards the path that would lead us to the house. I grabbed for his sleeve, or what was left of it, and pulled him onto the right hand path that would take us to Port Angeles. "This way babe, we're flying today."

"We are?" He sounded so worried.

"We are. Listen, and just remember I don't have the full story yet either, so I can only tell you what Alice told me, right?" I waited for his usual grunt that told me he'd heard before I went on. "So Eric has a human mate and she's having a baby, like Nessa."

"Oh shit babe, are we the bad news party then?" He asked, obviously thinking we were being sent to tell Eric's mate of his demise.

"No, keep running moron." I chastised him for coming to a stop. When he'd caught up to me again I tried to start again. "Alice says the girl is human dumb ass. She's gonna die giving birth and Eric's not there to take care of the baby. That's where we come in."

I gave it a moment to sink in and then I heard him gasp. Yeah, welcome to the program Em I thought.

He did come to a stop then. He skidded to a halt and I did too. He grabbed me by the tops of my arms and squeezed me hard. "Are you saying we're going to Maine to retrieve the kid?" He asked, his eyes as wide as I'd ever seen them.

"Yeah, we are. If you want to, that is. I mean, we always said we wanted to be parents but if you want to give it to Bella and Ed and let them..." I didn't get any further than that before he was kissing me.

It was all the answer I needed. I let the kiss play out a little ways and then I pulled away and grabbed his hand again. We had twenty minutes before check in closed and as I was it was going to be tight time wise.

But Em was on board now, he'd gotten with the program just as I'd hoped he would.

Finally, finally after nearly eighty years together we were going to be parents. That someone was going to have to die for us to have this chance was yet to sink in.


Hot damn!

We're gonna get ourselves a bubba to love!

I couldn't really get my head around it yet. The idea that I was gonna be someone's dad. Wow. I'd given up that idea eons ago, a few days after my change actually. Rosie had explained it all to me, what I was now and how I had to put aside all the human things I wanted from my life. I never questioned it. I was just happy to have survived, in any way I could.

But now? Now it looked like we were going to be given a chance to raise a child. I'd daydreamed about it, sure, but I'd never mentioned any of the things I'd dreamed about to Rosie. She did it tough about things like that.

We'd both done it tough when Ed and Bell's announced they were expecting. We were ecstatic for them, for sure, but in the days after the announcement Rosie and I both went through a little mourning period. We grieved for our lost chance and tried to console each other through our fits of jealousy and rage. Neither of us could comprehend that it was Edward, of all the nerdy weedy little fuckers we knew, who was to be given the chance we both wanted. We didn't begrudge him particularly, we were just pissed that someone was going to be able to be a parent and it wasn't going to be us.

I loved the little prick and he was the best brother a guy could ask for. But, him getting absolutely everything he'd ever dreamed of had cut me bad. Oh sure he'd had a pretty foul existence up until he laid eyes on Bella. He'd been lonely and miserable for a long time. Plus he'd had to watch all of us find our mates and fall in love. He didn't complain though, he just went about his business in the same broody bitch boy way he always did.

I wasn't too proud to admit I was jealous of the little prick when he made his announcement though, not too proud at all. In fact I'd admitted it to Rosie pretty much straight away and she'd admitted to me that she was more than a little pissed that Bella had come so easily to our way of life AND was going to get a kid into the bargain.

So we'd helped each other through all of that and had come out the other end pretty strong. No harm done. Plus we got the munchkin into the bargain.

Now I loved my family but that kid, Nessa, she was something else. Besides Rosie she was the one I loved the most. I'd do anything for that kid, and I had today.

She was the bright shining light in all our lives. Just like her mother she turned our lives upside down when she showed up. Pretty traumatic way to come into our family too. That was a hell of a few days.

But once Eddie had relinquished his hold on her for more than five minutes and let us have a chance to get to know the little pink whirlwind we all fell in love with her pretty much instantly. Especially Rosie.

Now that the whole fucking mess with the Romanians was over I hoped we'd get a chance to teach the little savage at Ed's school. Seems the gods had something else in store for us first.

Rosie pulled me to a stop just at the edge of the trees that bordered the highway heading into Port Angeles.

