Chapter 4 – Introduction to Comprimario



Two men in black suits arrived at Eric's house exactly one hour after May passed away. They introduced themselves and told us they'd been sent by Edward Cullen to collect the body of his dearly departed sister May.

I should've been shocked, but I wasn't. Edward was the consummate planner. Coupled with Alice' visions they had every outcome covered.

Emmett took the two men upstairs and they soon left with her body. They assured us they'd treat her with the utmost respect as they prepared her body for transportation to Washington. Again, I should've been surprised and once again I was not.

Alone in the house again we set about cleaning up the bedroom and bathroom. Emmett stayed with Angel while I gathered anything that had blood on it. I put everything on the landing. I'd have to take it to where we'd lit the first set of sheets on fire the day we'd arrived. We'd have to have another bonfire before we could leave.

Contemplating leaving felt wrong in so many ways. Taking Angel away from here would feel as though we were betraying both Eric and May, knowing it's where they planned to bring her up. Taking her home to Washington would also mean sharing her. We'd only just gotten her ourselves and for the very first time I understood how Bella had felt those first few turbulent days.

We'd all wanted a piece of Nessa, all wanted to spend time with her, never realizing that every time they gave her over to us they had to let her go themselves. It would've been agony. I'd only known about Angel for five days and already I felt possessive of her. Now that she was actually here, in the flesh, the idea of giving her over to someone else made panic rise in my throat.

If I had to share her with an imprinter only hours after her birth I knew I'd handle it just as Bella had. With stubborn belligerence and I knew I'd be much, much more awful to be around than Bella had been. I had a new found respect for Bella all of a sudden. I'd have to make sure to tell her that when we got home.

Home. It seemed so far away right now. I longed for Esme's comforting presence. She'd know what to do for the squealing infant downstairs. Carlisle would be able to reassure us that she was healthy. Edward would be able to tell us what she was thinking, I hoped. Alice might even be able to see her future. Jasper could calm her and Bella could nurse her properly and make her feel safe.

That I couldn't do any of that stung. I could learn it all and I was a quick study, but for all the decades I'd dreamt of becoming a mother I'd never once given any thought to the practicalities of it. Now that it was thrust upon me I was afraid.

Afraid to make a mistake. Afraid that I wouldn't be able to keep the promises I'd made to May. But most of all I was afraid to fail. It was easy to long for something you couldn't have. It was much harder to have it and have to deal with it.

I closed and locked the windows in the bedroom and the one in the bathroom.

I left everything as it had been when we'd arrived. Everything they'd owned, part from two small things, would stay right here until Angel was old enough to come back and sort through it for herself. I'd arrange for someone to clean it now and then, and to empty the contents of the refrigerator and freezer. Someone would cut the lawn and we'd pay the property taxes and make sure that it was all safe and secure until Angel decided what she wanted done with it. It was hers now.

I took with me only those two things. The silver framed photograph of Eric and May that had stood on the dresser top and a pink blanket May had, still in its packaging, that had sat taunting me for five days from the rocking chair in the corner of the room.

Everything else would lie in wait for Angel's return.


Angel lay in my arms, still wrapped in her soiled towel, while I waited for Rosie to join us downstairs. I wondered if the little girl had a gift like Nessa's. I took her little fist and put it to my cheek. All I felt was warm skin that smelled good. Not tasty good, just good. If she could read my mind she might be able to give me a sign. I thought about hunting bears and stared down at the tiny baby. Nothing. She didn't even blink. I hoped, for her sake as well as ours, that she was ordinary, like us.

I could hear Rosie moving about upstairs, going from room to room. We'd talked about what to do with the place on the journey here so I knew she was just cleaning it up and closing it up. We'd leave right away for Forks. There was no reason for us to stay here now.

We needed to be at home, surrounded by familiar things and people. Rosie needed Esme like never before and I needed Edward. He'd know what to say and what to do and how I should act. He was the only father I knew, the only guy I knew who had a hybrid child and only he'd know what the hell I was supposed to be doing with it.

Angel stared up at me with wide eyes. She looked just like Nessa had, except for her hair. Nessa's had been copper gold from the minute she was born but Angel's was heaps darker. Not as jet as mine but not light enough to be called mousy either. Somewhere in the middle was good. She was tiny too, much smaller than I remembered Nessa being. I hoped that wasn't going to be a problem. I hoped she was alright, that she was healthy and that what her mother had suffered hadn't been passed on to her in any way.

