Only knowing of immortal wealth

And the scent of the deceased.

Not knowing what to call himself;

Not a man, yet not a beast.

The creature with the feathered wings,

Is flooded with great confusion.

He should think about many things,

But his mind has a constant intrusion.

This intrusion has curly blond hair

And enchanting crimson tattoos.

But how could he dare

To let these emotions suffuse?

He should heal and find his father,

Not worry about forbidden love.

He really should not bother,

With the girl pure as a dove.

Darkness he is familiar with,

But Light is what she chose.

Although Darkness makes him writhe,

Light is not what he knows.

But if he does not choose Light,

Then she will not choose him.

Will he choose what is right?

Or will the ending be grim?