We walked across the four lanes of traffic as though it was a normal everyday thing to do. Humans were basically dumb. If you did things at a normal pace they generally took no notice. It was the rushing around at super speeds and being extra strong they took notice of. So I tried not to do that shit when they were around. They smelled pretty good though.

Rosie and I walked through the parking lot and right into the terminal. I hoped she knew where we were going and how we were going to get there because I bloody didn't. She didn't hesitate when we got inside so I figured she did.

She led us right to the United information desk and announced that the Cullen's had arrived. A pair of tickets and a locker key was handed over and the chick told us the flight was due to leave in half an hour and we should make our way to the departure lounge on the second level. Rosie thanked her and then we headed to the bank of escalators.

I stood behind her on the moving sidewalk and took in her appearance. She was a mess. Her jeans were ripped at the hem and stained with mud and grass all along her thighs. Her top was stretched and dirty and her hair was like a birds nest. Jesus Christ she was hot! Sure, not my wife's usual look, but I still wanted her all the same. I didn't look too good either though. I was stained and ripped too. It had been a brutal fight. I'd lost a fucking hand at one point!

Hurt like a bitch too. It's been a long fucking time since anything hurt me other than mentally. I can tell you that had I been able to cry I fucking would have.

Fucking Charles put it in his pocket! Can you believe that shit? I saw it hit the deck and then he just scooped it up and put it in his pocket. Fucking lucky he did too because I was in no condition to be thinking straight.

I knew the hand could be reattached as long as it was kept and knowing Charles had it was comforting. So I put it out of my mind and continued to fight.

Carlisle had found me soon after the last of the mongrels was finished and he made me lie down on the ground while he pushed my hand back onto the stump at the end of my wrist. He told me to lie still for a while, to let it knit properly, but I was desperate for word of who had perished and who had survived. I had seen Alice running towards my Rose and my stomach had clenched with fear. She looked okay, they both did, so I had no way to know what the problem actually was.

I looked to the other side and saw Edward running towards me. I was fine, my hand had already healed, so the pained look on his face I thought was useless concern for me. That's when he'd told me I had to get to the airport fast. That's how I now found myself standing in front of a rented locker fishing out a change of clothes, a wallet, ID, a cell phone and a page of typed directions for Maine.

"Alice and Edward." Both Rosie and I whispered in unison. We were both well acquainted with the modus operandi of our little sister and the nerdy git that was our brother. She was the consummate planner. He was the worrier. "I wonder how long they've known?" I mused out loud.

"They didn't say. Come on." Rose led me away from the lockers and towards the restrooms by the departure lounge. "Get changed. Throw your old clothes in the rubbish in there. We've only got ten minutes before the flight leaves and they'll be calling us to board soon." She kissed me lightly on the cheek and took her own pile of clean clothes into the ladies restroom next door.

I slid into a stall and tore off my putrid clothes. Someone had even thought to put in clean jocks so I was happy to change completely. The stalls were never big enough though, so I crashed and bashed my way through the process, scaring the shit out of the human in the stall beside me. "Sorry dude, just changing my clothes." I muttered as I pulled on the jeans and did them up.

I threw the pile of stinking clothes into the rubbish bin under the hand basins and then I flicked through the wallet. Credit cards, a thick wad of cash, ID in my own name and a driver's license too. As annoying as my brother and sister could be, they were pretty handy in times like this.

I waited in a seat in the departure area for Rosie. While I waited I began to read the typed notes Edward had left for us. I knew they were from Edward because the instructions were so fucking anal. Turn left three hundred meters after the first gate of the cemetery. If you see the bed and breakfast you have gone too far, return to the cemetery and begin again. Sheesh. What a wanker. Why not just write go down that road and when you see the right house stop there?


I took a moment to watch Emmett. It was so damn good to see him laughing again. It had been such a long time since I'd seen those dimples. My heart swelled with emotion as I watched him reading over the typed pages.

While I looked better and felt physically better than I had for over a month, my mind was still stuck somewhere in that clearing. I knew my family and friends were still cleaning up the monumental mess there and I felt bad that I'd left them to do it without me. But on the other hand I was so excited about the trip we were about embark on. A child. For us.