She seemed alright to me. Ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes, two tiny little shell like ears and a cute button nose that wrinkled whenever she wailed. Which wasn't a lot now that the house was quieter. She seemed pretty content to just lie there and look at me.

I remembered that Nessa had been aware right from the off so I thought about talking to her, but it felt so strange. I had no connection with her yet, not like the one Edward and Bella had been able to form with Nessa before she'd been born. Edward told me he'd talked to her, sung to her and played for her even before they knew she could hear and understand it all. I hadn't had that chance with Angel but I was determined to make up for it now.

So I put aside my embarrassment and decided to talk to her.

"So, here we are little one. Just you and me. Your mother is upstairs cleaning and then we're going to head off to the airport. I guess you don't even know what that is huh?" I asked her. Like she was gonna answer! "We have to take a flight, on a plane that will take us way up in the sky. It's a lot of fun really, except for the dumb humans that will be there with us. But at the end of the trip we'll take you home, to our home. You'll get to meet everyone then. They're going to go nuts when they see you. Especially Esme. She's going to be your grandma. You'll love her, she's all soft and warm and sweet. You'll love Nessa too and she's going to want to smother you with kindness, trust me. She's your cousin, I guess. She's like you. Half human half vampire. I have a hunch you two are going to be real tight." I chuckled.

Rosie came downstairs then. She was lugging the old sheets and blankets in one hand and held a piece of pink material in the other. She nodded towards the backdoor and disappeared with the sheets.

I heard then smelt the fire as Rosie burned the foul blood stained sheets and towels. She wasn't gone long, there wasn't much to burn and it turned to ash pretty fast. She washed her hands in the laundry sink and then brought the pink bundle into the living room with her.

Inside it she'd wrapped the silver frame from the dresser. "I want to take it with us, so Angel can know what they looked like, do you think that's alright?" She asked.

"Course it's alright. It belongs to Angel now, she'd want to have it with her." I told her.

Angel strained in the towel and seemed to be trying to shift herself so she could see Rosie. I gathered the folds of the towel around her then turned her little body so she could see better.

I should've been shocked when the baby pulled both her arms clear of her makeshift blanket and thrust her tiny fists towards Rosie. She began to clench and unclench them just like Nessa did when she was little.

Rosie's smile was incredible.

"She wants you, babe." I told her.

"Do you really think so?" She asked me.

I figured I had nothing to lose by asking the baby, so I did. "Do you want to go to Rosie little one?" I asked. A high pitched wail came from inside that tiny little body as she pushed her arms out further towards her mother. "I guess that answers that." I chuckled.

Rosie put the frame on the coffee table and stepped towards the struggling baby. "Can I have her?" She asked.

"Course you can." I told her. I held the baby out for her to take and once she had I stood and put the picture frame inside the backpack that sat on the floor. "Is that a blanket?" I asked, nodding towards the piece of material she'd thrown into the armchair.

"Yeah. There might be clothes and things here somewhere too. I can't imagine May went all this time without shopping for her." Rosie crooned as the baby began to gurgle and snuffle. "But May had that set out for her, so I want to use it."

I took it from its packaging and shook it out. It was cute. Pink, of course, with that thick satin edging that all baby's blankets had. It had little white hearts sewn all over it too. A bit girly for my liking but I figured it's what women wanted for their babies. I guessed I was going to have to get used to frills and bows and shit with a baby girl in my family.

I laid the blanket out on the sofa and smoothed it out. Rosie brought Angel to it and as she took the wriggling body out of the bloody towel I took it and threw it aside. Rosie lowered the baby into the new blanket and wrapped her up tight and warm. "That's better isn't it?" She cooed.

I'd never heard Rosie coo in her life. Not even to Nessa really. But she was now. At our daughter. The thought hit me hard. I had a daughter, we had a daughter. I was someone's dad. Shit. What if I fucked it up?

"Hey." Rosie was beside me, her hand on my forearm. "It'll be alright. I promise."

Her eyes searched mine and I managed a weak smile. I don't know she knew, but she knew that I was frightened. Maybe she was too. "Course it will. If Eddie the pale white knight can do it we can." I chuckled, even though I didn't believe my own bullshit.