I'd been so happy when Emmett agreed we'd raise the child ourselves. I was scared and elated and excited and worried all at once. In many ways this was more frightening than what we'd just faced. This was the unknown for us both. Even though we'd been right there with Bella and Ed when Nessa was little and we'd watched her grown since then, neither of us had any idea how to raise a child, let alone birth one.

I walked towards my husband and took the seat beside him. He threw me a quick smile and then handed me the top page of his reading. "I'm sorry, but Edward is a giant knob sometimes. Get a load of his instructions, babe." He chuckled.

I read the first page and had to laugh too. God he was anal. Sometimes Alice could be a pain in the ass with her constant planning, but Edward took the cake!

Turn right from the airport parking. The large expanse of woods are NOT hunting grounds. They are a public golf course. Continue on past it until you cross over the river and the road becomes South Main Street. Turn right into South Main Street and continue on until it becomes River Road. Turn left onto Snows Corner Road, it is the eleventh exit or left hand turn after the conversion of the two main roads. Why didn't he just type drive until you see the right house then stop there? I couldn't read anymore, it was too funny.

I leaned back in my seat and really laughed. Emmett was laughing too. "God he's such a prissy little bitch, isn't he?" He mumbled under this breath.

"Yeah. He is. Kinda sweet though." I conceded.

"If you say so babe." He countered and I laughed again.

Our flight was announced then, over the tannoy. Emmett gathered all the pages back up into a neat pile and I watched as he folded them into thirds and shoved them into the back pocket of his jeans. He took my hand and we got into line behind the luscious smelling humans.

"You alright?" I asked him, nodding to the back of the woman in front of us.

"Never better." He replied squeezing my hand. "You?" he asked.

"Totally." I agreed. I wasn't thirsty. I was nervous and anxious and still geed up from winning the fight, but I wasn't thirsty.

We didn't have much time to sort out our own plan on the first leg of the flight because it was only eighty minutes long. By the time we went through the palaver of the flight security demonstration and got up to altitude it was time to come back down again.

Our flight from Sea-Tac left on time, for once, so we had eight long hours to talk about what had just happened and what we were going to find when we got to Maine. Our flight would stop in Newark and then we had another two hours short hop to Bangor in Maine. We wouldn't get there until almost dawn, but of course we'd never get tired like the humans travelling with us would. So we could spend hours talking.

"Read me the info on the girl again babe." Emmett asked as we reached altitude on the last leg of the trip.

I pulled the crumpled paper from the pocket of the seat in front of me and read it to him again. There wasn't a lot to read, but what was there might end up being critical information so I didn't begrudge having to read it to him for the fifth time since we'd gotten in the air.

"Okay. She's 24 and lives in Eric's house in Brewer. Neat two bedroom up and down. Nothing special apparently. They aren't married but they are mates. Alice believes he loved her, really loved her. She refused to be changed and Eddie is sure it's too late to try that now that she's so close to giving birth. Alice thinks she understands what's going on, she knows she won't survive the birth." I took a deep breath and paused there for a bit. It was a huge sacrifice she was going to make, dying to give the child a chance. I knew I could make that choice too, but wondered how I'd feel about Renesmee had we lost Bella in order to have Nessa. I gave my head a short shake and then went on. "She won't know Eric has perished, we'll leave it up to you to decide whether or not you tell her. Alice can't see the outcome either way. Tell her or don't, it's up to you. At first we thought she was only two days off giving birth, but you might have as many as five or six up your sleeve. That should give you both time to counsel her, earn her trust a little, help her through whatever preparations she needs to make before the birth. We have no way to know of her family, any parents or siblings she might have and still have contact with. Go carefully, Eric gave no indication either verbally or mentally that he'd made any provision for a worst case scenario." I looked to Emmett only to find him deep in thought and tapping his temple thoughtfully. "What is it, Em?" I asked.

"Don't know. I got a nagging feeling we're forgetting something. It'll come to me. Keep going."