He was full of shit and just as terrified as I was.

I held the baby tightly and tried to reassure Em that we'd be okay. I didn't have any idea if we would be, I just needed him to think I was sure.

We called Carlisle's cell and told him he could tell everyone that we were on our way home. He asked if he could announce the birth of the baby and since he didn't know she was a she we said he could. We both hoped Alice either hadn't seen her yet or if she had that she'd keep her mouth shut and wouldn't steal our thunder.

We left the house at full dark and made our way to the airport. Em had taken the Mercedes back to the rental company two days ago. We didn't need it and without a car seat we couldn't use the car with the baby anyway. We were in no hurry to get to the airport, we had open ended return tickets and flights ran every hour or so to Newark, so we ran. It was much slower than usual because I held the baby, but we got there in just under an hour.

We checked in with the information counter, collected our tickets and headed for the departure lounge. It was tiny but comfortable. Many people stopped by us to ogle the baby and to tell us how beautiful she was. It was blissful and I had never been more proud, or felt more human.

Nobody needed to know that she was totally naked under her blanket and that neither Em nor I had any idea what to do with her. That she hadn't fed had crossed my mind on the run and Em told me we'd sort that out when we got home.

It was a twelve hour trip, two plane changes, one in Newark and then again at Sea-Tac, but we made it to Port Angeles in good spirits.

We were trying to decide whether or not to run home or try and hire a car and car seat when our names were announced over the tannoy. We went to the information desk and collected a note and a set of keys.

"Read it out babe." Emmett asked as we walked out of the terminal towards the parking lot.

"It's from Alice. Here goes. Hello Cullen Family, We thought you might have trouble organising a ride home with a seat suitable for your little one, so we bought you a little something from all of us. Bring her home safely in it, all my love, Alice. There's a P.S too, of course." I laughed. Em laughed too and shifted Angel to his other arm as we came to the parking bay that housed our new car. A Guardian, how original. At least ours was black. Shiny silver wasn't my shtick. "P.S. I haven't told anyone anything, so it will all be a complete surprise to them. That she's a she, her name and middle name too. Hurry home."

We strapped Angel into the car seat, tucked her blanket in around her and set off for home. It was a pretty quiet trip. I think both of us were wondering what to say to them all and how they'd take the news. Of course they were going to be excited but I wondered if it was too soon for that. For me it felt like I should be in mourning for May, not celebrating bringing home a baby. May's body would arrive at some point and we'd have to bury her, until that happened I wanted everything kept low key.

Low key wasn't Alice' forte though.

I mentioned how I felt to Em and to my surprise found he felt the same, but for different reasons. His reluctance to celebrate stemmed from the war and Eric's fall. Coupled with the way I felt about May's passing we had the makings of a pretty sombre home coming.

"Something Alice said has got me thinking." He mused as he drove.

I turned in my seat to check on Angel, again. "Oh yeah, what's that?" I asked as I turned back around to face the front.

"Her middle name."

"Huh. Yeah. Alice must have seen it. What do you think?" I asked.

"I figured it would be May, it should be, shouldn't it?" He asked.

I smiled and took his free hand into mine across the console. "Yeah, it should be. Thanks big guy."

"You're welcome." He smiled, dimples and all and I melted.

It had been a week since we'd been together and I wanted him, really wanted him. I was about to suggest a stop off on the side of the road when Angel squeaked a little from her car seat. I was snapped back into reality and quickly grimaced. I remembered Emmett laughing about Edward who was worried he'd be read by Nessa way back at the start. Our 'activities' might be severely hindered for a while. We'd have to get creative. That sounded like fun.


I didn't know what she was grinning about over there in her seat but if she was thinking what I was thinking we were in for some interesting times.

I wanted her, like always, but with a newborn baby we'd have to take the opportunities that presented themselves, rather than doing as we pleased whenever the desire arose. And it arose plenty.

I'd laughed at Ed when he'd continued to 'date' Bella even after they were married, but now it didn't sound so dumb. A night here and there to just be Emmett and Rosalie again sounded awesome. I didn't doubt that I'd never again just be Emmett, I would forever be Angel's dad now, but I could see the advantage in a night out now and then. It was another thing I'd have to talk to him about.