"Okay. Carlisle will be on hand if you need any medical advice. We haven't told him anything yet but we will once you get there. Stay as long as you need to once the baby is delivered. There are return tickets for you all booked under your real names. The baby will travel simply as 'baby Cullen' for now. There is no way to know if any provisions were purchased prior to Eric leaving to come to Forks. We'll handle all that from this end, but at that end you'll be on your own. Eric has a vehicle there at his home but if it's of no use, or unsuitable, I've reserved a family sedan at the airport. Details are with the information desk at the destination end. God he's thought of everything huh?" I asked Emmett for the hundredth time.

"Yeah. Not bad at short notice. Eric only showed up yesterday afternoon. Couldn't have been easy to throw all this together on top of what he was already dealing with. He might be a little bitch but he's fucking smart hey?" Emmett chuckled softly.

"I won't tell him if you don't." I laughed my agreement.

"So, you up for this, babe?" He asked reaching for my hand.

I laughed softly, "Not really, no. But here I am anyway." I told him truthfully.

"Yeah, I get that. I can't believe we won't today." He said quietly. For a big guy he was actually pretty deep. He felt things acutely but he rarely showed anyone that side of himself, only me.

"I'm amazed we're still here to be honest. When I saw Vasile grab for you, god, I lost it babe, I really lost it." I told him as I slid my head onto his shoulder.

He stroked the inside of my palm the way he knew I liked and I felt him take in a big gulp of air. "Yeah." Was all he said. We didn't need to say much else really. The fight was over, we'd won, the Romanians were no more.

A loud snore from the human behind us made us start but we were soon trying hard to stifle our laughter.

Emmett took a cell phone from his jeans pocket and looked at it before showing it to me. We only had a few minutes before the flight attendants would begin waking the humans and telling them to prepare for landing.

I folded the typed pages and put them into the front pocket of the backpack someone had provided with our change of clothes. I figured it was Ed, I didn't notice Alice sneaking off anywhere yesterday. Whoever it was they'd pretty much thought of everything.

Half an hour later I had Edward's typed instructions in front of me as Emmett signed for our rental car. It was almost sunrise and I was beginning to wonder if we should just turn up at Eric's house or whether we should find somewhere to hunt first and while away a couple of hours.

"Come on, babe." Emmett put his arm around my shoulders and led me out of the airport and into the parking lot where a brand new shiny black Mercedes S Class stood waiting for us. "Sweet." Emmett hissed as he took the wheel and got us the hell away from the delicious humans and their pathetic vehicles.


Edward might be a bitch boy but he knew cars. I knew it was him who'd rented us this beast of a machine and not Alice because had she done it we'd be driving around in a VW Beetle with pink and yellow flowers painted on it!

Rosie acted as navigator and soon we were speeding along River Road looking for Snows Corner Road just like Edward said we should. A few miles past the cemetery we came to a property with a locked iron gate. There was no letterbox or house number that we could see but it was a neat little place, nothing special like Edward had said it would be. I parked in the drive in front of the gates and got out to see if there was a call button or any sign of life on the property.

Just to the left of the gate was a small round metal plaque with Eric Sumer printed on it in black lettering. It was the right place, but how to get in.

"Just snap the lock big guy." Rosie huffed from inside the car.

I didn't really want to do that, it wasn't going to bode well for gaining the girls trust if we just showed up and let ourselves in, but I was left with no choice really. I put a finger on either side of the lock and pressed, it gave easily, of course.

I swung the gates back on themselves and lowered the little metal rods into their holders at the side of the drive, anchoring the gates in place while I drove through. I parked near the house and then ran back to secure the gates again. The lock was history so I wound the chain through the bars just the once and then I slid a finger into one of its links and prised it open. I slid the two open ends over a solid link and closed the open ends again. New lock. Well done Em.

Rosie was out of the car and studying the outside of house by the time I got back to her side. There was no sound other than the rapidly beating heart of the human inside the dwelling. She was either scared already or she was in some sort of trouble.

"Listen." Rosie said, but I was already pounding on the front door.

There was no reply and I was about to kick the door in when I heard a feint whimper from above us. I stepped back into the drive and looked up at the front of the house. There was a window that faced the road and it was slightly ajar. I could hear the whimpering again and it was coming from up there.

I kicked the front door in and ran through the bottom floor searching for the way up to the top floor. At the back, behind the kitchen, was a slim staircase.

Rose was right beside me when I got to the top of it. The whimpering was steady now that we were inside.

"Eric." A feeble voice called from the open door ahead of the stairs. "Eric." It called again.

Rosie grimaced. This was going to be bad, real bad. From the stench of the place I guessed the girl was in real trouble. Human excrement and stale body odour greeted us as we made our way across the landing to the bedroom door.

Rose pulled me back when I went to go inside the room. "Wait. Let me." She said. "Call Carlisle, I've got a feeling we might need him." And then she went inside.

Her soft muffled gasp told me more than I wanted to know. It was bad.

I ran back down the stairs and out into the yard, freeing my nose from the stench. I dialled Carlisle's cell and he answered right away. "How is she?" Were his first words.

"I don't know yet, Rosie is in with her. It smells real bad here though, like she's sick." I told him.

He cursed quietly and then told me to go to Rosie and ask what she knew. I asked him to hold on and I went back inside and up the stairs towards the bedroom. The girl was moaning now. Rosie was talking to her softly.

"It's okay now, we're here to help. Can you sit up?" She was asking.

A soft grunting noise came from the girl, she must have sat up because I heard Rose saying 'good girl'.

"Rosie, Carlisle wants to know how she is, babe." I was stood outside the bedroom door. I didn't want to go in unless I was invited.

"Put him on speaker." She asked.

I clicked the little button with the loudspeaker symbol on it and put the cell phone on the floor in the doorway. I went back to standing with my back to the wall. "Go on." I told her.

"Dad, she's sick." Rosie said and I cursed. "A fever, sweating, she's terribly thin and she's got diarrhoea and has been vomiting recently." I heard Rosie inform Carlisle.

"Alright. Get her cleaned up, clean up the room, sterile if you can. When you're done call me back. I'm going to organise a blood drop for you and some equipment. Get Emmett ready to collect it." I heard Carlisle say.

"I'm on it Doc." I told him and snatched the phone from the floor. "I'll get some cleaning gear babe, you get her into a bath." I told Rosie.

"On it." She called from inside the room.

"Eric." The girl whimpered again.

"Hush baby girl. There'll be time for that later. We have to take care of you and your baby now." Rosie said tenderly.

I raced back down the stairs and into the little laundry room beside the kitchen. I grabbed the mop and bucket from the floor and threw some cleaning rags into it. I opened the pantry beside the washer and dryer and threw in bottles of bleach and disinfectant. There was some air freshener in there too so I threw that in as well. I ran up the stairs and put all that on the landing. Beside where I'd been leaning on the wall was a linen cupboard. I grabbed clean sheets, some towels and a couple of blankets from it and went back to the bedroom door.

"You okay in there?" I called.

I could hear the water running in a shower and assumed, seeing as they hadn't come back out past me, that they were in an ensuite bathroom.

"Yeah, we're good." Rosie called.

"I'm going into the bedroom, okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, do what you need to babe." Rosie called out at me.

The room was a fucking horror!

The stench was so bad in it I began to gag almost immediately. So my first job was to throw open all the windows. I ripped the bedclothes off used them to mop up the mess beside and under the bed. Piles of vomit and excrement stood beside the bed. If it was this bad after only three days I hated to think what we would've found had we come any later.

Tucked just under the side of the bed was a small foam container. It smelled pretty bad too but I could guess what was in this one without having to open its lid. Blood. Bad blood too by the smell of it. I rolled the whole container into one of the blankets from the bed and set it outside the bedroom door. That I'd have to investigate outdoors.

I gathered the sheets and threw them down the stair well onto the floor at the bottom. They'd have to be burnt. There was no salvaging attempt that could save them now.

I emptied my bucket out onto the floor and ran back down stairs and filled it with hot water. Once back upstairs with it I tipped half a bottle of antiseptic into it and began to mop up the mess on the mattress. Thankfully it wasn't too bad. There had been a protector on it, thank god, and only a little spillage. Once that was cleaned I flipped the mattress over.

I wiped every surface I could possibly wipe with the disinfectant and then I mopped the floors until they shined. Not waiting for it to dry I remade the bed and threw all the filthy rags I'd used down the stairs to join the sheets. The smell wasn't completely gone but it was heaps better none the less.