When the turnoff to our road came up I sighed. Rosie did too. "Should we ask them to keep a lid on it or just let them go nuts?" I asked.

"I don't know. Maybe we should wait to see how they behave and then decide if we have to ask them to tone it down. What do you think?"

"Good idea." I nodded my agreement.

I pulled into the driveway and took a deep breath. I was nervous and excited and worried all at once. I assumed all the guests had gone home now and I hoped I was right. This was going to be weird enough without hangers on.

"Ready?" Rosie asked quietly.

"Yeah. Let's do it." I got out of the driver's side and got into the back. Rosie did too. We were one on either side of Angel's car seat. Rosie unbuckled her and I pulled her from it. I went around to Rosie's side of the car and we both tucked her back into her blanket. She was till naked under it, it felt weird. But nothing about the situation was normal anyway. I handed her to Rosie who smiled at me in thanks.

"Welcome home little one." Rosie whispered as we went up the steps to the front door.

I expected at least Esme to come barrelling out the front door but nobody did. I opened it and held it while Rosie went inside. They were all there but they were all real quiet. I wondered if something was wrong but when I looked at each of them I could see the excitement on their faces. They were just being respectful, just as we'd hoped.

"Oh it's a girl!" Esme whispered before hugging herself tightly and reining in her excitement as best she could.

Carlisle got up first. He walked towards me with his hand held out. I shook it but I didn't know what to say so said nothing. I figured he knew. I'd tell him all about it one day, but not now. "Welcome home, son."

Next he kissed Rosie hello and peered into the blanket at Angel. "She's lovely." He whispered and went back to his seat.

Esme was next. She got up and came to me first, just like Carlisle had. I expected her to jump on the baby and ignore me and Rose, but she didn't. She put her hand on my cheek and smiled. "Welcome home, son." She kissed me then, on the cheek like my mother used to do. Emotion welled up inside me. I tamped it down and tried to get a grip. She hugged me tightly then turned to Rose. She did the same. Kissed her cheek, told her welcome home and then she looked at the baby. She ran her hand over the dark hair and smiled up at Rosie, "She's so beautiful." Then she sat back down next to Carlisle.

I figured this would happen over and over until everyone had met her and greeted us, so I put the backpack down on the floor and put my hand on Rosie's back, moving her and the baby further into the living room.

"Who's next?" I laughed.

Alice jumped up and came over. She didn't hesitate to meet the baby though. She did ignore us and went straight for the contents of the blanket. She smiled at Rosie, "Gorgeous. Good to have you home sister." After a little squeeze of Roses hand she came and kissed me on the cheek. "You too." That's all she said. It was the most subdued I'd seen Alice ever. It was unnerving.

Jaz came over then, he shook my hand and said he didn't have time to buy cigars but he would the first chance he got. I thanked him and he moved to visit with Rose. Never one for overt affection he patted her shoulder and told her he was pleased to have her back and then he looked down into the blanket. "Howdy little ma'am." He drawled. "She's content, that's a fine start you guys." He smiled.

Bella brought Nessa with her. Nessa ran to me and I scooped her up, hugging her tight. "Hey there munchkin, did you miss me?"

She put her hand to my cheek and began to show me everything I'd missed. "Hey, not now Nessa. Tomorrow darling." Bella told her. Nessa pouted but took her hand away.

"Yeah, tomorrow. You can sit and show me everything I've missed, alright?" I asked her.

She smiled then. "I missed you Emmy. If I'm real careful can I hold your baby tomorrow too? I'm always careful with Judd and Emily lets me give him his bottle." Her eyes were huge as she asked.

I didn't have the heart to say no, so I nodded. "Sure you can. You're an old hand at it now. Go and meet her." I let her down and she went to Rosie.

Rosie knelt down and showed the baby to her while I folded Bella into a tight hug. "Welcome home Em. Love you big brother." She whispered as she kissed my cheek.

Bella was special. To me she was extra special because she told me she loved me all the time. It was important to her that I knew it, and after all the bullshit she'd gone through just to get to this point I knew it wasn't so odd to want people around you to know that you loved them. So I told her all the time too. Probably more often than I told Rosie. Of course, with Rosie I could show her, but with Bella it meant a lot that she had always been comfortable enough with me to tell me straight how she felt. I kissed her hair, "I love you too little sis."