It didn't smell like death anymore and that was an improvement.

I took the putrid bucket and its contents back down the stairs and I poured it out into the grass in the backyard. I threw the sheets and towels out there too. I'd light them on fire come sundown.

I went back for the blanketed bundle and took it with me outside. I set it on a wicker table that stood in the centre of a little round gazebo. I tore a small branch from a low hanging tree to the side of the gazebo and then I held my nose while I flipped the containers lid off.

The stench was appalling.

From my position about three feet away I could see that the blood had congealed in the small cup it was in and that it was already black. If she'd drunk any of that, which I hopes to Christ she hadn't, she was probably sicker than I'd first thought.

It must have been there for days. I knew from when Carlisle was getting blood for Nessa that it would only last for two days, if it was human and it was refrigerated. In a cooler box like that, in an unsealed container like that cup it wouldn't last half a day. It would be sour and hot and ...argh... I couldn't imagine how bad it would taste. I didn't even know what it had come from. It was so badly decomposed it might have been from an animal or it could've been from a human, there was no way to tell it was in such bad shape.

I took two steps forward and put the lid back onto the container. The smell stayed with me for a little while and I hoped it would wear off before I had to go back upstairs. It would undo all the good I'd just done if it did.

I went into the little kitchen and filled the kettle with water. I set it to boil and then I went searching for things to make her some tea. The refrigerator was full of food but I knew she didn't have the energy to use any of it to help herself. There was no way someone who had made that much mess would've been able to go up and down those stairs. She'd lain in that bed since Eric had left here. I could only hope, for the sake of his soul, that he'd left her in good health and hadn't set out for our war knowing she was already poorly.

When the kettle was done doing its thing I poured the hot water over a tea bag like I'd seen Esme do for Charlie and Renee. I added cream and some sugar and I stirred it until it looked about right.

I filled a pitcher with cold water from a bottle in the refrigerator and set that on a little wooden tray I'd found standing on its end beside the oven.

"Okay Em." Rosie called from upstairs.

I guessed that was my cue to go on up there and meet the girl. I took the tray and headed up.


The room was blissful compared to how it had been. He'd done a fantastic job. It still smelled pretty bad but much better than it did before. Hopefully the human couldn't smell the rancid odour of the bad blood anymore.

I'd smelled it the instant I came into the room. I had pinpointed it to the cooler under the edge of the bed but had done my best to ignore it. The girl needed me first.

She was tiny. Skinny except for the huge bulge at her waist. Her cheeks were hollow and her hands were frail and bony. She was still in there though, still fighting to give this baby a chance at life.

She was even smaller once she was naked and I had to stifle my groan of mortification when I'd peeled the nightie off her body and helped her to stand under the shower. She was too frail and too sick to be lowered into a bath tub. Her ribs were protruding at her back and her hipbones were so defined across top of her ass they looked like they were going to cut through her skin. She was weak too. I had to hold her up the whole time she'd stood under the spray. In the end I got her to sit on the side of the tub and lean forward so I could wash the vomit from her hair. She apologised over and over, telling me how sorry she was to look and smell the way she did.

I told her not to worry about it, that we'd fix it and she'd feel much better.

I didn't even know her name and she didn't know mine yet either. But already I felt something for this girl. And she was just a girl, maybe twenty- two or twenty- three years old. She must have been quite something a few months back because she'd managed to stay alive this long despite the fact that her parasitic child was killing her slowly from the inside out.

I left her sitting on the edge of the cleaned up bed while I hunted for clean clothes for her. She pointed one long emaciated finger in the direction of the dresser and I retrieved some soft cotton panties and a long white night gown from the drawers.

I slid the panties up her legs to her knees and let her pull them the rest of the way up. She held her arms as far above her head as she could while I slid the nightgown over her hands and down over her head and body.

I'd asked her to stay there while I brushed her hair for her. It was lank and fell from the crown of her head in one long lifeless sheet. I found some clips on the top of the dresser so I used them to pin her hair away from her face so she'd be more comfortable when lying in the bed.

I held her tightly to me and lowered her slowly back onto the mountain of pillows Em had left for her. I pulled the sheet over her legs and up under her belly. She smiled weakly and closed her eyes for a moment.

I called for Emmett and heard him coming up the stairs.

I took the girls hand in mine as I sat on the edge of the bed. "I'm Rosalie and this is Emmett." I told her as he came into the room and set a tray on the beside cabinet.

She had enormous brown eyes, like Bella had had when she was human. But other than that she bore no resemblance to anyone I'd ever seen. She was just another human to me. Her hair was a mousy brown and her bangs were wispy and thin. She wore no jewellery of any kind and from what I'd seen in the dresser her clothes were just normal tops and jeans. She could've been anyone before, now she was an emaciated mess.

Emmett handed her the mug of tea and she clutched it in her hands quite happily. She took small sips in between staring first at me and then at Em.

Apart from her apologies in the bathroom she'd not spoken other than to say her mates name. I wondered what she was waiting for.

"How do you feel now?" Emmett asked softly. He went to stand by the bathroom door.

"Better." The girl whispered. "Where's Eric? When is he coming home?" She asked with wide eyes.

I looked to Em and grimaced. I turned back around to face her and knew that I couldn't tell her the truth, she'd not survive that. "He's still busy with the war, love." I told her. I reached for her hand and patted it carefully. "He sent us to be with you because he couldn't be."

A single tear escaped her eye and rolled down her cheek. "I thought something had happened to him." She sobbed.

Emmett cringed. "No, he's fine, better than that, he's great. He's out there helping to plan. He's real useful, with his ability to talk to the wolves and all." He lied smoothly. He came to sit on the other side of the bed. "He'd be here if he could. But he needs to be out there or they won't win the fight."

"I know. He's worried the bad people will come for our baby if he doesn't fight." She cupped her hand over her stomach and my heart clenched for her. She knew she was going to die but still her thoughts were for the baby and for Eric.

I knew then we'd done the right thing keeping the truth of his demise from her. No good could come from her knowing he'd perished. She would die thinking he was a hero, gone off to war, to fight for the rights of his child. When in reality he'd died protecting another child. It was a terrible situation. Again I wondered how long my brother and sister had known and how they'd managed to stay as calm as they had while everything unfolded.

"Then they are lucky to have him with them." Emmett lied. "He'll be a great asset and he'll be home soon." He reached for the now empty tea cup and replaced it in her hands with a glass of water. "Drink that, you'll feel better for it." He told her.

She gulped it down but I could tell it was an effort. "What have you been eating?" I asked.

"Not a lot. I can't keep too much of anything down other than blood, but that's been so hard for Eric to come by. I've been trying to eat normal food but the baby doesn't like it anymore." She again cradled her belly with her hand.

I longed to touch it too. And not just because the baby inside her was soon going to be mine. I wasn't that shallow or that thoughtless. I wanted to make sure that the baby was okay in there, that it was moving about and thriving even as it killed its own mother.

"The blood in that cooler, how long was it there and what was it?" Emmett asked carefully.

She cringed at the thought of it and I didn't blame her. "I don't know what it was but it tasted awful even when it was fresh. Eric left three days ago." She whimpered at the thought.

Emmett's cell began to ring then. "It's Carlisle." He announced and stood from the bed and went out into the hall.

"That's our father. Our sire actually." I told her. "He's a doctor, a surgeon. He's going to help us get you well again." I told her.

I could hear Emmett explaining the contents of the cooler and organising to collect a fresh supply in town. The girl passed the empty glass to me and I set it on the tray. "There isn't much point getting me well. I'll die when it comes anyway." She whispered as she sunk down into the bed further.

I choked back my sob and reached for her face. I ran my thumb over her cheek and stared into her eyes. "I know, sweetie. But you want the baby to be born healthy, right?" I asked her carefully. There was no point denying it. We both knew it was true. She'd come to terms with that long before I knew of her existence. She nodded weakly and closed her eyes to sleep. "Rest now. We'll be downstairs if you need anything, just call, we'll hear."

I patted her hair and made to leave when her hand darted out from under the covers and grabbed for mine. Her grip was so weak it was as though a butterfly had landed on my wrist. "Thank you. So much." She whispered hoarsely. "My name is May and my baby's name is Angel."

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