She moved on to Rosie and the baby. I watched as she kissed Rosie on the cheek and then she did the complete opposite to everyone else. She didn't dive on the baby or just pay lip service to us to get at Angel or anything. Instead she put her hand on Rosie's shoulder and asked how she was. I watched as Rose took a deep breath in and cringed.

"I don't know really." She admitted stiffly.

Bella nodded. "I know, hard to get your head around, isn't it?" It was Rosie's turn to nod then. "You know I'll help in any way I can. Name it, I'll come running sis." She put her hand to Rosie's cheek and smiled.

"I'm counting on it." Rosie replied.

They weren't especially close, not like Rosie was with Alice. But then, they'd had a lot longer to get close. Bella had only been around for three years, if you didn't count the years Emo boy spent pining for her while she was in short pants. I watched with interest as Rosie melted into Bella's touch. She was either still reeling from the emotions of the past week or she was truly frightened about what the future held for us.

My guess was it was a little from column A and a little from column B, just like me.

Bella looked into the blanket then. She gasped and came up smiling. "Oh Rosie, she's so perfect. Hello little one, I'm your Aunt Bella." She put her finger inside the little girl's fist and smiled again. Bella turned to Edward and smiled. "Don't you dare teach her to bite you." She admonished her husband with a laugh.

And then I was faced with Edward. He strode towards me and held his hand out for me to shake. I did. Then I bumped his fist and then I hugged him. I don't know why I pulled him to me, I just did. I clung to him too, as though he had all the answers and I could leech them from his body if I held him long enough.

He didn't fight me or call me a pussy or anything though, which surprised me. Maybe he felt the fear in me and maybe he'd just read how utterly terrified I was.

"You'll be great, Em." He told me as he pulled away. "I'm here when you need me." He told me and I nodded, understanding what it was he was telling me.

For all Carlisle's knowledge and Esme's caring nobody could help us with this other than Edward and Bella. They'd done it. They'd been right where we were now and they'd made it. Nessa was still here and they'd had to actually physically fight for her only a few days ago. All we had to worry about was not fucking up a blank canvass.

Edward ignored my internal rant and moved to his sister. He put his hand on the small of her back and peered over her shoulder at the baby. I wondered if he could read her. Would he be able to tell us what the baby was thinking? Had we made any mistakes yet? Did she even like us? Did she miss May and did she even know who Eric was?

Edward shot me a scowl over his shoulder and I tried to rein in my worries.

"She's beautiful Rose, really lovely." He kissed his sisters cheek and returned to watching the baby. "She loves you both already, so stop panicking you two." He laughed lightly. He turned to me then and with a small smile he waggled his finger at me. "She knows May was her mother...before, but now Rose is, so she'd like you to please call her mommy from now on, not Rosie."

Esme gasped and Bella sighed. I couldn't do or say anything. I just nodded.


All I could do was smile down at her. She was so perfect and she'd captivated them all just like I knew she would.

"Are you going to tell us her name?" Esme asked, emotion filling her voice.

Edward went and sat back down between his girls and Em came to stand beside me. This was what Emmett had been waiting for, just like Edward had been when Nessa was born. He was proud, and should be, to announce his daughter to the family.

He squared his shoulders and smiled widely. "Everyone, I'd like to introduce our daughter. This is Angel May McCarty Cullen."

All the women gasped in pleasure, all the men clapped. It wasn't as wild or as loud as it had been when Edward announced Nessa's name, but I was glad about that. I'd wanted it to be reserved and respectful.

"Has she fed?" Carlisle asked carefully. I shook my head. "I've arranged it all, I'll have it in the morning, I have to go in early, I'll bring it back straight away."

"Thank you." I knew what he meant, he had organised pouches of blood for her. I was grateful.

I didn't know what to do now. I hadn't thought past this point. Past introducing her. She didn't even have any clothes! Where would she sleep? She needed a bath and so did we. What was going to happen to May's body? Where was Eric's? Where were all the guests? Would I be expected at work?

"Rosie." I heard my name and looked up from the baby. It was Edward, obviously he'd read my panic. So had Jaz. I felt the wave of calm spread over me. I shot him a mouthed thank you and turned my attention back to Ed. "Stop worrying, please." He got to his feet and came towards me. He put his hand on the small of my back again and I relaxed into him. He'd always been there for me, right from the instant Carlisle had found me bloodied and dying on the street, it had been Edward who'd soothed me and who had known what to do and what to say. "I know you wanted to do this part Alice, but I'll take them up." He said.

Alice huffed but nodded all the same. I'd never seen Alice give in so easily. She was the queen of the big reveal. I had no idea what they'd done, but there was obviously something upstairs that would quell the insecurities Edward had read from me. The fact that Alice remained in her seat as Edward led the three of us upstairs was mighty significant.

Things had changed in the Cullen house since we'd been gone.

"Things have changed Rosie." Edward whispered as he pushed open our suite door.

I went inside and scoffed in shock. Everything was different, yet strangely the same. Em stood beside me, he was in shock too. Our sitting room had been changed into a little nursery. It had gone from chrome desks and book cases lined with glass shelves and car magazines to white frilled curtains and a crib lined with lace. There was a tiny dresser and a change table that had every lotion and potion a baby could ever need. There were stuffed toys and clothes, a rocking chair and even a mobile hanging from the ceiling to amuse the baby.

Emmett started laughing when he saw the mobile. It had six perfect replicas of his beloved Monster motorbike hanging from silver threads. "It's perfect, thanks dude." He shook Edward's hand.

"Don't thank me, this is all Alice Esme and Bella." He told us. "All your other things are in the attic, but we can sort those out and work out where you want them later."

Emmett waved his hand as if to dismiss the thought. "Yeah, don't sweat it, I don't want them back, this is perfect." All I could do was goggle at my husband.

He didn't want his beloved collection of magazines back? He'd loved that study. Sometimes I had actually felt jealous of the way he loved that study! He spent hours in it pouring over his books and working on blueprints at his desk. And now he was saying he didn't want them back?

Edward chuckled and flashed me a smile. "A baby changes everything Rosie." He laughed. "Listen, so much has happened and I know you want to hear all about it, but for now we just want you all to settle in. There wasn't time to put in a tub in your ensuite, so you'll have to put her in the one in the hall, but we can sort that out too in time. If you need anything, or we've forgotten something that Angel needs, call out, we'll get it right away." With that he squeezed my hand and bent to kiss my cheek. "May's body will arrive in the morning, we thought we should bury her here so Angel can visit whenever she wants. Is that alright?" He asked.

All I could do was nod.

Emmett ran to him and pulled him into another hug. I'd never seen Emmett hug another guy before, only Edward. Then again, I'd seen and heard Emmett doing a lot of things he'd never done and said before in the last week.

"Thanks man, I really appreciate everything you've done." He clapped Ed on the back once more and let him go. Edward looked shell shocked, it was pretty funny to see the usually together Edward have his 'fearless leader' persona cracked by the big guy.

Edward turned to me and grimaced. "Fearless leader? What are you on woman?" He scoffed, shook his head and left the room, pulling the door shut behind him.

Emmett was laughing his head off. The baby began to wriggle in her blanket. "How about we bath her and put some clothes on her?" I asked my sniggering husband.

He was at my side then, peering down at Angel. "Sounds good but I want to ask you something first. Come and sit down here." He pulled me with him to the edge of the bed. I put Angel into his lap and he beamed at me. He probably didn't expect me to want to share her, idiot, we were in this together. "I was thinkin, we could do what Eddie and Bell's did you know? I could build us a little place of our own out in the woods but we could stay here whenever you wanted to too, but we'd have some space of our own and so would Angel. What do you think?" He crinkled his eye brows up as though he was worried what my reaction was going to be.

I leaned over and kissed his cheek. "I love you Emmett McCarty. I think that's a fantastic idea."

"You do?" He asked.

"Yeah, I do. We're a family now, we should have a family home, like they do. I'll let you build whatever you want, on one condition." I told him sternly, trying to keep the smile from my lips.

"Oh yeah, what's that Rosie?" He chuckled.

"I want a bigger tub than Eddie the pale white knights got."

"Stop calling me fucking Eddie!" Edward bellowed from downstairs. "Ow, don't hit me woman."

Laughter rang out in the house and I wondered if it was the first time I a week that it had.

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